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Amber India Restaurant

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  • Indian
  • 25 Yerba Buena Ln, San Francisco 94103 37.785849 -122.40456
  • (Btwn Market and Mission St)
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  • (415) 599-8922
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Mulligatawny Soup Lentil, curry leaves, Washington apples, coconut soup. Gluten free.    9.95
Samosa Crispy Idaho potato and pea dumplings. Vegan.    11.95
Cocktail Samosa Chat Potato parcels, stewed garbanzo, mint, tamarind, yoghurt.    9.95
Jackfruit Lentil Bites Jackfruit, green peas and split yellow lentil. Vegan and gluten free.    9.95
Palak Chat Organic baby spinach, flash fried with yogurt, tamarind relish and pomegranate. Gluten free.    10.95
Cauliflower Bezule Watsonville cauliflower, coconut, mustard seeds and curry leaves. Vegan and gluten free.    10.95
Duck Tinka Kebab Maple Farm duck breast, onion spinach bread, and Nigella-Dill caper chutney.    15.95
Lamb Chop with Rose Chutney Australian lamb chops, pistachio, rose and spinach toasties.    16.95
Chilean Seabass and Asparagus Roulade Rolled seabass, French mustard, asparagus and goat cheese. Gluten free.    16.95
Malabari Shrimp Sauteed Monterey Bay shrimp with coconut and spices. Gluten free.    14.95
Spiced Chicken Endive Cups Mary?s farm organic chicken, water chestnuts and Fresh endive cups. Gluten free.    13.95
Chicken, Mango and Asparagus Roulade Gluten free. Pan-fried Mary's Farm organic chicken and goat cheese.    13.25
Crazy Maine Crab Papad Maine crab meat, fennel, ginger and shallots on lentil crisp cups.    14.95
Crispy Potato Turnovers Gluten free. Savory potato parcels, garbanzo stew and a trio of sauce.    9.95
Heirloom Tomato Tulsi Shorba Vegan and gluten free. Tandoori-smoked heirloom tomatoes and basil soup.    8.95

From the Claypot

Malai Chicken Gluten free. Chargrilled Mary's farm organic white meat chicken. Served with golden beets and quinoa pilaf.    24.95
Peshawari Chicken Gluten free. Mary's farm organic chicken thigh meat cardamom yogurt marinade. Served with golden beets and quinoa pilaf.    24.95
Tandoori Chicken Gluten free. On-bone chicken in a traditional classic tandoor marinade. Served with golden beets and quinoa pilaf.    24.95
Lamb Seekh Kebab Gluten free. Superior Farms lamb, ginger, cilantro and homemade spices. Served with golden beets and quinoa pilaf.    24.95
"Frontier" Lamb Chop Gluten free. Australian lamb rack in Northwest Frontier spice marinade. Served with golden beets and quinoa pilaf.    34.95
Boti Kebab Gluten free. Superior farms lamb lions, homemade spiced marinade with baby carrots. Served with golden beets and quinoa pilaf.    31.95
Zaffrani Jhinga Gluten free. Shrimps, Kashmiri saffron and Greek yogurt. Served with golden beets and quinoa pilaf.    29.95
Salmon Pineapple Basil Pesto Gluten free. Atlantic salmon, pineapple,basil, pine nuts and spinach toasties. Served with golden beets and quinoa pilaf.    24.95
Sea Bass Gluten free. Amber's signature Chilean sea bass with poppy seeds and Grandma's spice mix. Served with golden beets and quinoa pilaf.    36.95
Achari Paneer Vegetable Skewers Gluten free. Cottage cheese, sweet potato, pickle spice yogurt marinade. Served with golden beets and quinoa pilaf.    21.95
Duet of Cauliflower and Broccoli Gluten free. Broccoli, cauliflower, grain mustard and turmeric yogurt. Served with golden beets and quinoa pilaf.    21.95
Tandoori Sampler Gluten free. Peshawari chicken, zaffrani jhinga and lamb seekh kebab. Served with golden beets and quinoa pilaf.    26.95
Angarey Kebab Gluten free. Mary's Farm organic chicken thigh meat with smokey spiced yogurt marinade. Served with golden beets and quinoa salad.    24.95
Claypot Roasted Lobster Gluten free. Atlantic lobster tails, homemade spiced ricotta marinade, garlic-tossed green beans and pickled baby carrots. Served with golden beets and quinoa salad.    34.95
Methi Malai Jhinga Gluten free. Shrimps, cardamom, fenugreek and Greek yogurt. Served with golden beets and quinoa salad.    27.95
Salmon Pineapple Kebab Gluten free. Char-grilled Atlantic salmon and pineapple, skewered and barbecued. Served with golden beets and quinoa salad.    24.95
Truffled Chicken Tikka Gluten free. Char-grilled Mary's Farm organic white meat chicken. Served with golden beets and quinoa salad.    24.95

