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  • Belgian, Crepes
  • 590 Valencia St, San Francisco 94110 37.763445 -122.421832
  • (At 17th St)
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  • (415) 762-1665
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Small Frjtz our signature hand-cut, twice-fried pomme frites    3.75
Large Frjtz     5.25
Sweet Potato Frjtz    lg 5.50 sm 4.00
Garlic Frjtz tossed with chopped garlic and parsley    0.50
Spicy Frjtz tossed with our own chipotle spice mix, served with a lime wedge    0.50
White Truffle Frjtz tossed with white truffle oil    1.00

Dippings Sauces

Curry Ketchup   
Thai Chili Ketchup   
Ginger Orange Mayo   
Kalamata Ketchup   
Creamy Wasabi Mayo   
Parmesan Peppercorn Ranch   
Jalapeno Ketchup   
Chipotle Remoulade   
Habanero Cranberry Ketchup   
White Truffle Artichoke Ketchup   
Bacon Mayo   
Grilled Eggplant Mayo   
Strawberry Mustard   
Miso Mayo   
Spicy Yogurt Peanut   
Balsamic Mayo   
Smokey Honey Mustard   
Roasted Pepper Mayo   
Ponzu Ketchup   
Tamarind Cashew Ketchup   

Belgian Mussels $13

Babylon saffron threads, mustard, shallots and garlic  
Pompeii gorgonzola, pancetta, shallots and cream  
Delphi feta cheese, kalamata olives, garlic and oregano  
Uxmal chicken sausage, cilantro, garlic, chipotle, lime juice  
Sukhothai coconut milk, lemongrass, red curry, lime juice  
Spiennes hoegaarden beer, shallots, fennel, lemon zest  
Arles shallots, butter, parsley, garlic and white wine  
Jantar Mantar shallots  
Italica tomato-basil sauce, garlic, parsley, red pepper flakes  
Alesia olive oil, shallots, garlic, tomato, parsley  
Merida butter, shallots, garlic, ham, roasted bell pepper, parsley  

Steak Frjtz

Our New Steak Frjtz a juicy 6 ounce steak served with preserved lemon and parsley butter and our world famous frjtz    13.50

Burgers $9.95

The Frjtz Burger a mouth watering 6 oz burger served on a brioche bun, served with caramelized red onions, chipotle remoulade, lettuce and tomato, and pickles  
The Vegetarian Frjtz Burger (The Sydney) our vegetarian porcini mushroom cutlet burger served on a brioche bun, served with caramelized red onions, chipotle remoulade, lettuce and tomato, and pickles  

Customize Your Burger

The Tokyo add wasabi mayo, bacon, avocado, pickled ginger and scallions    3.00
The Singapore with grilled pineapple and gorgonzola    2.00
The Athens with greek olive tapenade and feta    2.00
The Iowa bacon and cheddar cheese    3.00
The Sao Paolo bacon, cheddar cheese, mild peppers and a fried egg    3.50
The New York bacon, cheddar cheese and avocado    3.00
The Houston swiss cheese, bbq sauce, avocado and tortilla strips    2.50
The Istanbul bacon, goat cheese, lemon saffron aioli    3.00
The Venice mushrooms and swiss cheese    2.50


Basquiat grilled chicken, pesto mayo, caramelized onions, melted swiss and avocado and focaccia served with spring mix    10.50
Michelangelo roasted peppers, caramelized onions, pesto mayo, grilled eggplant and melted gorgonzola on focaccia served with spring mix    10.25
Botero cheddar and ham on baguette with pesto mayo    10.25
Velasquez prosciutto, melted mozzarella, roasted pineapple and roasted pepper mayo on focaccia served with spring mix    11.95
Sargent our own crab cake on brioche bun with chipotle remoulade, caramelized onions.    12.75
Sargent add bacon    3.00
Masaccio proscuiutto, greek olive tapenade and melted mozzarella on baguette served with spring mix    10.25
Sisley roasted pears, cheddar and gorgonzola cheese with chipotle remoulade on focaccia with avocado and served with mixed greens    10.25
Sisley add chicken    3.00
Sisley add steak    3.50
Degas grilled steak, bellpeppers, caramelized onions. cheddar cheese, chipotle remoulade, cilantro and green onions on a baguette    12.25

Savory Crepes

Tiziano grilled rosemary chicken and swiss cheese    9.95
Munch` cured ham and swiss cheese    9.95
Picasso gorgonzola cheese, roasted peppers, grilled eggplant and caramelized onions    9.50
Picasso add chicken    3.00
Da Vinci mozzarella cheese, pesto and tomato    9.25
El Greco feta cheese, spinach and tomato    9.50
Greco add chicken    3.00
Dali mushrooms and swiss cheese    9.75
Dali add chicken    3.00
Matisse smoked salmon, creme fraiche, and chives    10.50
Matisse add spinach    1.00
Rembrandt swiss or cheddar cheese, egg and chives    9.95
Botticelli mushrooms, mozzarella, tomato basil sauce.    9.95
Botticelli add chicken sausage or veggie salami    3.00
Brancusi cured ham, mozzarella cheese, chives and egg    10.25
Goya rosemary chicken, caramelized onions, pesto mayo, roasted peppers and swiss cheese    10.25
Duchamp mushrooms, rosemary chicken fresh spinach, and swiss cheese    10.25
Rosseti grilled eggplant, pesto, tomatoes and feta cheese    9.95
Canaletto goat cheese, fresh tomatoes, fresh shallots, parsley and olive oil    9.95
Canaletto add chicken    3.00
Miro prosciutto, black olive tapenade, fresh tomatoes and mozzarella    10.50
Remington steak, cheddar cheese, chipolte remoulade, yellow corn, black beans, green onions, cilantro    10.50
Plain Crepe take it home, put your favorite cheese, veggies, meats inside, give it a name and bake it. yum!    4.00

