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Kama Sushi (Soma)

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  • Japanese, Sushi, Vegetarian
  • 294 9th St, San Francisco 94103 37.773804 -122.411877
  • (At Folsom St)
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  • (415) 376-1150
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Soda     1.50
Kid's Ramune Soda     2.95
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water     2.95

Chilled Appetizers

Ankimo Appetizer Monkfish liver with spicy radish, ponzu and scallions.    11.95
Hamachi Carppaccio Appetizer Six pieces. Yellowtail, avocado, garlic and chili pepper with ponzu sauce.    11.95
Escolar Carppaccio Appetizer Seared escolar, scallion, with garic balsamic vinegar.    11.95
Fish Taco Salmon, albacore avocado, tomato, onion and cilantro with house and lemon sauce.    9.95
Albacore Tataki Seared albacore & onion with tataki sauce.    10.95
Beef Tataki Thinly sliced seared beef served with onion and tataki sauce.    10.95
Wasabi Beef Rib-eye with wasabi mayo sauce.    10.95
Sunset Strip Hamachi, salmon, spicy tuna and avocado wrapped in cucumber with ponzu sauce.    10.50
Salmon Tataki Seared salmon, onion topped with jalepeno, fried garlic sliced and house sauce.    9.95
Salmon Tuna Tower Chopped salmon, tuna and avocado served with shrimp chips.    8.95
Tuna Poki Tuna, seaweed salad & onion with spicy poki sauce.    8.95
Tako Wasabi Raw octopus in wasabi sauce and tobiko.    7.95
Folsom Hama Seared hamachi, scallion, fried garlic and ponzu sauce.    9.95
Mango Tango Appetizer Snow crab and mango wrapped with cucumber in wasabi mango sauce and tobiko.    7.95
Sunset Strip Appetizer Yellowtail, salmon, spicy tuna and avocado wrapped with cucumber in ponzu sauce.    9.95

Hot Appetizers

Hamachi Kama Appetizer Grilled yellowtail collar with salt and pepper. Served with ponzu sauce.    12.95
Salmon Kama Appetizer Grilled salmon collar with salt and pepper. Served with ponzu sauce.    7.95
Kama Shrimp Appetizer Panko fried shrimp served with house garlic ponzo sauce and tobiko. Four pieces.    9.50
Miso Salmon Baked miso marinated salmon.    9.95
Ika Sukatayaki Appetizer Grilled whole squid.    8.95
Mixed Tempura Appetizer Two pieces of shrimp and vegetables.    8.50
Shrimp Tempura Appetizer Four piece shrimp.    7.95
Fried Oyster Appetizer Four pieces panko fried oyster.    7.95
Soft Shell Crab Appetizer Tempura fried soft shell crab.    6.95
Gyoza Appetizer Six piece pork and chicken pot stickers.    6.95
Geso Fries Appetizer Deep fried squid legs.    6.95
Tako Karaage Appetizer Deep fried baby octopus.    7.50
Chicken Karaage Appetizer Deep fried chicken.    6.95
Fried Aji Two piece deep fried baby Spanish mackerel.    5.95
Age Dashi Tofu Appetizer Deep fried tofu with tempura sauce, topped with bonito flakes.    6.50
Hotate karaage Appetizer Deep fried japanese scallop with house special garlic butter.    9.95

Soup and Salad

Miso Clam Soup Clams, scallion, tofu and seaweed.    5.50
Miso Soup Tofu, scallion and seaweed.    1.95
Seafood Salad Spring mixed salad with sashimi on top in house dressing.    9.95
Tuna Tataki Salad Seared tuna, avocado spring mixed salad served with spicy tataki sauce.    9.95
Tofu Salad Fresh tofu, tomato, avocado and spring mix with house miso dressing.    6.95
Wakame Salad Seaweed salad.    4.95
Gomae Salad Spinach with sesame sauce and bonito flakes.    4.95
Ohitashi Salad Spinach with ponzu sauce topped with bonito flake.    4.95
Spring Mixed Salad Spring mix with miso dressing.    3.95
Tako Sunomono Salad Chopped octopus, cucumber, seaweed and vinegar dressing.    8.50
Sunomono Salad Cucumber and seaweed in vinegar sauce.    4.95
Garlic Edamame With house garlic sauce.    5.50
Edamame Soy beans.    2.95
Sushi Rice     2.50
White Rice     1.95


