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  • Sandwiches, Vegetarian-Friendly, Vegan
  • 3489 16th St, San Francisco CA94114 37.7643699 -122.4305896
  • (At Sanchez St)
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  • (415) 553-6888
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Al Bundy* avocado, french dressing, gouda, ham, salami   9.99
Backstabber* caesar, halal chicken, marinated artichoke hearts, provolone   9.99
Barry B bacon, swiss, turkey   8.98
Barry Z* avocado, havarti, turkey   8.98
Bella avocado, halal chicken, honey mustard, pepper jack   9.99
Change bbq, beer battered onion rings, gouda, thinly sliced rib eye   12.21
Chipper's Fave* american, avocado, tuna   9.99
Curtis* halal chicken, marinara, provolone   8.98
Doomsday bacon, extra jack, habanero salsa, ham, mozzarella sticks, pastrami, roast beef, salami, stuffed jalapeno poppers, turkey   19.91
Elvis Kieth halal chicken, swiss, teriyaki, wasabi mayo   8.98
Fat Bastard* american, bacon, extra dirty, ham   8.98
Forty!?? cheddar, chicken fried steak, choice of sauce   11.11
Going Home For Thanksgiving* cranberry sauce, havarti, sriracha, turkey   8.98
Hollywood's SF Cheesesteak mushrooms, provolone, thinly sliced rib eye   9.99
Hot Momma Huda* buffalo wing sauce, halal chicken, provolone, ranch   8.98
Jaymee Sirewich fried chicken, ike's yellow bbq, pepper jack, ranch   11.11
Jim Rome avocado, cheddar, ike's red pesto, turkey   9.99
Kryptonite avocado, bacon, beer battered onion rings, extra pepper jack, ham, mozzarella sticks, pastrami, pesto, roast beef, salami, stuffed jalapeno poppers, turkey   19.91
Lex Luthor american, chicken fried steak, french dressing, fried chicken, mozzarella sticks, steak   19.91
Lincecum* avocado, bacon, ham, havarti, turkey   11.11
Lizzy's Lips* halal chicken, italian dressing, pepper jack   8.98
Matt Cain* godfather sauce, provolone, roast beef, salami, turkey   9.99
Mayoose's CA-BLT* avocado, bacon, choice of cheese, lettuce, tomato   9.99
Menage A Trois bbq, cheddar, halal chicken, honey mustard, pepper jack, real honey, swiss   11.11
Nacho Boy* avocado, mushrooms, roast beef, swiss   11.11
Nacho Girl* avocado, mushrooms, swiss, wild salmon burger   11.11
Pastrami-Charmed Life homemade poppy seed coleslaw, honey mustard, pastrami, pepper jack   9.99
Paul Reubens* french dressing, homemade poppy seed coleslaw, pastrami, swiss   9.99
Pizzle* bacon, cheddar, halal chicken, ranch   8.98
Sanchez College Prep* bbq, cheddar, halal chicken   8.98
Say Hey* bacon, pastrami, swiss   8.98
SF Giants* avocado, bacon, mushrooms, swiss, turkey   11.11
Spiffy Tiffy* avocado, halal chicken, mushrooms, pepper jack, pesto, provolone   9.99
Stephan Jenkins grilled tomatoes, pesto, provolone, turkey   8.98
Super Mario all beef meatballs, marinara, mozzarella sticks   13.31
The Count Of Monte Chase-O ham, strawberry preserves, swiss, turkey   8.98
The Damon Bruce beer battered onion rings, provolone, steak sauce, thinly sliced rib eye   13.31
The Joker all beef meatballs, beer battered zucchini, ike's red pesto, ranch   12.21
Tony Soprano* ham, italian dressing, provolone, salami, turkey   8.98
We're Just Friends avocado, halal chicken, pepper jack, sweet orange glaze   9.99