Sweet Crepes

Magritte nutella and banana topped with whipped cream    6.95
Magritte make this into a belgian waffle!    2.00
Horta butter, brown sugar, bananas topped with creme fraiche    6.95
Lichtenstein fresh strawberries with creme fraiche and wild berry coulis    6.95
Lichtenstein make this into a belgian waffle    2.00
Vermeer raspberry jam with berry coulis    5.50
Rothko butter and sugar    3.50
Kandinsky nutella, fresh strawberries topped with whipped cream    6.95
Kandinsky make this into a belgian waffle!    2.00
Van Gogh butter, lemon juice and sugar    3.50
O'keefe just nutella    5.50
Claudel caramelized apples, cinnamon, almonds and whipped cream    6.75
Claudel make this into a belgian waffle    2.00
Hopper roasted pears with nutella, toasted almonds and whipped cream    6.95
Hopper make this into a belgian waffle!    2.00


Gauguin spring mix tossed with raspberry balsamic, served with mangoes, macadamia nuts, avocado, red onion and smoked salmon    10.50
Giotto our own caesar salad served with focaccia croutons    7.25
Giotto add chicken    3.00
Giotto add steak    3.50
Melendez choose between spinach or spring mix, roasted pears, gorgonzola, red onions, candied chipotle walnuts with a raspberry balsamic vinaigrette dressing    8.50
Melendez add chicken    3.00
Melendez add steak    3.50
Kahlo spring mix with tomatoes, onions, avocado tossed with a balsamic raspberry dressing    6.50
Kahlo add chicken    3.00
Kahlo add steak    3.50
Cassat our own crab cake on a bed of spring mix with yellow corn, black beans, red onions, tomatoes, goat cheese and avocado served with a chipotle-dijon dressing    12.75
Rivera chopped cabbage, bbq chicken or bbq tofu, jicama, black beans, yellow corn, avocados, tomatoes, onions, fried tortilla chips tossed with a parmesan peppercorn ranch dressing    10.25
Hokusai romaine with tuna caper salad, tomatoes, onions, avocado, dried cranberries tossed with a ginger hoisin dressing    8.00
Bosch spring mix with quinoa, veggie salami, green onion, tomato, avocado, mango, cilantro dressed with a raspberry balsamic vinaigrette    10.25


Hankar caramelized pears, nutella, whipped cream, almonds.    8.50
Belgica caramelized apples, toasted almonds, whipped cream and caramel    8.50
Rogier bananas, strawberries, nutella, caramel, whipped cream    8.75
Tomberg date butter and syrup    7.25
Louise bananas foster (contains rum) with nutella, caramel, whipped cream and bacon    12.75
Petillon 2 poached eggs, bacon and hollandaise    11.50
Erasmus 2 poached eggs, crab cake, avocado and hollandaise    13.95

Poached Eggs $13.50

D'orsay english muffins topped with two poached eggs, crab cake, avocado, roasted pepper aioli served with potato cakes  
The Rijks two poached eggs on english muffins with prosciutto and hollandaise, served with potato cakes  
The Tate two poached eggs with smoked salmon, goat cheese, red onions and capers on english muffins, served with hollandaise and potato cakes  

Eggs And Scrambles

The Met two eggs your style with grilled chicken sausage, english muffin and potato cakes    9.95
The Frick three egg scramble with chicken sausage, cheddar cheese, cilantro, green onions, and tomatoes served with potato cakes    10.95
Guggenheim three egg scrambled with mushrooms, spinach, veggie salami, feta cheese, and cilantro pesto served with potato cakes    11.95


The Louvre three egg omelet with crab cake, goat cheese, mango, and cilantro served with chipotle remoulade and potato cakes    13.75
The Benaki three egg omelet with feta cheese, tomato, green onion, kalamata olives and spinach served with potato cakes    12.50
Uffizi grilled steak omelet with bell peppers, chives, swiss cheese, served with hollandaise and potato cakes    12.95
The Whitney three egg omelet with ham, mushrooms, spinach and creme fraiche served with potato cakes    10.25

Pancakes, French Toast, Et Al

L'hermitage three buttermilk pancakes served with caramelized apples, date butter, and maple syrup    8.25
Le Pompidou french toast with date butter and maple syrup    8.25
Belvedere bananas foster rum french toast, topped with whipped cream, caramel, and bacon    12.75
General Hooker Breakfast one buttermilk pancake, 2 eggs your choice, and 2 strips of bacon    9.95


Chicken Sausage     3.00
Bacon     3.00
Two Potato Cakes     1.95
Egg    (1) 2.00 (2) 3.00
Toasted English Muffin     1.50
Side Salad     3.50
Fruit Salad     5.00


590 Valencia St
At 17th St
(415) 762-1665
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