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Evergreen Garden

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  • Thai, Vietnamese
  • 3100 18th St, San Francisco 94110 37.762229 -122.412881
  • (At Harrison St)
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  • (415) 864-1657
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Pho $7.35

1. Xe Lua special combo with slices of rare steak, well-done brisket, flank tendon and tripe with beef balls.  
2. Tai Nam Gan Sach rare steak, well-done flank brisket, tendon and tripe with rice noodle  
3. Chin Nam Gan Sach well-done flank, brisket, tendon and tripe with rice noodle  
4. Tai rare steak with noodles  
5. Pho Bo Vien beef balls with rice noodles  
6. Tai Bo Vien rare steak and beef balls with rice noodles  
7. Tai Nam rare steak and flank with rice noodles  
8. Nam well-done flank, with rice noodles  
9. Tai Chin rare steak and brisket with rice noodles  
10. Chin well-done slices of steak with rice noodles  

Noodle Soup

11. Hu Tieu Thap Cam (MI)-Seafood Noodle Soup shrimp, calamari, fish balls, crab meat with rice noodle or egg noodle    8.00
12. Hu Tieu Ca Vien (MI) fish balls rice noodle or egg noodle soup    7.35
13. Hu Tieu Ca Vien & Bo Vien fish balls & beef balls with egg noodle or rice noodle soup    7.35
14. Pho Gai (Mi) chicken with rice noodle soup or egg noodle soup    7.35
15. Mi Hoanh Thanh Thap Cam egg noodle wonton soup served with chicken, shrimp, broccoli, onion and bean sprouts    8.00
16. Bun Bo Hue vermicelli noodle in spicy lemongrass soup served with beef slices, fresh basil lemon & bean sprouts    7.35
17. Ga Ngu Vi Huong / Thit Nuong / Bo Nuong / Ga Nuong five spice chicken b.b.q. pork or bbq beef with noodle soup    7.50
18. Bun Rieu (Sea Soup) vermicelli noodle in chicken broth served with shrimp, egg, tomatoes crab paste & fresh basil, lemon and bean sprouts on the side    7.25
Dia Tai side order of extra rare beef    4.50
Them Banh Pho side order of extra noodle    1.50
Com steamed rice    1.50


19. Cha Gio imperial rolls. deep fried rolls stuffed with minced pork carrot, fungus, taro roots & onion served with fish sauce    6.00
20. Gol Cuon shrimp rolls. steamed shrimp wrapped in rice paper with lettuce, bean sprouts rice noodles served peanut seafood sauce    6.00
21. Ga Cuon chicken rolls. sauteed chicken wrapped in rice paper with lettuce, bean sprouts & rice noodles served with peanut sauce    6.00
22. Goi Ga chicken salad. steamed chicken mixed with julienne of cabbage, mint leaves & ground peanut, served with fish sauce    7.35
23. Goi Tom shrimp salad. slice shrimp, mixed with julienne of cabbage, mint leaves & ground peanut served with fish sauce.    7.75
24. Tom / Muc Chien crispy shrimps or calamari. ten crispy deep fried shrimp or calamari served with sweet and sour sauce    8.25
25. Bo Tai Chanh lemon rare beef. thin sliced of rare beef seasoning with lemon juice, fish sauce, mint leaves & onion, peanuts    7.50
26. Thit Nuong / Bo Nuong / Ga Nuong flame broiled pork / beef or chicken or shrimp (special grill)    9.75
27. Banh Xeo crepe cake. thin rice flour crepe with bean sprouts, shrimp served with lettuce and fish sauce    7.90
28. Chao Tom deep fried shrimp stick (special). mince shrimp meat wrapped with sugar cane, then deep fried, serve with rice noodles, rice paper and peanut or fish sauce.    9.75



29. Bun Cha Gio imperial rolls with rice noodles. serve with mixed salad, bean sprouts, cucumber, and carrot and fish sauce    7.35
30. Bun Cha Gio Tom Thit Nuong / Bo / Ga Nuong b.b.q. shrimp, pork, beef or chicken and imperial rolls served with vermicelli noodles, shredded lettuce cucumber, carrot, basil, and bean sprouts and fish sauce    8.75
31. Bun Thit Nuong / Bo / Ga Nuong b.b.q. pork or beef or chicken served with vermicelli noodle, shredded lettuce, cucumber, carrot & basil    7.35
32. Bun Cha Gio Thit Nuong / Bo / Ga Nuong imperial rolls with b.b.q. pork or beef chicken served with vermicelli noodle, shredded lettuce, and cucumber carrot basil with fish sauce    8.25
33. Bun Bo Xao beef with vegetable and noodles. sliced beef stir-fried served over a bed bean sprout and noodles served with fish sauce.    8.25

Chow Fun Or Chow Mein

34. Hu Tieu Xao Thap Cam rice noodle special (seafood). combination seafood with assorted vegetables, sauteed and served over a bed of rice noodles    8.50
35. Mi Xao Men seafood chow mein (special). same as above, served with egg noodles    8.50
36. Mi Xao Don golden noodle special (seafood). same as above, served with golden crispy noodles    8.50
37. Hu Tieu Xao Bo / Heo / Ga beef / pork / chicken chow fun    8.00
38. Mi Xao Bo / Heo / Ga beef / pork / chicken chow mein    8.00

