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Dumpling Kitchen

  • $$
  • Chinese, Dim Sum
  • 1935 Taraval St, San Francisco 94116 37.742431 -122.486629
  • (Btwn 29th & 30th Ave)
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  • (415) 682-8938
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Cold Plates and Appetizers

Drunken Chicken     7.50
Smoked Fish     7.50
Vegetarian Goose     7.50
Spicy Cow Stomach     7.50
Preserved Egg with Tofu and Pork Jerky     7.50
Five Spice Slice Beef     8.75
Bean Curd Salad     7.50
Cucumber Salad     5.50
Chicken with Pig Stomach Salad Wasabi sauce.    14.75


Hot and Sour Soup     8.25
Chicken and Corn Soup     8.25
Beef and Cilantro Soup     8.25
Tofu and Spinach Soup     8.25
House Special Soup Shrimp, beef, chicken    10.25
Sizzling Rice Soup Shrimp, beef, chicken    10.25
Seafood and Tofu Soup     10.25
Lion's Head Meatballs with Vegetable In House Broth (4 Pcs)     15.50
Pickled Mustard Greens with Pig Stomach Soup     9.25

Mu Shu

Mu Shu Pork     9.75
Mu Shu Chicken     9.75
Mu Shu Beef     9.75
Mu Shu Shrimp     12.75
Vegetarian Mu Shu     9.25

Stir Stir-Fry Noodles and Rice

Shanghai-Style Chow Mein     8.75
Shanghai-Style Stir-Fried Rice Cakes     9.75
Pork with Preserved Vegetable Stir-Fried Rice Cakes     9.75
Combination Stir-Fried Rice Cakes     10.25
Seafood Stir-Fried Rice Cakes     10.25
Chinese Ham with Green Bok Choy Rice Clay Pot     10.25
Combination Chow Mein or Fried Rice     9.25
Pork with Preserved Vegetable Chow Mein     8.75
Seafood Chow Mein or Fried Rice     9.75
Shrimp Chow Mein or Fried Rice     9.25
Beef or Chicken Chow Mein or Fried Rice     8.75
Pork Chow Mein or Fried Rice     8.75
Vegetarian Chow Mein or Fried Rice     8.75

Soup Noodles and Toss Noodles

Five-Spice Beef Stew Noodles     9.75
Wonton Noodle In House Broth     8.25
Pork with Preserved Vegetable Noodle Soup     8.25
Pork with Sichuan Pickled Mustard Noodle Soup     8.25
Vegetarian Goose Noodle Soup     8.25
Smoked Fish Noodle Soup     8.75
House Special Noodle Soup     9.75
Beef and Spinach Noodle Soup     8.75
Pork and Spinach Noodle Soup     8.75
Chicken and Spinach Noodle Soup     8.75
Vegetarian Noodle Soup     8.25
Noodle In Black Bean Sauce     8.25
Noodle In Peanut Sauce     8.25
Steam Rice (One Bowl)     1.75


All vegetarian.

Braised Tofu with Vegetables     8.75
Eggplant In Garlic Sauce     8.75
Dry-Braised String Beans     9.25
Stir-Fried Spicy Tofu     8.75
Preserved Vegetables and Silky Tofu     8.75
Mushroom and Silky Tofu     10.25
Mushroom with Seasonal Vegetables     11.25
Green Bok Choy with Garlic     8.75
Pea Sprouts with Garlic     12.50
Spinach with Garlic     9.25
Green Bok Choy In House Broth     10.25
Pea Sprouts In House Broth     15.50
Spinach In House Broth     10.75
Five Spice Tofu with Peppers     8.25


Shredded Pork With Onions     9.75
Shredded Pork with Leeks     9.75
Shredded Pork with Peppers     9.75
Shredded Pork with Mushrooms     10.75
Shredded Pork with Five Spice Tofu     9.75
Shredded Pork with Pickled Mustard and Peppers     9.75
Shredded Pork with Tofu     9.75
Shredded Pork with String Beans     9.75
Mapo Tofu     9.75
Shredded Pork In Garlic Sauce     9.75
Sweet Vinegar Spare Ribs     9.25
Twice Cooked Pork Belly     9.75
Twice Cooked Pork Belly with Leeks     9.75
Braised Lion's Head Meatballs (4Pcs)     11.50
Braised Pork Rump (Small)     22.00
Braised Pork Rump (Medium)     27.00
Braised Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetable     10.25
Pig Stomach with Black Bean Sauce     9.75


