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Hakka Restaurant

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    RatingAvg. Dinner Entrée
    $$$$$Greater than $25
    $$$$$18.01 - $25
    $$$$12.01 - $18
    $$$7.01 - $12
    $Less than $7
  • Chinese
  • 4401-A Cabrillo St, San Francisco CA94121 37.773201 -122.505921
  • (At 45th Ave)
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  • (415) 876-6898
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A1. Egg Rolls   (4) 4.95
A2. Pot Stickers   (6) 5.95
A3. Deep Fried Prawns   (8) 7.95
A4. Deep Fried Chicken Wings   (6) 6.95
A5. Chicken Salad    6.95
A6. Deep Fried Oysters   (6) 7.95


B1. Seafood Tofu Soup    7.95
B2. Minced Beef & Tofu Soup    6.95
B3. Hot & Sour Soup*    6.95
B4. Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup    6.95
B5. Chicken with mixed vegetable soup   6.95
B6. House Special Won Ton Soup    7.95
B7. Seafood Won Ton Soup    7.95
B8. Hot & Sour Won Ton Soup*    6.95
B9. Beef Stew Won Ton Noodle    6.95
B10. Chicken Won Ton Soup    6.95
B11. B.B.Q. Pork Won Ton Soup    6.95
B12. Dry Scallop with fish maw soup   8.95

Lettuce Wraps $8.95

With Lettuce Wraps.

C1. Minced Pork    
C2. Minced Chicken    
C3. Minced Seafood    

Beef & Lamb

D1. Sweet & Sour Short Ribs    10.50
D2. Beef with chinese broccoli   8.95
D3. Mongolian Beef*    7.95
D4. Broccoli Beef    7.95
D5. Double Mushroom with beef   8.95
D6. House Special Spicy Sauce* with lamb   12.95
D7. Lamb with ginger scallion   12.95


E1. House Special Spicy Sauce Pork Stomach    7.50
E2. Black & Pepper Pork Chop*    6.95
E3. Steamed Pork with dried scallop   7.95
E4. Pineapple Spareribs    7.95
E5. Sauteed Shredded Pork with dry bean curd   7.95
E6. Spicy Salt & Pepper Spareribs*    6.95
E7. Peking Spareribs    6.95
E8. Sweet & Sour Pork    6.95


F1. Clams In Black Bean Sauce*    10.95
F2. Clams with supreme broth in wine   10.95
F3. Clams* with spicy salt & black bean sauce   10.95
F4. Sauteed Shrimp with mixed mushrooms   8.95
F5. Fish Fillet* with xo sauce   8.95
F6. Fish Fillet with house special sauce   8.95
F7. Sauteed Lily Turnip & Fungus with scallops and shrimps   12.95
F8. Sauteed Squids & Prawns    9.95
F9. Honey Walnut Prawns with vegetables   12.95
F10. Satay Squids & Chicken    8.95
F11. Oyster with ginger & scallion   10.95
F12. Oyster In Black Bean Sauce    10.95
F13. Oyster* with honey pepper sauce   10.95
F14. Crab In Hong Kong Style*    
F15. Crab with bitter melon in clay pot   
F16. Crab In Ginger & Scallion    
F17. Spicy Crab* with vermicelli in clay pot   
F18. Satay Crab with vermicelli   
F19. Steamed Crab Or Lobster with garlic and vermicelli   

Egg Fu Yong $7.95

G1. BBQ Pork    
G2. Chicken    
G3. Vegetables    
G4. Shrimp    

Frog & Chicken

H1. Frog Fried with salted yellow yolk   10.95
H2. House Special Frog    10.95
H3. Sauteed Frog with fungus & lily bulbs   10.95
H4. Frog with bitter melon   10.95
H5. Salt & Baked Chicken   half 11.95
H6. House Special Steamed Chicken   half 9.95
H7. Kung Pao Chicken*    7.95
H8. Cashew Chicken    7.95
H9. Lemon Chicken    7.95
H10. Sweet & Sour Chicken    7.95
H11. General Chicken*    7.95

Clay Pot

I1. Lamb with dry bean curb in clay pot   10.95
I2. Braised Ox Tail In Clay Pot    10.95
I3. Combination Seafood & Tofu In Clay Pot    8.95
I4. Spicy Seafood & Tofu In Clay Pot*    8.95
I5. Minced Pork & Vermicelli with dried scallop   7.95
I6. Braised Fish Fillet & Tofu In Clay Pot    7.95
I7. Satay Chicken Diced with eggplant   7.95
I8. Braised Beef Stew & Turnips In Clay Pot    7.95
I9. Salted Fish & Chicken Diced In Clay Pot    7.95
I10. Spareribs with turnips in clay pot   8.95

