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37 Degrees

  • $
  • Chinese, Desserts
  • 1155 Taraval St, San Francisco 94116 37.74291 -122.478689
  • (Btwn 21st & 22nd Ave)
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  • (415) 566-3887
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S01. Soy sauce Of Three Style     3.95
S02. Soy Sauce Chicken Wings     3.75
S03. Soy Sauce Kidneys     3.95
S04. Deep Fried Chicken Wings     3.75
S05. Deep Fried Chicken Wings with fries    4.75
S06. Pork Cutlet     3.25
S07. Fried Dumpling     3.50
S08. Curry Fish Balls     3.75
Fin Soup     3.25
L08. Mocou De Pork Chop Sandwich     3.95
S11. Sausage Bacon Rolls     3.75
Honeydew Egg Puff     2.95
S13. Lobster Meat Balls     4.25
S14. Chicken Satay     3.50
S15. Egg Puffs     2.95
S16. Fired Egg Pudding     3.75
Mixed Sauce Rice Roll     3.25
S17. Squid Ball cuttlefish, chikuwa on a stick with spicy sauce    3.95
S18. Salt & Pepper Radish Cake     3.50
S19. French Fries     3.25


With Coconut Milk, Evaporated Milk, Sugar Water

F01. Jelly     2.75
F02. Sago     2.75
F03. Black Pearl Barley     2.75
F04. Cold Black Glutinous Rice     2.75
F05. Cold Tofu Flakes     2.75



A. Mixed Fruit     1.50
B. Honey Sea Coconut sea coconut    1.50
C. Taro     1.50
D. Mixed Fruit & Sea Coconut     1.75
E. Mixed Fruit & Taro     1.75
F. Fresh Fruit watermelon / pineapple / kiwi / mango / strawberry / honeydew melon / cantaloupe juice   ea 1.50
G. Fresh Fruit Juice Base watermelon / pineapple / kiwi / mango / strawberry / honeydew melon / cantaloupe juice   ea 1.00
H. Cold Noodle     1.50
I. Coral tadpole / honey pearl / aloe vero   ea 1.50
K. "Ching Sum" Crystal     1.00
L. Nate De Coco    ea 1.00
M. Explosive Eggs    ea 1.00
N. Ice-Cream    ea 1.50

Stewed Soup

SS01. Glutinous Dumplings a. rose with sesame dumplings, b. osmanthus tea with sesame dumplings, c. sesame dumplings with ginger tea, d. peanut dumplings with ginger tea.    3.50
SS01. Glutinous Dumplings f. sesame sweet soup with sesame dumplings, g. almond sweet soup with sesame dumplings    4.95
SS02. Ching Sum Jelly a. green bean with ching sum jelly    3.50
SS02. Ching Sum Jelly e. sesame sweet soup with ching sum jelly, f. almond sweet soup with ching sum jelly    4.95
SS03. Aloe Vera a. stewed aloe vera with lychee, b. stewed aloe vera with longan, c. stewed aloe vera & fungus with papaya, e. stewed aloe vera & fungus with peas.    4.25
SS04. Stewed Papaya a. stewed almond & fungus with papaya    3.95
SS04. Stewed Papaya b. stewed sea coconut & fungus with papaya, c. stewed honey sea coconut & fungus with papaya    4.25
SS04. Stewed Papaya d. stewed coral weed & sea coconut with papaya    4.50
SS05. Stewed Pear a. stewed almond & fungus with pear    3.95
SS05. Stewed Pear b. stewed sea coconut & fungus with pear. c. stewed honey & fungus with pear    4.25
SS05. Stewed Pear d. stewed coral weed & sea coconut with pear    4.50
SS06. Harsmar a. stewed lotus seeds with harsmar. b. stewed lotus seeds & horsmar with coconut juice    5.95
SS06. Harsmar c. stewed honey sea coconut with harsmar, d. stewed honey sea coconut & harsmar with coconut juice    6.50
SS07. Stewed Sea Coconut with rose    3.50
SS08. Stewed Milk Pudding     3.75
SS09. Stewed Egg Pudding     3.75
SS10. Bird's Nest Braised with coconut juice    12.00
SS11. Almond Sweet Soup     3.75
SS12. Sesame Sweet Soup     3.75
SS13. White Sesame Sweet Soup     3.75
SS14. Black & White choose any two. sesame / white sesame / almond sweet / tofu florida    4.25

Ramen, Udon & Noodle

R01. Baked Eel     9.95
R02. Pork Cutlet     6.95
R03. Dumpling     7.25
R04. Deep Fried Chicken Wings     7.25
R05. Sausage Bacon Rolls     6.95
R06. Lobster Meat Balls     7.95
R07. Chicken Satay     7.25
R08. Soft Pork Bone     7.95


D01. Mixed Fruit Of 13 Specialites     6.80
D02. Mixed Fruit Papaya Boat with sago    4.95
D03. Mango Gi Gi with black pearl barley    4.50
D04. Mango Black Pearl Barley with coconut milk    3.95
D05. Aloe Vera De Honey Sea Coconut & Pearl     4.50
D06. Tadpole De Mango     4.50
D07. Tadpole De Mango Gi Gi     4.50
D08. Green Tea with black & white pearl    3.50
D09. Honey Pearl De Mango     4.50
D10. Colorful World     4.50
D11. Mango Gi Gi     4.50
D12. Strawberry Gi Gi     4.50
D13. Mango Gi Gi with honey sea coconut    4.50
D14. Longan Go Go     4.50
D15. Banana Gi Gi     4.50
D16. Mango Gi Gi with ching    4.50
D17. Tofu Flakes Curdled In Wooden Bucket    lg 5.95 sm 3.50
D20. Thai Black Glutinous Rice     4.50