Beef Enoki Skewers Two skewers. Grilled enoki mushroom wrapped in thin sliced beef and teriyaki sauce.    8.95
Beef Skewers Two skewers. BBQ rib eye beef with salt and black pepper.    6.95
Negima Skewers Two skewers. Chicken and scallion with yakitori sauce.    5.95
Butabara Skewers Two skewers. Grilled pork belly with salt and black pepper.    5.95
Torikawa Skewers Two skewers. Marinated chicken skin with house yakitori sauce.    4.50
Mochi Skewers Two skewers. Mochi wrap with bacon and chicken wings.    5.95
Tebasaki Skewers Two skewers. Japanese style chicken wings.    5.95
Kuroduta Skewers Two skewers. Japanese style sausage.    5.50
Shishito Skewers Two skewers. Japanese shishito peppers.    3.95
Shiitake Skewers Two skewers. Mushroom topped with daikon.    3.95
Scallop Skewers Grilled scallop with yakitori sauce.    6.95

Nigiri Sushi

Amaebi Nigiri Two pieces of sweet shrimp.    7.50
Ankimo Nigiri Two pieces of monkfish liver.    5.50
Chu Toro Nigiri 2 Pieces. Medium fatty bluefin tuna belly.    9.95
Ebi Nigiri Two pieces of cooked shrimp.    4.95
Escolar Fish Nigiri Two pieces of escolar butter fish.    5.50
Hamachi Toro Nigiri Two piece of yellowtail belly.    7.50
Hamachi Nigiri Two pieces of yellowtail.    5.95
Hotate Nigiri Two pieces of scallop.    5.50
Ika Nigiri Two pieces of squid.    4.50
Ikura Salmon Nigiri Two pieces of salmon roe.    5.95
Ikura Quail Egg Nigiri Two pieces.    6.95
Maguro Nigiri Two pieces of tuna.    5.95
Saba Nigiri Two pieces of mackerel.    4.95
Sake Toro Nigiri Two pieces of salmon belly.    6.50
Sake Nigiri Two pieces of salmon.    5.50
Smoked Sake Nigiri Two pieces of smoked salmon.    5.95
Tako Nigiri Two pieces of octopus.    5.50
Tamago Nigiri Two pieces of egg omelette.    4.50
Tobiko Nigiri Two pieces of flying fish roe.    4.95
O Toro Nigiri Fatty bluefin tuna belly.    12.95
Unagi Nigiri Two pieces of eel.    5.50
Uni Nigiri Two pieces of sea urchin.    7.95
Uni with Quail Egg Nigiri Two pieces.    8.95
Shiro Maguro Nigiri 5 pieces of albacore sushi.    5.50


Chu Toro Sashimi Medium fatty bluefin tuna belly.    20.95
Hamachi Toro Sashimi Five pieces of yellowtail belly.    17.95
Hamachi Sashimi Five pieces of yellowtail.    12.50
Hotate Sashimi Five pieces of scallop.    13.95
Shiro Maguro Sashimi Five pieces of albacore.    10.95
Saba Sashimi Five pieces of mackerel.    9.95
Shiro Maguro Sashimi Five pieces of albacore.    9.95
Sake Toro Sashimi Five pieces of salmon belly.    15.95
Sake Sashimi Five pieces of salmon.    10.95
Tako Sashimi Five pieces of octopus.    10.95
O Toro Sashimi Fatty blue fin tuna belly.    34.95
Uni Sashimi Five pieces of sea urchin.    17.95
Escolar Fish Sashimi Five pieces of butter fish.    10.95
7 Piece Chef's Choice Sashimi     14.00
12 Piece Chef's Choice Sashimi     24.00
24 Piece Chef's Choice Sashimi     48.00

Temaki and Maki (Rolls and Hand Rolls)

