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Grand River Hot Pot & Cafe

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    RatingAvg. Dinner Entrée
    $$$$$Greater than $25
    $$$$$18.01 - $25
    $$$$12.01 - $18
    $$$7.01 - $12
    $Less than $7
  • Chicken, Barbecue
  • 1888 Clement St, San Francisco CA94121 37.782239 -122.47927
  • (At 20th Ave)
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  • (415) 221-8388
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Prawn with Egg over Rice   5.50
Pork Rib with Balck Bean Sauce over Rice   4.50
Minced Beef and Raw Eggover Rice    4.50
Yang-chow Fried Rice    5.00
Shredded Chicken with Cream Corn over Rice   4.50
Diced Pork with Cream Corn over Rice   4.50
Tomato and Shredded Chicken over Rice    4.50
Tomato and Beef over Rice    4.50
Chicken a La King    4.50
Chicken with Sweet and Sour Sauce over Rice   5.00
Fried Pork with Sweet and Sour Sauce over Rice   5.00
Minced Beef Fried Rice    4.50
Chicken with Celery over Rice   4.50
Ham and Egg over Rice    4.50
Beef with Tender Greens over Rice   4.50
Pork Ribs with Tender Green over Rice   4.50
Pigs Feet with Tender Green over Rice   4.50
Beef Brisket with Tender Green over Rice   4.50
Squid with Balck Baen Sauce over Rice   5.25
Salted Fish and Diced Chicken Fried Rice    5.25
Stewed Prawns over Rice or Speghet    5.50
Stewed Chicken & Ham over Rice or Speghet    4.50
Stewed Steak over Rice or Speghet    5.50
Stewed Pork Chop over Rice or Speghet    5.00
Stewed Fillet of Sole over Rice or Speghetti5    
Rice to Fried Rice    .50
Additional Steamed Rice    .60

From The Oven(rice or Spaghetti)

Baked Pork Chop    5.50
Baked Chicken    5.50
Baked Steak    6.50
Baked Seafood    6.50
Baked Prawn    6.25
Baked Minced Beef    4.95
Baked Ham and Chicken    5.50
Baked mixed Vegetable with Cheese   4.95

Special Snacks

Sweet & Sour Sauce    6.50
Chicken Wings with Fruit Salad   3.75
with Pepper and Salt   3.75
Fried Won Ton    3.75
Fried Chicken Legs    3.75
French Fries    2.00
Fruit Salad    3.75


Curry Seafood with Rice or Spaghetti   6.00
Curry Prawn with Rice or Spaghetti   5.75
Curry Fillet of Sole W/rice Ort Spaghetti   5.25
Curry Chicken with Rice or Spaghetti   5.25
Curry Pork Chop with Rice or Spaghetti   5.25
Curry Ox-tongue with Rice or Spaghetti   5.25
Curry Beef with Rice or Spaghetti   5.00
Curry Beef Stew with Rice or Spaghetti   5.00
Curry mixed Vegetable W/rice or Spaghetti   4.75

Chow Fun & Fried Noodle

Shangai Chow Rice Cake    5.00
Shanghai Chow Mein (spicy)    5.00
Prawns W/egg Chow Fun   5.50
Beef Chow Fun (dry)    4.75
Beef W/black Bean Sauce Chow Fun   4.75
Chicken W/tender Green Pan Fried Noodle   5.00
Prawns W/tender Green Pan Fried Noodle   5.75
Beef W/tender Green Pan Fried Noodle   5.00
Pork Ribs W/tender Green Pan Fried Noodle   5.00
Shredded Pork W/bean Sprout Pan Fried Noodle   5.00
Sea Food Pork W/bean Sprout Pan Fried Noodle   6.00
Beef W/black Pepper Sauce Pan Fried Noodle   5.75
Singapore Style Fried Rice Noodle (spicy)    5.00
Malaysian Spicy Chow Fun (spicy)    5.00


Club Sandwiches    4.50
Cheese Sandwiches    1.95
Tuna Sandwiches    1.95
Hong Kong Style Egg Sandwiches    1.95
Ham and Egg Sandwiches    2.35
Luncheon Pork and Egg Sandwiches    2.35
French Toast    2.35
Toast with Butter   1.00
with Condensed Milk and Butter   1.00
with Condensed Milk ,butter and Jam   1.20


Russian Bortsch    3.00
Cream of Chicken Soup    3.00
Clam Chowder    3.50
Fish Chowder    3.50
Ox-tail Soup    3.25
Chicken Mushroom Soup    3.00

Sizzling Platter

Choice of Black Pepper Sauce or Mushrooms Sauce

Steak    12.95
Pork chop    9.50
Chicken Steak    9.50
Fishfillet    9.50
Beef Short Ribs    9.50
Pork Chop and Chicken Steak    10.50
Mixed Grill : Pork Chop,chicken Steak & Sausage served with soup, bread with butter   10.50
Ice Cream & Coffe H.k Tea Cold Drink Add   1.00

Set Meal

1. Steak    
2. Chicken Steak    
3. Pork Chop    
1. Filler of Sole    
2. Ox Tails    
3. Shish Kabobo    
come with rice or spaghetti. balck pepper sauce or cream mushroom ,sauce ,bread soup & drinks 5.75