Vegetables & Bean Curd

J1. Sauteed Lily Bulbs & Fungus with vegetable   7.95
J2. Spicy Salt & Pepper Eggplant* with bean curd   6.95
J3. String Beans* with minced pork in xo sauce   7.95
J4. House Special Eggplant    7.50
J5. Spicy Eggplant* with minced pork   6.95
J6. Sauteed Chinese Broccoli with salted fish   7.95
J7. Sauteed Chinese Broccoli with rice wine   6.95
J8. Steamed Eggplant with garlic   6.95
J9. Sauteed Bok Choy    6.50
J10. Ma Pao Tofu*    6.50
J11. Sauteed String Beans    6.50
J12. Chinese Broccoli with oyster sauce   6.95
J13. Chinese Mushrooms & Bok Choy    6.95
J14. Braised Tofu with mushroom   6.50

Mu Shu $7.95

Includes 4 Pancakes.

K1. Pork    
K2. Chicken    
K3. Vegetables    
K4. Shrimp    

Chow Mein & Fun

L1. Satay Beef Over Chow Fun*    6.95
L2. Beef Dry Chow Fun    6.95
L3. Chicken with black bean sauce chow fun   6.95
L4. Seafood with preserved green noodle soup   6.95
L5. House Special Pan Fried Vermicelli    6.95
L6. Beef Curry Yee Noodle    6.95
L7. Chicken & Bitter Melon Dry Chow Fun    6.95
L8. Pan Fried Seafood Noodle    7.95
L9. Seafood Over Chow Fun In Xo Sauce*    7.95
L10. House Special Seafood Yee Noodle    8.95
L11. Plain Soy Sauce Chow Mein    6.50
L12. Chicken Or Beef Or BBQ Pork Thick Chow Mein    6.95
L13. House Special Seafood Thick Chow Mein    7.95

Fried Rice

M1. Yang Chow Fried Rice    6.95
M2. BBQ Pork Fried Rice    6.50
M3. Chicken Fried Rice    6.50
M4. Bee Fried Rice    6.50
M5. Dried Scallop with egg white fried rice   8.95
M6. Fukien Fried Rice    8.95
M7. Chicken & Salted Fish Fried Rice    7.50
M8. Shrimp Fried Rice    6.95
M9. Mixed Vegetable Fried Rice    6.50
M10. Beef* with black bean fried rice in xo sauce   6.95

Chef's Special

S1. House Special Steamed Chicken   half 9.95
S2. Chinese Bacon with preserved green   8.95
S3. House Special Pan Fried Tofu    8.95
S4. House Special Hot Sauce* with lamb   10.95
S5. Sauteed Lily Bulbs & Fungus with greens   7.95
S6. Short Ribs* with black pepper & honey sauce   10.50
S7. Salt & Pepper Short Ribs*    10.50
S8. House Special Clams    10.95
S9. Sliced Pork with mixed mushrooms   7.95
S10. Pumpkin Strips with salted egg   7.50
S11. Baked Crab with salted yellow yolk   
S12. Chicken With Preserved Green adv. order  whole 28.00
S13. Stuffed Duck adv. order  whole 48.00
S14. Salt & Baked Chicken   whole 23.00
S15. Stuffed Chicken with sticky rice, adv order   28.00

Economy Family $19.95

For Togo And Lunch Only. Choose Any 3 Items From Below.

Sauteed Pork with celery & preserved veggie   
Salt & Pepper Spareribs with string bean   
Pork Stomach with salty preserved veggie   
Shredded Pork with bean curb   
Steamed Minced Pork with chinese sausage   
Black Mushroom Chicken with mixed vegetable   
Sauteed Chicken with string bean   
Eggplant & Tofu with minced beef   
Steamed Minced Pork with chinese sausage   
Village Style Vermicelli    
Chinese Sausage Fried Rice    
Ma Pao Tofu with minced pork   
Braised Fish Fillet with tofu   
Mo Qua & Minced Pork with vermicelli in clay pot   
Xo Pork with string bean in xo sauce   
Broccoli, Seasonal Veggie Beef    
Sauteed Seasonal Vegetable    
Steamed Two King Of Egg    
Minced Shrimp with fungus & celery   
Beef Stew & Turnips    
Shallot Spareribs    
Braised Tofu    
Sauteed Squid    
Satay Squid & Chicken    
Minced Shrimp with string bean   
Kung Pao Chicken    
Sweet And Sour Pork    
Mongolian Beef    
Chicken Or Beef Or BBQ Pork Thick Chow Mein    
Chicken Or Beef Or BBQ Pork Fried Rice    