Boston Roll Salmon and avocado.   Temaki (Hand Roll) 4.50 Maki (Roll) 6.95
California Roll Snow crab and avocado.   Temaki (Hand Roll) 4.50 Maki (Roll) 6.50
New York Roll Cooked shrimp and cucumber.   Temaki (Hand Roll) 4.50 Maki (Roll) 6.50
Philly Roll Smoked salmon and cream cheese.   Temaki (Hand Roll) 4.95 Maki (Roll) 7.50
Negi Hama Roll Yellowtail and scallion.   Temaki (Hand Roll) 4.50 Maki (Roll) 6.95
Salmon Skin Roll Salmon skin, tobiko and cucumber.   Temaki (Hand Roll) 3.95 Maki (Roll) 5.95
Spicy Hamachi Roll Yellowtail and cucumber.   Temaki (Hand Roll) 4.50 Maki (Roll) 7.95
Spicy Tuna Roll Spicy tuna and cucumber.   Temaki (Hand Roll) 4.50 Maki (Roll) 7.50
Spicy Salmon Roll Salmon and cucumber.   Temaki (Hand Roll) 4.50 Maki (Roll) 6.95
Spicy Scallop Roll Scallop and cucumber.   Temaki (Hand Roll) 5.50 Maki (Roll) 7.50
Spider Roll Soft shell crab, cucumber, tobiko and avocado.   Temaki (Hand Roll) 5.50 Maki (Roll) 9.95
Tekka Roll Tuna.   Temaki (Hand Roll) 4.50 Maki (Roll) 6.95
Tempura Roll Shrimp tempura, tobiko, cucumber and avocado.   Temaki (Hand Roll) 4.50 Maki (Roll) 7.50
The Rock Roll Eel and avocado.   Temaki (Hand Roll) 5.50 Maki (Roll) 7.50
Una Crab Roll Eel, snow crab and avocado.   Temaki (Hand Roll)` 5.50 Maki (Roll) 8.50
Unago Roll Eel and mango.   Temaki (Hand Roll)` 5.50 Maki (Roll) 8.50
Negi Toro Roll Toro and scallion.   Temaki (Hand Roll) 8.95 Maki (Roll) 10.95

Vegetarian Plates

Four Leaf Clover Shiitake, kanpyo, pickled radish, topped with avocado & thinly sliced lemon.    10.45
Veggie Dragon Roll Tempura sweet potato roll topped with grilled eggplant and avocado.    10.45
Garden Roll Cucumber, avocado, asparagus and spinach.    7.95
Veggie Futomaki Roll Spinach, oshinko and asparagus.    7.95
Tempura Veggie Roll Tempura eggplant, asparagus, sweet potato and zucchini.    6.95
Spinach Roll Spinach wrap in cucumber with sesame sauce.    5.95
Tempura Sweet Potato Roll     5.25
Cucumber and Avocado Roll     5.25
Avocado Roll     3.95
Avocado Maki     3.50
Asparagus Roll     3.95
Kappa Maki Cucumber.    3.50
Kanpyo Maki Winter melon.    3.95
Oshinko Maki Pickled radish.    3.50
Shiitake Maki Shiitake mushroom.    3.50
Eggplant Nigiri Grilled eggplant.    3.50
Inari Nigiri Sweet bean tofu skin nigiri.    3.50
Vegetable Lover Entree Grilled asparagus, eggplant, carrot and zucchini with ponzu sauce.    8.95
Vegetable Tempura Entree Mixed seasonal vegetables.    7.50
Spicy Asparagus Entree Grilled asparagus with spicy miso sauce.    7.95
Grilled Eggplant Entree Eggplant with ponzu sauce.    6.95
Veggie Gyoza Entree Six piece vegetable pot stickers.    5.95

Donburi and Entrees

Deluxe Chirashi Don Uni, amaebi, hotate and assorted chef's choice sashimi over sushi rice. Served with miso soup.    29.95
Chirashi Don Assorted chef's choice sashimi over sushi rice. Served with miso soup.    20.95
Bara Chirashi Don Chopped combination sashimi mixed with soy wasabi over sushi rice. Served with miso soup.    19.95
Sushi Deluxe Dinner Five pieces of chef's choice nigiri and four pieces sashimi with your choice of roll. Served with miso soup.    27.95
Jo Sushi Dinner Five pieces of chef's choice nigiri and your choice of roll. Served with miso soup.    17.95
Sake Oyako Don Salmon sashimi and ikura over sushi rice. Served with miso soup.    18.95
Tekka Don Tuna sashimi and quail egg over rice. Served with miso soup.    18.95
Unagi Don Eel over rice. Served with miso soup.    16.95
Kastu Don Deep fried pork cutlet, mushroom, scallion, onion and egg over rice. Served with miso soup.    12.95
Oyako Don Steamed chicken, mushroom, scallion, onion and egg over rice. Served with miso soup.    11.95

Ramen, Udon and Rice

Spicy Miso Ramen Minced chicken, cha-shu, corn, red ginger and wakame.    11.95
Karaage Ramen Choice of pork or soy sauce flavor. Ramen with deep fried chicken, corn, romaine lettuce, scallion, red ginger & dry seaweed.    11.50
Tonkatsu Ramen Pork ramen with cha-shu, bamboo shoot, boiled egg, corn, red ginger, scallion, tree fungus & dry seaweed.    11.50
Veggie Ramen Soy flavor ramen with veggie gyoza, corn, cabbage, carrot, scallion, tree fungus & dry seaweed.    10.95
Curry Rice Choice of beef, pork katsu or chicken katsu.    11.50
Curry Udon Japanese curry with grilled chicken.    10.50
Seafood Udon Seafood, egg, clams, mix veggie and one shrimp tempura.    12.50
Niku Udon Beef and vegetables udon soup.    11.50
Tempura Udon Mixed tempura udon soup.    11.50
Tori Udon Chicken and vegetables udon soup.    9.95
Veggie Udon Mixed vegetables udon soup.    8.95
Plain Udon Soup Soy broth.    6.95