P01. Osmanthus Jello with mango    2.95
P02. Macau Pudding De Cream     2.95
P03. Mixed Fruit Sushi     3.25
P04. Mango Pudding     2.95
P05. Lychee Konjl Konnyyaku     3.50
P06. Creme Brulee     3.50
P07. Banana Creme Brulee     3.95
P08. Mixed Fruit 3d with mango pudding    4.25
P09. Mixed Fruit Jelly grass italian style    4.50
P10. Mixed Fresh Fruits     5.25
P12. Baked Pudding red bean / taro paste   hot 3.75
P13. Caramel Custard     2.95
P14. Tiramisu    cup 3.50
P15.Green Tea Tiramisu    cup 3.50
P16. Crystal Dragon Festival Dumpling     3.25
P17. Mixed Fruit Crystal     3.50
P18a. Blueberry Cycle     3.50
P18b. Strawberry Fever Cup     3.50
P19. Kwal Ling Jelly     2.95

Smoothies $3.95


Smoothies $3.95

L09a. Chocolate Banana Thick Toast     2.95
L09b. Peanut Butter Banana Thick Toast     2.95
L10. Thick Toast b. chocolate, c. condensed milk, e. strawberry jam, f. sesame fluffy cream, h. tuna salad, i. egg salad    2.50
L10. Thick Toast d. peanut butter    5.60
L11. Tossties choice of 2 fillings: a. tuna salad, b. egg salad, c. sausage, d. ham, e. chocolate, f. peanut butter, g. cheese    3.50
L12. Waffle with a. tuna salad, b. egg salad, c. sausage bacon rolls.    3.95
L13. Banana Chocolate Waffle     3.95
L14. Mixed Fruit Waffle     4.25
L15. Mixed Fruit Ice-Cream Waffle     5.25
L16. Ice-Cream Waffle     3.95
L17. Caramel Custard Waffle     3.95


E01. Healthy Four     4.50
E02. Longan Honey Sea Coconut     4.50
E03. Kwal Ling Jelly Honey Sea Coconut     4.50
E04. Tadpole De Soursap     4.50
E05. Aloe Vera De Honey Pearl     4.50
E06. Tadpole De Longan     4.50
E07. Tadpole De Honey Pearl     4.50
E08. Ice Jelly De Tadpole     3.50
E09. Mango Sweet Heart Soup     3.50
E10. Pearl Cup     3.50
E11. Ice Jelly Red Bean     3.50
E12. Ice Jelly De Mango     3.50
E13. Tadpole De Grass Jelly     3.50
E14. Aloe Vera De Honey Sea Coconut     4.50
E15. Longan De Guava     4.50
E16. Ice Jelly De Soursap     3.50
E17. Coral Weed De Strawberry     4.50
E18. Coral Weed De Guava     4.50
E19. Coral Weed De Mango     4.50

Sundae $5.95

SE01. Banana Split   
SE02. Fresh Mixed Fruit Ice-Cream Boat   
SE03. Mango Gi Gi Sundae   
SE04. Strawberry Sundae   
SE05. Mango Read Bean & Green Tea Sundae   
SE06. Carnival Sundae   

Coconut Juice & Cold Noodle $4.95

N102. Mixed Fruit Cold Noodle with juice soup  
N103. Mixed Fruit with stir cold noodle  
N104. Mango Cold Noodle with strawberry soup  
N105. Cold Noodle with mango gi gi soup  
N106. 3D Mango Stir Cold Noodle   
N107. Longan Stir Cold Noodle   
N108. Coral Weed tadpole & fresh fruit stir cold noodle  
N109. Cold Noodle with sour sap soup  

Specialty Drinks

SD01. Old San Francisco     4.25
SD02. Deep Sea     4.50
SD03. Soursap Punch     3.50
SD04. Fresh Fruits Punch In Cup     4.25
SD05. Colorful     3.95
SD06. Mango Black Pearl Barley     3.95
SD07. Have A Nice Day     3.95
SD09. Maltesers Coffee Icee     3.95
SD10. Maltesers Ovaltine Lcee     3.95
SD11. Strawberry Milk Ice     3.95
SD12. Lychee Osmanthus     3.50
SD14. Traffic Lights Coffee Icee     3.50
SD15. Green Tea Red Bean Icee     3.50
D16. Soda a. peach soda with nata de coco, b. grape soda with nata de coco, c. green apple soda with nata de coco, d. tangerine soda with nata de coco.    3.50
D17. Fresh Juice watermelon, honeydew melon, mango, cantaloupe, papaya, kiwi    3.50
D18. Fresh Fruit with milk. watermelon, honeydew melon, mango, cantaloupe, papaya, banana    3.75

Specialty Drinks

Blue Pomelo lychee, explosive eggs    3.50
AD1. Explosive Eggs with passion fruit juice    1.00
AD2. Explosive Eggs with plum juice    1.00


* Hot / Cold.

Honey Green Tea *    2.75
Thai Ice Tea *    2.75
Milk Tea *    2.75
Green Milk Tea *    2.75
Taro Milk Tea *    2.75
Coconut Juice *    2.75
Red Bean Ice     2.75
Red Bean Ice ice cream    3.50
Citron Tea *    2.75
Ginger Tea *    2.75
Tangerine * with honey    2.75
Lemon Tea *    2.50
Honey * with lemon    2.50
Iced Pickled Lime with 7up    2.50


37 Degrees
1155 Taraval St
Btwn 21st & 22nd Ave
(415) 566-3887
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