Rice Plates $4.95

Spareribs with bitter melon over rice   
Spareribs & Tofu Over Rice    
Braised Fish Fillet & Tofu Over Rice    
Beef Steew & Turnip Over Rice    
Pork Stomach with preserved veggie over rice   
Chicken with string beans over rice   
Minced Beef with eggplant over rice   
Salt & Pepper Spareribs with string beans over rice   
Fish Fillet with mixed vegetable over rice   
Mongolian Beef Over Rice    
Minced Beef with tofu over rice   
Sliced Pork with preserved veggie over rice   
Sauteed Fish Fillet Over Rice    


Preserved Egg & Pork Congee    4.95
Fish Fillet Congee    4.95
Seafood Congee    5.95
Beef Congee    4.95
Frog with dried scallop congee   5.95
Chicken with dried scallop congee   5.95
Crab In Clay Pot Congee    


Soda    1.50


Tsing Tao    3.80
Heineken    3.80
Budweiser    3.50
Miller    3.50


Fish Maw Seafood Soup    
Mini Size Minced Pork Lettuce Wrap    
Salt & Baked Chicken whole   
Sauteed Prawns & Squid with fungus & lily bulbs   
Two Crabs In Hong Kong Style    
Beef Short Ribs In Honey Pepper    
Mushrooms Over Vegetable    
Steamed Fish In Two Favors    
Fried Rice with egg white & seafood   
Dessert Or Fruit    


Shredded Chicken with fish maw & dried scallop soup   
Mini Size Minced Seafood Lettuce Wrap    
Salt & Baked Chicken whole   
Sauteed Frog with mixed mushrooms   
Salt & Pepper Beef Short Ribs    
Baked Two Lobster In Supreme Broth    
Chinese Pea Sprouts with bamboo pith   
Steamed White Bass    
Baked Chinese Sausage Rice In Lotus Leaf    
Dessert Or Fruit    

Family Dinner $45

For 3 Persons.

Daily Soup    
House Special Chicken half   
Beef with mixed mushrooms   
Pork Stomach with salty preserved veggie   
Braised Preserved Veggie with sliced pork   
Braised Tofu with mushroom   
Dessert Or Fruit    

Family Dinner $69

For 4 Persons.

Daily Soup    
House Special Chicken half   
Pan Fried Stuffed Tofu    
Shallot Spareribs    
Steamed Crab with garlic vermicelli   
Chinese Broccoli In Sweet Vinegar    
Sauteed Fish Fillet with fungus & celery   
Dessert Or Fruit    

Family Dinner $98

For 6 Persons.

Seafood & Tofu Soup    
Hakka Style Salt & Baked Chicken half   
Salt & Pepper Beef Short Ribs    
Satay Squids & Chicken    
Braised Preserved Veggie with sliced pork   
Steamed Crab with garlic vermicelli   
Sauteed Lily Bulbs & Fungus with green   
Cat Fish In Black Bean Sauce    
Dessert Or Fruit    

Family Dinner $138

For 8 Persons.

Dried Scallop & Seafood Soup    
House Special Chicken whole   
Prawns with salted egg   
Salt & Pepper Crab    
Sauteed Squid & Mixed Mushrooms In XO Sauce    
Beef Short Ribs with honey pepper   
Abalone Mushroom with seasonal veggie   
Steamed Catfish with tofu & preserved veggie in black bean sauce   
Dessert Or Fruit    


Minced Chicken & Squab with lettuce wraps   
Scallops & Lily Bulbs with vegetable   
Sauteed Frog In X.O. Sauce    
Shredded Chicken with shark fin soup   
Sauteed Crab with salted yellow yolk   
Salt & Baked Chicken whole   
Stuffed Tofu In Hakka Style    
Mushroom with pea sprouts   
Steamed Fish In Two Favors    
Sticky Rice with chinese sausage in lotus leaf   
Dessert Or Fruit    


Prawns with fruit salad   
Squab with mixed mushroom & scallops in xo sauce   
Sauteed Fish Maw with dried scallop   
Crab with shark's fin soup   
Salt & Baked Chicken whole   
Sliced Abalone with mushroom   
Steamed Two Lobsters with garlic vermicelli   
Bamboo Pith Over Pea Sprouts In Supreme Broth    
Steamed Fish    
Dried Scallops & White Egg Fried Rice In Lotus Leaf    
Dessert Or Fruit    
Hakka Restaurant
4401-A Cabrillo St
At 45th Ave
(415) 876-6898
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