Beef with Onions     9.75
Beef with Leeks     9.75
Beef with Peppers     9.75
Beef with Mushrooms     10.75
Beef with Mixed Vegetables     9.75
Beef with Tofu     9.75
Beef with String Beans     9.75
Beef with Green Bok Choy     9.75
Beef In Oyster Sauce     9.75
Beef In Black Bean Sauce     9.75
Beef In Shacha Sauce     9.75
Mongolian Beef     9.75
Broccoli Beef     9.75
Sichuan Beef     9.75


Dry-Fried Chicken Wings     9.75
Dry-Fried Chicken     9.75
Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings     9.75
Salt and Pepper Chicken     9.75
Chicken with Leeks     9.75
Chicken with Peppers     9.75
Chicken with Mushrooms     10.75
Chicken with Mixed Vegetables     9.75
Chicken with Tofu     9.75
Chicken with String Beans     9.75
Chicken and Green Bok Choy     9.75
Chicken In Oyster Sauce     9.75
Chicken In Black Bean Sauce     9.75
Chicken In Shacha Sauce     9.75
Broccoli Chicken     9.75
Kung Pao Chicken     9.75
Sweet and Sour Chicken     9.75
Lemon Chicken     9.75
General Chicken     9.75
Sesame Chicken     9.75


Kung Pao Shrimp     12.75
Walnut Prawns     12.75
Sweet and Sour Prawns     12.75
Sauteed Shrimp with Green Onion     12.75
Shrimp with Preserved Vegetables and Soya Beans     12.75
Shrimp and Mixed Vegetables     12.75
Dry-Fried Prawns     12.75
Salt and Pepper Fish Fillets     12.75
Sweet and Sour Fish Fillets     12.75
Dry-Fried Fish Fillets     12.75
Fish Fillets In Black Bean Sauce     12.75
Spicy Fish Fillets With leeks and napa cabbage in house broth.    12.75
Preserved Vegetables With fish fillets in house broth.    12.75

Specialty Dumplings and Potstickers

Shanghai-Style Steamed Pork Dumplings (10pcs)     8.25
Crab and Pork Steamed Dumplings (8pcs)     11.50
Pan-Fried Pot Stickers (10pcs)     8.25
Pan-Fried Vegetarian Pot Stickers (10pcs)     8.25
Shanghai-Style Pan-Fried Pork Buns (10pcs)     8.25
Shanghai-Style Spring Rolls (6pcs)     6.50
Beijing-Style Boiled Pork and Chive Dumplings (10pcs)     8.25
Pork Dumplings In Chili Oil (10pcs)     8.25
Steamed Pork and Napa Cabbage Dumplings (10pcs)     8.25
Steamed Vegetarian Dumplings (10pcs)     8.25
Wontons In House Broth (10pcs)     8.25
Wontons In Vegetable Soup (6pcs)     9.25
Wontons In Chili Oil (10pcs)     8.25
Green Onion Pancake     5.50
Thread Roll (1Roll) Steamed or deep-fried.    3.50
Beijing-Style Sweet Buns (4 Pcs) Steamed or deep-fried.    3.50
Original or Sweet Soymilk (1 Cup)     2.25
Savory Soymilk (1 Bowl)     3.25
Chinese Fried Dough (1 Roll)     3.00
Sticky Rice Roll (1 Roll)     4.25
Red Bean Pancake     4.00
Crispy Egg Puffs (3pcs)     5.00

Lunch Special

Add for fried rice or chow mein $1.75.

Dry-Braised String Beans with Rice     7.25
Stir-Fried Spicy Tofu Over Rice     7.25
Mapo Tofu with Rice     7.75
Shredded Pork with Onions Over Rice     7.75
Beef with Onions Over Rice     7.75
Mongolian Beef Over Rice     7.75
Broccoli Beef Over Rice     7.75
Beef with Tofu Over Rice     7.75
Beef with String Beans Over Rice     7.75
Beef with Green Bok Choy Over Rice     7.75
Beef In Black Bean Sauce Over     7.75
Beef and Mixed Vegetables Over Rice     7.75
Kung Pao Chicken Over Rice     7.75
Sweet and Sour Chicken Over Rice     7.75
Lemon Chicken Over Rice     7.75
General Chicken Over Rice     7.75
Sesame Chicken Over Rice     7.75
Broccoli Chicken Over Rice     7.75
Chicken With Tofu Over Rice     7.75
Chicken with String Beans Over Rice     7.75
Chicken and Green Bok Choy Over Rice     7.75
Chicken In Black Bean Sauce Over Rice     7.75
Chicken and Mixed Vegetables Over Rice     7.75


Soda     1.85
Coke     1.85
Diet Coke     1.85
Sprite     1.85
Sunkist     1.85


Dumpling Kitchen
1935 Taraval St
Btwn 29th & 30th Ave
(415) 682-8938
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