Com Dia

Rice Plates

39. Com Ga Ngu Vi Huong five spice chicken. whole chicken leg marinated in five spices seasoning and grill on a charcoal    7.35
39. Com Ga Ngu Vi Huong extra 2 imperial roll    8.25
40. Com Ga Roti imperial chicken baked boneless chicken, marinated in lemon grass and rich herb sauce.    7.35
40. Com Ga Roti extra 2 imperial roll    8.25
41. Com Thit Nuong / Bo / Ga / Suong Nuong b.b.q. pork or chicken or beef or pork chips served with steamed rice, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot and fish sauce    7.35
42. Com Thit Nuong / Bo / Ga / Suong Nuong Cha Gio b.b.q. pork or chicken, beef or pork chop and imperial roll served with steamed rice, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and carrot and fish sauce    7.35
43. Com Tay Cam rice in clay pot with chicken shrimp, chinese sausage and mushroom    8.25
44. Com Chien Heo/ Bo /Ga chicken, pork or beef fried rice    8.00
44. Com Chien Heo/ Bo /Ga seafood (shrimp, calamari, fish cake)    8.50


45. Tom Riem Man sauteed spicy shrimp (hot). stir- fried shrimp with onion, lemon grass, green onion and spicy sauce  
46. Tom Cari spicy lemon grass curried shrimp (hot). shrimp, carrot, bell pepper, onion, mushroom in chili curry sauce  
47. Tom Xao Rau sizzling shrimp with vegetables. stir fried shrimp with assorted vegetables  
48. Tom Xao Hot Dieu cashew shrimp  
49. Tom Xao Tau Xi sauteed shrimp with black bean sauce  
50. Tom Xao Dau Hoa Lan sizzling shrimp & snow peas  
51. Tom Xao Mang sauteed shrimp with bamboo shoots (hot)  
52. Tom Xao Satay sauteed shrimp with satay sauce  
53. Tom Xao Ca Tim sauteed shrimp with eggplant  
54. Muc Xao Cari spicy curried calamari. calamari, carrot, onion, bell pepper, mushroom, lemongrass in hot corn sauce  
55. Muc Xao Cay sauteed spicy calamari (hot). stir-fried calamari with bamboo shoots and served in a spicy sauce  
56. Ca Kho To fresh catfish in clay pot. simmered steak of catfish in clay pot with a wonderful black pepper rich sauce   lunch 9.50

Beef, Pork Or Chicken

57. Bo / Heo / Ga Xao Rau sizzling beef or pork or chicken simmered in rich gravy, tossed with fresh vegetables  
58. Bo / Heo / Ga Xao Hanh Tay beef or pork or chicken stir-fried with onion  
59. Bo / Heo / Ga Xao Gung sauteed ginger beef, pork, or chicken  
60. Bo / Ga Xao Cari sauteed spicy curried beef or chicken. beef or chicken, carrot, bell pepper, onion, mushroom in chili yellow curry sauce  
61. Bo / Ga Xao Bong Cai beef or chicken with broccoli  
62. Bo / Ga Zao Dau Hoa Lan beef or chicken with snow peas  
63. Bo / Ga Xao Mong Co mongolian beef or chicken (hot)  
64. Bo / Suon Xao Tau Xi sauteed beef or pork with black bean sauce  
65. Bo / Ga Xao Nam mushroom beef or chicken  
66. Bo / Ga Xao Sa Ot lemon grass beef or chicken (hot). beef or tender chicken sauteed in lemon grass & chili pepper  
67. Bo / Ga Xao Cung Bao kung po chicken or beef  
68. Bo / Ga Xao Ca Tim sauteed eggplant with beef or chicken and bell pepper in garlic sauce  
69. Ga Xao Chua Ngot sweet & sour chicken  
70. Heo Xao Mang lemon grass pork (hot). pork sauteed with bamboo shoots, onion, lemongrass and hot spices  
71. Ga Xao La Que chicken with basil leaves. sauteed minced chicken in sweet basil and fresh chili garlic sauce  
72. Ga Xao Hot Dieu cashew chicken  
73. Bo Xao Satay sauteed beef with satay sauce  

Sup $9.50

74. Canh Chua Ca Hay Tom catfish or shrimp hot & sour soup. hot & sour catfish or shrimp with bean sprouts, tomato, pineapple, celery (hot)  
75. Canh Chua Thap Cam house special hot & sour soup. combination seafood, cooked same as above  
76. Sup Mang Cua crab meat & asparagus soup  
77. Canh Thap Cam combination seafood soup. shrimp, calamari, fish cake, crab meat and broccoli baby bok choy, celery carrot  