Special Meal a

Japanese Style Seabass Fish    

special meal B

fried quail

fried quail    7.95
Come with Fried Rice or spaghetti, bread, soup & Drinks

Won Ton Fun,egg Noodle ,rice Noodle

Shrimp Won Ton    
shrimp dumpling    
Sliced Fish Cake    
Beef Ball    
Fish Ball choice of one   
Beef Brisket    
pigs feet choice of one   
* Noodle    3.50
Lo Mein    4.25
Side Order    3.50
Noodle    4.50
Lo Mein    4.25
Side Order    3.50
peking style sweet & sour sauce W/shredded Pork Lo Mein   4.50
any combination add peking style sweet & sour sauce. Choice of One   1.00
Lo Mein with Oyester Sauce   4.25
Pickled Cabbage & Pork w/rice noodle in soup   3.50
Preserved Spicy Vegetables & Pork w/ Noodle In Soup    3.50

Chinese Set Meal

Fried Pork Ribs W/sweet & Sour Sauce   
Prawns Scrambled Egg    
Shredded Beef W/sweet & Sour Sauce   
Beef W/bitter Melon   
Squid W/black Bean Sauce   
Pork Chop W/hot Pepper & Salt   
Shredded Beef with Grounded Black Pepper   
Tofu W/salted Fish & Minced Chicken   
Lemon Chicken    
Cream Corn W/squid Tube   
Lemon Chicken    
Cream Corn W/fillet of Sole   
Baby Beef Ribs W/grounded Black Pepper   
Tofu W/squid Tube   
Sezchun Shrimp(hot)    
Squid w/pickled Vegetables   
Prawns & Chicken W/celery   
Shrimp W/hot Pepper & Salt   
Squids W/baby Shrimp Paste   
Fillet of Sole W/baby Shrimp Paste   
Prawns W/fried Tofu   
Book Trepe W/pickled Vegetable or W/black Bean Sauce   
Choice of One with:soup ,vegetable w/oyester sauce,two bowls of streamed rice   6.50


Steak W/black Pepper Sauce   8.95
W/garlic Sauce   8.95
W/onion Sauce   8.95
Beef Short Ribs W/orange Sauce   8.95
Shish Kabob Fillet Mignon    8.95
Shish Kabob Fillet Shrimp(12)    8.95
Shish Kabob Fillet Fish    7.95
Shish Kabob Filet Pork    7.95
Shish Kabob Fillet Chicken    7.95
Pork Chop W/garlic Sauce   6.50
W/onion Sauce   6.50
Pork Chop Cutlet    6.50
Pork Chop W/red Sauce   6.50
Chicken Steak W/garlic Sauce   6.50
W/mushroom Sauce   6.50
Chicken Steak Cutlet    6.50
Chicken Steak W/onion Sauce   6.50
W/red Sauce   6.50
Fillet or Sole W/mushroom Sauce   6.50
Fillet of Sole W/red Sauce   6.50
come with fried rice,spaghetti or french fries,bread,soup and drinks


Tapico Pearls W/hong Kong Style Tea hot 2.50cold 2.50
Tapico Prarls W/hong Kong Style Coffee hot 2.50cold 2.50
French Coffee   cold 2.50
Hong Kong Style Tea  hot 1.50cold 2.00
Hong Kong Style Coffee   cold 2.00
Hong King Style Tea & Coffee mixed  hot 1.50cold 2.00
Lemon Tea  hot 1.50cold 2.00
Lemonade  hot 1.50cold 2.00
Coke with Lemon hot 1.50cold 2.00
Ovaltine  hot 1.50cold 2.00
Horlick  hot 1.50cold 2.00
Choclate  hot 1.50cold 2.00
Almond  hot 1.50cold 2.00
Honey and Lemon  hot 1.75cold 2.25
Milk  cold 1.00hot 1.25
Hot Milk with Raw Egg   1.50
Boiled Water with Raw Egg   1.50
Coke with Ginger and Lemon    1.75
House Coffee with refill   1.00
Gensing Tea    2.50
Gensing with Honey   2.50
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice  s 1.50l 2.50
Soda coke ,diet coke ,sprite,rootbeer   1.25
Crystal Geyster Water    1.25

Shaved Ice

Red Bean with shaved ice   2.50
Grass Jelly with shaved ice   2.50
Pineapple with shaved ice   2.50
Mixed Fruit with shaved ice   2.50
Longman with shaved ice   2.50
Lychee with shaved ice   2.50
Red Bean and Grass Jelly `with shaved ice    2.50
Mixed Jello with shaved ice   2.50
Taro with shaved ice   2.75
Strawberry Daiquir with shaved ice   2.75
* Pina Colada    2.75
Add Tapioca    .50
Add Ice Cream    .50
Ice Cream per scoop    1.25
Ice Cream Sundae    2.75
Banana Split    3.75
Milk Shake any favour    2.75
Steamed Egg White with milk   2.25
Hainan Chicken with rice with coffee   6.45
Grand River Hot Pot & Cafe
1888 Clement St
At 20th Ave
(415) 221-8388
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