Curry Pots

Butter Chicken Gluten free. Amber's signature shredded tandoori chicken, tomato and cream sauce.    24.95
Chicken Karaikudi Gluten free. Mary?s Farm organic chicken, stewed black pepper, onion, tomato and coconut.    24.95
Murgh Badami Gluten free. Mary?s Farm organic white meat chicken dum-cooked, Awadhi almond sauce.    24.95
Kashmiri Rogan Josh Gluten free. Superior Farms lamb stewed with dried ginger, fennel and onions.    26.95
Awadhi Lamb Korma Gluten free. Superior Farms lamb, cashew nuts, almonds, shallots, orris essence and saffron.    26.95
Nalli Vindaloo Gluten free. Braised natural Superior Farms lamb shank in goan specialty vindaloo sauce.    33.95
Roasted Whole Fish Gluten free. Wild Atlantic Bronzini (deboned), mustard oil and Spices.    36.95
Sea Bass with Mango and Red Curry Gluten free. Sea bass, raw mango, tamarind and coconut.    29.95
Scallops Lentil Crepe Gluten free. Scallops, masala uthappam, organic quinoa pilaf and golden beets.    27.95
Lobster in Coconut Cream Gluten free. Maine lobster, mustard, curry leaves, onion and coconut milk.    32.95
Lamb Loin Gluten free. Australian lamb loin, baby carrots, garlic wilted green beans and Lyonnais potatoes.    31.95
Murgh Kalimirch Gluten free. Mary's Farm organic chicken, stewed black pepper, onion and tomato gravy.    24.95
Murgh Luckowi Gluten free. Mary's Farm organic white meat chicken dum cooked with onion yogurt sauce.    23.95
Shrimp and Scallop Gluten free. Bay shrimps, scallops, organic quinoa and golden beets.    27.95

Vegetarian Curry Pots

Kadhai Paneer Gluten free. Cottage cheese stewed in onion, tomato, coriander and crushed chili sauce.    19.95
Kumbh Silken Tofu Kofta Vegan and gluten free. Shitake, cremini and farm soybean curd and fenugreek sauce.    19.95
Kai Kari Mandi Vegan and gluten free. Yam, snow peas, green peas, sweet potato, fresh pigeon peas and coconut.    19.95
Bhindi Jaipuri Vegan and gluten free. Crispy flash fried okra with fennel, onion and dried mango powder.    19.95
Saag Paneer Gluten free. Watsonville spinach cooked with cottage cheese, garlic and cream.    19.95
Ferry Market Vegetable Korma Gluten free. Vegetables cooked in cashew nut cream sauce.    18.95
Baingan Mirch Ka Salan Vegan and gluten free. Chilles, eggplant, sesame, coconut, peanut, tamarind and chili gravy.    18.95
Aloo Gobi Vegan and gluten free. Organic red skin potatoes, Watsonville cauliflower, onion, tomato, ginger and cilantro.    18.95
Alappuzha Vegetable Moilee Vegan and gluten free. Garden vegetables, coconut milk and curry leaves.    18.95
Badam Bhara Baingan Gluten free. Knoll Farms heirloom baby eggplant-stuffed almond, caramelized onion, tamarind, ginger and tomato.    19.95
Kumbh Hara Pyaz Kofta Vegan and gluten free. Golden chanterelle, shiitake, cremini and spring onion dumplings, onion, tomato and fenugreek sauce.    19.95

Breads from the Claypot

Naan Leavened bread.    4.95
Organic Roti Vegan. Whole wheat organic flour.    4.95
Laccha Paratha Layered whole wheat bread.    5.50
Pesto Naan     5.50
Garlic Chive Naan     5.50
Chili Thyme Naan     5.50
Keema Naan Leavened bread, Superior Farm's lamb mince, ginger mint and homemade spices.    12.95
Paneer Kulcha Cottage cheese stuffed leavened bread.    6.95
Assorted Bread Basket Spinach roti, laccha paratha and naan.    13.95
Cumin Garlic-Spiced Watsonville Spinach Roti     4.95
Peshawari Naan Coconut, maraschino cherries, pistachio and leavened bread.    6.95
Chili Cheese Kulcha Leavened bread stuffed with pepper jack.    5.95
Multi-Grain Roti Vegan. Wheat, barley, split yellow lentils, flax and oat bread.    4.50
Mutter Kulcha Leavened bread stuffed with green peas and potato.    4.95

Accompaniments and Rice Delicacy

Saffron Rice Vegan and gluten free. Basmati rice with safforn.    4.95
Organic Brown Basmati Rice Vegan and gluten free.    5.95
Organic Quinoa Pilaf Vegan and gluten free. Trio of quinoa, fried onion, spices.    6.95
Murgh Parda Biryani Luscious spiced basmati rice, Mary's Farm organic chicken, mint and saffron, cooked "dum" style.    25.95
Avadhi Lamb Pilaf Spiced basmati rice, Superior Farm's lamb, nuts, spices and safforn in dum style.    26.95
Shrimp Basmati Pilaf Monterey bay shrimps, saffron spiced rice and Persian spices in dum style.    29.95
Lucknowi Vegetable Biryani Saffron pilaf, mixed vegetable medley and fried onions in dum style.    23.95
Organic Dal Amber Vegan and gluten free. Organic lack lentils stewed for 32 hours in tomato, cream and butter.    17.95
Organic Yellow Dal Tadka Vegan and gluten free.    17.95
Cucumber Raita Gluten free. Churned yogurt, English cucumber and fresh mint chopped.    6.95
Papad Vegan and gluten free. Roasted lentil crisps.    3.95
Gosht Korma Pulao Zafran rice, Superior Farms lamb, nuts, cream, spices and saffron.    26.95
Organic Red Quinoa Vegan and gluten free.    5.95
Zafran Khuska Vegan. Basmati rice and saffron.    4.25


Amber India Restaurant
25 Yerba Buena Ln
Btwn Market and Mission St
(415) 599-8922
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