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A. Cavalli & Co.

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  • Coffee & Tea, Italian
  • 1441 Stockton St, San Francisco 94133 37.799228 -122.409079
  • (Btwn Columbus Ave & Card Alley)
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  • (415) 421-4219
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Il Tartufo toscana (tuscany) is one of the most important regions in italy for the production of tartufi (truffles). tartufi are funghi that grow underground near particular kinds of trees or shrubs with which they live in symbiosis, mutually exchanging certain nutrients essential for their lives.  
Il Tartufo Bianco the white truffle (botanic name tuber magnatum pico) is the most valuable and expensive. it has a smooth light yellow skin with a brown pulp and clean, thin veins. it has a pleasant smell. the whole area of langhe in northern italy is rich with white truffles, with the best and abundant varieties to be found in tuscany, umbria and molise. it is harvested from september through december. white truffles are generally served raw, and shaved over steaming buttered pasta or salads or fried eggs. white or black paper-thin truffle slices may be inserted into meats, under the skins of roasted fowl, in pâtés or in stuffings. some specialty cheeses contain truffles as well.  
Il Tartufo Nero the tuber aestivum, better known as the summer truffle or more commonly scorzone because of its rough skin. it has a pulp that is yellowish to bronze and numerous, clean veins that disappear when cooked. il tartufo nero is a long-lasting truffle which maintains its freshness and flavour longer than other varieties, permitting use over a longer period on receipt it can be kept 7-10 days wrapped in kitchen roll in a closed glass container in the fridge. in the truffle one finds all the perfumes and tastes of the forest encased in a single fruit, its flavour is intense but delicate with a mildly pungent fragrance. it is harvested from june to november. the flavor of black truffles is less pungent and more refined than that of white truffle. while in the past chefs used to peel truffles, in modern times most restaurants brush the truffle carefully and shave it or dice it with the skin on.  
Il Tartufo Bianchetto the bianchetto truffle (botanic name tuber borchii or albidum pico) is a a truffle which has traditionally been much sought after in the regions of tuscany, romagna and the marche although it has a lower commercial value than the white truffle. from its external appearance it can be confused with the tuber magnatum pico (white truffle) because at first it displays the same characteristics uneven shape, smooth, and dirty white in colour and light pulp tendency to dark purple with numerous veins. however, when it matures, both the smooth skin and inside becomes darker. it is distinguished from the white truffle by its smell, because at first it is delicate and pleasing, but then becomes garlicky and intense. it grows in chalky terrain, often in deciduous and coniferous woodland.  


Il Cannolo Alla Siciliano originating in the palermo area of sicily, the cannolo (cannoli is plural) consist of a tube-shaped shell of fried pastry dough, filled with a sweet, creamy filling usually containing ricotta cheese. all the cannoli shells are home-made by a. cavalli & co. daily and the fresh ricotta is some of the finest imported from italy. with the crisp crunch of the shell, the mellow creaminess of the filling, the sweetness of the chocolate chips and the subtle tartness of the orange zest, there is full spectrum of flavors in every bite.  
Tiramisù from the italian, tirami su! (lift me up!) - a layered cake consisting of savoiardi biscuits soaked in espresso, liqueur and a cream made up of mascarpone cheese, eggs and sugar, covered with powdered chocolate. though there is some disagreement as to it's origins, this dessert was initially created in siena, in the northwestern italian province of toscana during the 18th century. unlike some which the coffee or liqueur dominates, tiramisù at a. cavalli & co. has a light yet rich taste in which all the various flavors blend together as one.  
Panna Cotta although it is eaten all over italy, panna cotta is generally thought to have originated in the northern italian region of piemonte. organic cream, pure vanilla extract and sugar are blended to create a mellow flavor and silky smooth texture. instead of adding additional ingredients to augment the taste, the quality and freshness of these 3 ingredients are what make this dessert special - l'essenzialità del sapore (the essentiality of the flavor).  
Chocolate Mousse  italo-francese: a. cavalli & co. uses danesi chocolate from italy in their chocolate mousse. light and creamy, the airy texture is a result of incorporating air bubbles within the deep, rich taste of the chocolate. and only fresh, locally-produced cream is used.  


Espresso Italiano: La Specialità Della Casa unlike most other italian cafes, a. cavalli & co. specializes in espresso and cappuccino - no frappuccinos here. what matters most is l'essenza (the essence) of the coffee and all the subtleties of it's flavor. each espresso shot is expertly pulled with the sensitivity of an artist, using only the finest imported coffee from italy. in the perfect cup, the pure essence of the bean comes through with each sip, fading with the crema, the dark reddish-brown foam that crowns the top.  
Il Cappuccino with a cappuccino, the proportion of espresso to milk to steamed-milk foam becomes important, as well as the temperature and texture of the milk. obtaining the correct ratio requires close attention. a. cavalli uses whole, organic milk produced locally so it's always fresh.  
Cioccolata Calda italian Hot Chocolate hot chocolate in italy, unlike america or elsewhere, does not emphasize sweetness over the inherent flavor of the cocoa. sugar is just one of the elements and never dominates the perfect cup. as in espresso, the nuances of the cocoa bean are le protagoniste and the milk and sugar play a supporting role. a blend obtained from the selection of the best cocoa seeds from major, west african countries are used, resulting in a dense and creamy hot chocolate.   
Teas From Around The World a. cavalli & co. serves mighty leaf teas - handcrafted tea blends from the finest tea growing estates and regions in the world. whether the tea is from africa, china, japan or sri lanka, each leaf is handpicked and the producers practice sustainable farming and production methods. the best black or green teas are blended with various fruits or herbs and spices such as madagascar vanilla, moroccan mint or egyptian chamomile flowers, to produce a balanced and full-flavored cup of tea.  


A. Cavalli & Co.
1441 Stockton St
Btwn Columbus Ave & Card Alley
(415) 421-4219
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