Cac Mon Chay


78. Cha Gio Chay deep fried vegetarian rolls. deep fried rolls stuffed with bean sprouts, carrots, & bean cake with lettuce & soy sauce or fish sauce   special 7.75  6.00
79. Goi Cuon Chay vegetarian spring rolls. bean sprouts, bean cake, lettuce, rice noodle and mint leaves wrapped in rice paper, with peanut sauce    6.60
80. Goi Chay vegetarian salad. shredded cabbage, carrot, celery, bean curd mint leaves, served with soy sauce    7.35
81. Dau Hu Chien Don crispy soft tofu    6.75
82. Banh Xeo Chay vietnamese vegetarian crepe. rice flour crepe filled with mushrooms, bean sprouts, served with lettuce, mint leaves & soy sauce    7.90
83. Bun Cha Gio Chay vegetarian imperial rolls with rice noodles    7.35
84. Com Chien Chay vegetarian fried rice    8.00
85. Ga Chay Teriyaki teriyaki soy chicken. sauteed soy chicken in teriyaki gravy with shredded cabbage over steamed rice    9.50
86. Ga Chay Cari curry soy chicken sauteed soy "chicken" with celery, carrot in curry sauce over steamed rice    9.50
87. Dau Hu Xao Rau stir-fried tofu with broccoli, celery, mushrooms, cabbage, carrot and onion   special 9.50  8.25
88. Rau Trung Cari stir-fried broccoli, celery and carrot with egg pie in curry sauce over steamed rice   special 9.50  8.25
89. Dau Hu Xao Day Hoa Lan stir-fried bean curd with snow peas   special 9.50  8.25
90. Dau Hu Xao Cari sauteed bean curd & curry sauce    8.25 special 9.50
91. Dau Hu Xao Hot Dieu stir-fried bean curd with cashew   special 9.50  8.25
92. Dau Hu Xao Sa Ot stir-fried bean curd in lemongrass   special 9.50  8.25
93. Dau Hu Xao Tau Xi stir-fried bean curd in black bean sauce   special 9.50  8.25
94. Dau Hu Xao La Que stir-fried bean curd with basil leaves   special 9.50  8.25
95. Ca Tim Xao Dau Hu stir fried eggplant with tofu. stir fried eggplant with fresh garlic and tofu over steamed rice   special 9.50  8.25
96. Ca Tim Xao Toi eggplant in hot garlic sauce   special 9.50  8.25
97. Hu Tieu Xao Chay Thap Cam vegetarian delight. stir fried rice noodles with bean cake, assorted fresh vegetables    8.25
98. Mi Xao Men Chay vegetarian delight. same ad above served with egg noodles    8.25
99. Mi Xao Don Chay vegetarian crispy fried egg noodles. same as above served with golden crispy noodles    8.25
100. Pho Chay combination vegetarian & tofu rice noodle soup    7.35
101. Canh Thap Cam Chay mixed vegetables with bean curd soup    8.25
102. Canh Chua Chay Dau Hu spicy sweet & sour vegetable soup. bean cake cooked with fresh vegetable in spicy and sour broth    8.25


103. Papaya Salad deep fried fish cake served with cucumber sauce    7.75
104. Crispy Shrimp Rolls ten crispy deep-fried shrimps served with sweet and sour sauce    8.25
105. Hot & Sour Calamari Salad tender calamari served with shredded cabbage, cucumber onion, tomatoes, mint & chili    8.25
106. Deep Fried Bean Cakes crispy deep fried tofu served with sweet and sour sauce    6.75
107. Tom Kha Gai chicken in coconut soup with mushrooms, onion & tomatoes    8.25
108. Tom Kha Goong prawns in coconut soup with mushrooms, onion & tomatoes    9.50
109. Seafood Sweet & Sour Soup sweet & sour soup with clams, green mussels, shrimps, calamari, mushrooms & onion served in clay pot    12.25

Pan Fried Noodle Dishes

110. Pad Thai pan-fried rice noodle with bean cakes, egg & bean sprouts, topped with green onion & crushed peanut    8.25
110. Pad Thai with shrimps    8.50
111. Pad Satay pan fried egg noodles with spicy satay sauce, beef or chicken    8.25
112. Pad Woon Sen silver noodles expertly sauteed with chicken, shrimps, green beans, carrots assorted vegetables    8.50
113. Garlic Noodles pan-fried egg noodle with fresh garlic, b.b.q. pork    8.25

Rice Dishes

114. Rice In Clay Pot rice in clay pot with chicken, shrimp, chinese sausage & mushroom    8.25
115. Spicy Basil Chicken sauteed minced chicken in sweet basil and fresh chili garlic sauce    8.25
116. Red Curry Chicken with tender green beans on rice    8.25
116. Red Curry Chicken with shrimp    8.75
117. Eggplant In Garlic Sauce sauteed eggplant with bell pepper in garlic sauce    8.25
118. Beef Or Chicken Satay sauteed beef or chicken with satay sauce & peanut topping    8.50
118. Beef Or Chicken Satay with shrimp    8.75
119. Crispy Prawns deep fried ten large prawns with house special sauce    10.75
120. Seafood With Green Bean On Rice sauteed squid and shrimp with green bean    8.75


Evergreen Garden
3100 18th St
At Harrison St
(415) 864-1657
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