Vegan Brutus garlic and herb sauce, marinated artichoke hearts, vegan cheese, vegan chicken   11.11
Vegan Bud Bundy avocado, french dressing, vegan cheese, vegan turkey   11.11
Vegan Captain Kirk avocado, sweet orange glaze, vegan breaded chicken, vegan cheese   11.11
Vegan Everett Middle School bbq, vegan breaded chicken, vegan cheese   9.99
Vegan Gramps mushrooms, vegan cheese, vegan steak   9.99
Vegan Green Goblin bbq, vegan cheese, vegan steak   9.99
Vegan Handsome Owl teriyaki, vegan breaded chicken, vegan cheese   9.99
Vegan Meatless Mike marinara, vegan cheese, vegan meatballs   9.99
Vegan Pilgrim cranberry sauce, sriracha, vegan cheese, vegan turkey   9.99
Vegan Reuben french dressing, homemade poppy seed coleslaw, vegan cheese, vegan turkey   9.99
Vegan Sabrina's Smile italian dressing, vegan breaded chicken, vegan cheese   9.99
Vegan Sometimes I'm A Vegan* grilled mushrooms, marinated artichoke hearts, vegan cheese   7.97
Vegan Strawberry Girl asian sesame dressing, cucumbers, lettuce, tomato, vegan cheese   7.97
Vegan Tom Brady avocado, garlic and herb sauce, mushrooms, vegan breaded chicken, vegan cheese   12.21
Vegan Womanizer marinara, vegan breaded chicken, vegan cheese   9.99
Vegan XXXTina buffalo wing sauce, vegan breaded chicken, vegan cheese   9.99
Vegan (Your Favorite Sesame Street Character) avocado, cucumbers, lettuce, tomato, vegan cheese   7.97


Blind Date avocado, honey mustard, pepper jack, vegan breaded chicken   11.11
Brutus caesar, marinated artichoke hearts, provolone, vegan breaded chicken   11.11
Captain Kirk avocado, pepper jack, sweet orange glaze, vegan breaded chicken   11.11
Everett Middle School bbq, cheddar, vegan breaded chicken   9.99
Green Goblin bbq, cheddar, vegan steak   11.11
Handsome Owl swiss, teriyaki, vegan breaded chicken, wasabi mayo   9.99
Heath Ledger beer battered zucchini, ike's red pesto, ranch, vegan meatballs   12.21
Holy Name Panthers ike's red pesto, pepper jack, ranch, vegan breaded chicken   9.99
Jessica Rabbit buffalo wing sauce, ranch, stuffed jalapeno poppers, vegan breaded chicken   12.21
Love Triangle bbq, cheddar, honey mustard, pepper jack, real honey, swiss, vegan breaded chicken   12.21
Meatless Mike marinara, pepper jack, vegan meatballs   9.99
Pee Wee french dressing, homemade poppy seed coleslaw, swiss, vegan turkey   9.99
Peg Bundy avocado, breaded eggplant, french dressing, gouda   11.11
Pilgrim cranberry sauce, havarti, sriracha, vegan turkey   9.99
Purple B's Veggie CA-BLT avocado, choice of cheese, lettuce, tomato, veggie bacon   9.99
Sabrina's Smile italian dressing, pepper jack, vegan breaded chicken   9.99
Sometimes I'm A Vegetarian grilled mushrooms, marinated artichoke hearts, pesto, provolone   8.98
Stupid Eggplant Sandwich breaded eggplant, marinara, provolone   9.99
The Gramps mushrooms, provolone, vegan steak   9.99
Tom Brady avocado, cheddar, garlic and herb sauce, mushrooms, vegan breaded chicken   12.21
Wario marinara, mozzarella sticks, vegan meatballs   12.21
Womanizer marinara, provolone, vegan breaded chicken   9.99
XXXTina buffalo wing sauce, provolone, ranch, vegan breaded chicken   9.99
Your Favorite Sesame Street Character* avocado, cream cheese, cucumbers, lettuce, pesto, tomato   7.97


Cheese american, cheddar, choice of cheese, cream cheese, extra jack, extra pepper jack, grilled cheese (choose up to four kinds!), havarti, jack, melted brie, pepper jack, provolone, swiss, vegan cheese.   
Meat all beef meatballs, bacon, chicken fried chicken, chicken fried steak, corned beef, halal chicken, ham, pastrami, roast beef, salami, thinly sliced rib eye, tuna, turkey, wild salmon burger.   
Sauces asian sesame dressing, bbq, buffalo wing sauce, caesar, choice of sauce, cranberry sauce, creamy horseradish, extra dirty sauce, extra mayo, french dressing, garlic and herb sauce, godfather sauce, habanero salsa, honey mustard, ike's red pesto, ike's yellow bba, italian dressing, marinara, pesto, ranch, real honey, sriracha, steak sauce, strawberry preserves, sweet orange glaze, teriyaki, wasabi mayo.   
Specials avocado, beer battered onion rings, beer battered zucchini, breaded eggplant, mozzarella sticks, stuffed jalapeno poppers.   
Veggie Meats vegan bread chicken, vegan meatballs, vegan steak, vegan turkey, veggie bacon.   