Signature Rolls

Crunchy Lobster Signature Roll Lobster salad and cucumber topped with salmon, avocado, crunchy flake and tobiko.    15.95
Grilled Toro Signature Roll Sake, tobiko, scallion, topped with seared albacore toro & wasabi tobiko.    14.95
August 4th Signature Roll Unagi, avocado and tamago, topped with torched salmon and ikura.    13.95
Lemon Hama Signature Roll Cucumber, avocado, lemon, tamago, scallion and asparagus topped with hamachi in house salad dressing.    13.95
Foxy Signature Roll Unagi, avocado and mango roll, topped with tuna, avocado and tobiko.    13.95
White Out Signature Roll Hamachi, albacore and avocado with escolar fish.    13.95
Fuji Yama Signature Roll Pickled radish, avocado and cucumber, topped with tobiko, spicy garlic sauce and escolar fish.    13.95
C27 Signature Roll Spicy scallop and cucumber, topped with hamachi, salmon and spicy mayo.    13.95
Rainbow Signature Roll Snow crab, avocado topped with assorted fish.    12.95
Dragon Signature Roll Shrimp tempura topped with eel and avocado, sesame and unagi sauce.    12.95
Golden Dragon Signature Roll Soft shell crab, avocado, green onion, tobiko garlic mayo wrapped in soypaper.    13.95
Red Dragon Signature Roll Cucumber and spicy tuna topped with seared tuna, scallion and tataki sauce.    12.95
49er Signature Roll Snow crab, avocado, fresh salmon and thin slices of lemon.    12.95
Pyramid Signature Roll Hamachi, salmon and avocado topped with tobiko.    12.95
Hot Mama Signature Roll Snow crab wrapped with salmon, baked with spicy mayo & unagi sauce.    10.95
Super Dynamite Signature Roll Deep fried spicy tuna served with tobiko, spicy unagi glaze and spicy sauce.    10.95
Super Spicy Tuna Signature Roll Spicy tuna with tempura asparagus, topped with spicy sauce, green tobiko and jalapeno.    10.95
Nor Cal Signature Roll Snow crab, cucumber, avocado, tamago, cooked shrimp, Japanese mayo and tobiko.    10.95
Autumn Signature Roll Riceless. Includes tuna, albacore and avocado lightly tempura and served with lemon ponzu.    9.95
Real Crab California Roll Red crab, avocado tobiko with a side of Japanese mayo.    9.95
Fire Cracker Balls Signature Roll Eight pieces. Deep fried tuna roll served with house spicy sauce.    8.95
Hot Papa Signature Roll Spicy tuna wrapped with scallop and cheese, baked with garlic sauce.    9.95

Head Chef Specials

Kama Sushi Nigiri Chef Special Seared albacore cheek topped with scallion ginger and house soy sauce.    7.95
Spicy Hamachi Toro Nigiri Chef Special Marinated yellowtail belly with house spicy sauce.    7.95
Sake Harami Nigiri Chef Special Seared salmon belly topped with onion and ponzu sauce.    7.95

Dinner Set

Dinner Set Your choice of entree served with miso soup, rice and spring mix salad.    13.95

Party Trays

Maki Tray Ten rolls: California, spicy tuna, spicy hamachi, salmon avocado, shrimp tempura, unagi avocado, ebi cucumber, cucumber, avocado and tempura sweet potato. No substitutions.    54.95
Signature Tray Five rolls: rainbow, dragon, red dragon, 49er and crunchy lobster. No substitutions.    54.95
Nigiri Tray 30 pieces of chef's choice assorted nigiri sushi. No substitutions.    54.95


Mochi Lover Choice of ice cream wrapped in a layer of mochi.    6.95
Japanese Style Cheesecake     5.95

Mentaiko Special

Yaki Mentaiko Marinated black cod roe with daikon, Oroshi & sliced cucumber.    9.95
Mentaiko Yaki Udon Pan fried udon with mentaiko sauce.    9.95
Brussel Sprout Skewers 2 skewers of grilled brussel sprout with mentaiko mayo.    4.95


Kama Sushi (Soma)
294 9th St
At Folsom St
(415) 376-1150
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