Secret Menu

26. Jeries' Big Meat Sandwich roast beef, turkey, salami, pastrami, ham, jack. like meat? like all of the meat? good, jeries' is the sandwich for you.   
20. Paradise Found ham, pineapple, marinara, provolone.   
22. Will The Thrill halal hot link, dirty sauce, jack   
27. The Chris Jericho steak, teriyaki, cheddar.   
31. Jack Skellington thinly-sliced rib eye steak, steak sauce, mushrooms, cheddar   
47. Harbocalypse fried chicken, sweet chili glaze, bacon, avocado, pepper jack.   
41. Mr. Sanderson bacon, mozzarella sticks, avocado.   
59. Christina & Umair Go To Ike's Place turkey, ham, salami, bacon, italian dressing, avocado, provolone.   
60. Lord Of The Flies ham, pineapple, bbq, pepper jack.   
50. Jon Lum steak, bacon, onion rings, cheddar.   
67. Bad Santa chicken-fried steak, marinara, pesto, provolone.   
87. Legend Of Zelda all-beef meatballs, marinara, fried zucchini.   
88. Super Man roast beef, pastrami, turkey, ham, salami, bacon, avocado, jack.   
90. Get Over It halal chicken, mozzarella sticks, honey mustard, avocado.   
83. Dirty Ernie all-beef meatballs, ike's red pesto, ranch, pepper jack. this mildly spicy, tangy delight is like a meatball parm, but with gusto/ranch!!!   
93. Big Lee-Bowski all-beef meatballs, bacon, mozzarella sticks, ranch, red pesto, habanero.   
94. King Hippo ham, stuffed jalapeño poppers, bacon, american   
96. Mills Vikings halal chicken, ike's red pesto, ranch, pepper jack.   
101. Cowboy Curtis pastrami, homemade poppy seed coleslaw, bbq sauce, cheddar.   
104. Jim Harbaugh chicken, sweet chili sauce, avocado, pepper jack.   
105. If I Were Straight roast beef, mozzarella sticks, mushrooms, avocado, swiss   
107. If I Were Cute! halal chicken, mozzarella sticks, bacon, pesto, ranch, cheddar.   
108. Do You Smell What Barack Is Cooking thinly-sliced rib eye steak, bbq sauce, cheddar.   
109. Ex-Girlfriend halal chicken, bacon, honey mustard, avocado, pepper jack.   
110. Don't F' With E. K chicken, teriyaki, wasabi mayo, mushrooms, swiss.   
116. Aisle 1 roast beef, mozzarella sticks, bbq.   
121. Jose Canseco turkey, bacon, caesar, jack.   
122. Ike's Red-Hot Soaring Sausage halal hot link, marinara, pepper jack.   
125. 756 No Asterisk (Also Known As Terrell Davis) turkey, bacon, avocado, swiss.   
92. Hot Date 4 Hire thinly-sliced rib eye steak, stuffed jalapeño poppers, extra-dirty sauce.   
129. Randy Hahn ham, dirty sauce, cheddar.   
130. Ex-Roommate halal chicken, bacon, marinated artichoke hearts, caesar, provolone.   
131. Material Boy ham, honey mustard, mushrooms, havarti.   
133. Clint Eastwood roast beef, ike's yellow bbq, onion rings, swiss.   
69. Sexy Boy thinly-sliced rib eye steak, mozzarella sticks, extra-dirty sauce. it's like a regular ribeye steak sandwich, just with half a dozen mozzarella sticks stuffed in it. nbd   
126. Mark Appel fried chicken, bbq, honey mustard, real honey, cheddar, swiss, pepper jack.   
140. 40 Year-Old Virgin chicken-fried steak, mozzarella sticks, marinara, ranch   
154. John Connor steak, habanero, mushrooms, avocado, mozzarella sticks   
167. Smashmouth bacon, cream cheese, provolone   
305. Harvey Milk grilled cheese (choose up to four kinds) & mozzarella sticks.   
220. Waikiki vegan turkey, pineapple, marinara, provolone.   
256. Nacho Girl Supreme wild salmon burger, bacon, mushrooms, avocado, swiss.   
284. Wa-Luigi vegan meatballs, marinara, stuffed jalapeño poppers   
286. Bowser vegan meatballs, marinara, mozzarella sticks, jalapeño poppers.   
290. Kirsten Dunst vegan chicken, beer-battered mozzarella sticks, honey mustard, avocado.   
292. Pirates Of The Caribbean vegan chicken, zesty orange glaze, pepper jack.   
504. The Thunderbird (Mesa Exclusive) pastrami, thunderbird sauce, smoked gouda.   
* Gluten-Free
3489 16th St
At Sanchez St
(415) 553-6888
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