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  • Japanese, Sushi
  • 7001 Geary Blvd, San Francisco 94121 37.779649 -122.494512
  • (Btwn 34th & 35th Ave)
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  • (415) 668-8699
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Edamame soy bean.    2.99
Hiya Yakko Tofu cold tofu.    4.99
Agedashi deep-fried tofu.    5.99
Shi Sha Mo four pieces of bbq smelt fish.    4.99
Tempura Appetizer one deep-fried prawn and vegetable.    5.99
Chicken Kara-Age Appetizer deep-fried chicken.    5.99
Wakame seaweed salad.     4.99
Fresh Oysters in half shell with special sauce.   (6pcs) 9.99
Tako Sunomono cucumber salad with octopus.    4.99
Ebi Sunomono cucumber salad with shrimp.    4.99
Baked Mussel three pieces.   (3pcs) 4.99
Tataki Lover six pieces of lightly seared tuna, white tuna and snow white tuna served with special sauce.    8.99
Oshitashi     3.99
Sea Snail     10.99
Sashimi Salad     5.99
Gyoza six pieces of deep-fried dumpling.    4.99
Yakitori broiled chicken on skewers.     4.99
Crispy Yellow Croaker deep-fried fish.    5.99
Tuna Poki hawaiian style tuna with special sauce.     6.99
Soft Shell Crab breaded and deep-fried.    6.99
Bbq Ribs     7.99
Ankimo monk fish liver.    7.99
Chicken Wings    (6pcs) 6.99
Oyster Tempura    (5pcs) 7.99
Miso Soup     1.99
House Salad     1.99
Steamed White Rice     1.99


Maguro Sashimi tuna.    7.99
Sake Sashimi salmon.    7.99
Saba Sashimi mackerel.     7.99
Tako Sashimi octopus.     7.99
Ika Sashimi squid.     7.99
Hamachi Sashimi yellowtail.     7.99
Shiro Maguro Sashimi white tuna.     7.99
Bonito Sashimi seared tuna.     7.99
Snow White Tuna Sashimi     7.99
Uni Sashimi sea urchin.    12.99

Nigiri Sushi

Tamago Sushi egg.     2.99
Inari Sushi fried bean curd.     2.99
Maguro Sushi tuna.     3.50
Hamachi Sushi yellow tail.    3.50
Sake Sushi salmon.    3.50
Hirame Sushi halibut.    3.50
Tai Sushi red snapper.     3.50
Ika Sushi squid.    3.50
Saba Sushi mackerel.    3.50
Tako Sushi octopus.    3.50
Shiro Maguro Sushi white tuna.     3.50
Ebi Sushi cooked shrimp.    3.50
Unagi Sushi eel.    3.50
Ikura Sushi salmon roe.     4.99
Tobiko Sushi flying fish roe.     4.99
Hotatagai Sushi scallop.    4.99
Kani Sushi real crab meat.    4.99
Bonito Sushi     4.99
Oyster Sushi     4.99
Snow White Tuna Sushi     4.99
Amaebi Sushi sweet shrimp.    5.99
Uni Sushi sea urchin.    5.99
Mirugai Sushi giant clam.    5.99

Maki Mono

Avocado Maki Roll     3.99
Kappa Maki Roll cucumber.    3.99
Oshinko Maki Roll pickled radish.    3.99
Shiitake Maki Roll mushroom.    3.99
Asparagus Roll     4.99
Yam Roll sweet potato.    4.99
Futo Maki Roll tamago, inari, oshinko, shiitake and kappa.    6.99
California Maki Roll crab meat, avocado & kappa.    4.99
Spicy Tekka Maki Roll spicy tuna.     4.99
Spicy Scallop Maki Roll     5.99
Tekka Maki Roll tuna.     4.99
Saba Maki Roll mackerel.     4.99
Salmon Skin Maki Roll     4.99
Alaska Maki Roll salmon and avocado.     4.99
Negi Hama Maki Roll yellow tail.     4.99
New York Roll shrimp and avocado.    4.99
Rooster Roll bbq chicken.    5.99
Rock 'N' Roll eel, avocado and tobiko.     5.99
Philadelphia Roll salmon and cream cheese.     5.99
Tempura Roll shrimp tempura.     5.99
Kani Roll real crab meat, avocado and tobiko.    5.99


California Tamaki crab meat, avocado, and kappa.     4.99
Tekka Tamaki tuna.     4.99
Spicy Maguro Tamaki spicy tuna.     4.99
Sake Tamaki salmon.     4.99
Negi Hama Tamaki yellow tail.    4.99
Avocado Tamaki     3.99
Kani Tamaki real crab meat.     4.99
Tempura Tamaki shrimp tempura.     5.99
Unagi Tamaki     4.99
Salmon Skin Tamaki     4.99
Spicy Scallop Tamaki     5.99
Spider Tamaki     6.99

Roll Fantasia

Veggie Rolls Combo six avocado maki, six kappa maki and six oshinko maki.   (18pcs) 9.99
Roll Combination six california rolls, six tekka maki and six kappa maki.   (18pcs) 11.99
Golden Gate Roll crab meat and avocado topped with tuna.   (8pcs) 9.99
Giant's Roll crab meat and avocado topped with white tuna and salmon.   (8pcs) 9.99
Dragon Roll shrimp tempura topped with bbq eel and avocado.   (8pcs) 10.99
A's Roll bbq eel and avocado topped with white tuna.   (8pcs) 10.99
Rainbow Roll crab meat and avocado topped with assorted sashimi.   (8pcs) 9.99
Raider's Roll crab meat and avocado topped with salmon and tuna.   (8pcs) 9.99
Crazy Roll crab meat and avocado topped with spicy tuna.   (8pcs) 9.99
Spider Roll soft shell crab.   (5pcs) 9.99
Volcano Roll deep-fried spicy tuna roll with house special sauce.   (8pcs) 9.99
Red Dragon Roll shrimp tempura topped with tuna.   (8pcs) 10.99
Beautiful Lady Roll bbq eel and avocado topped with yellow tail.   (8pcs) 10.99
Mountain Roll baked crab meat & bbq eel topped with salmon and tobiko.   (8pcs) 11.99
49Er's Roll crab meat, tobiko and bbq eel topped with salmon and lemon.   (8pcs) 11.99
Lion King Roll baked crab meat and bbq eel topped with scallop and tobiko.   (8pcs) 13.99
Caterpillar Roll crab meat, tobiko and bbq eel topped with avocado.   (8pcs) 11.99
Crunchy Roll crab meat, avocado and two shrimp tempura.   (5pcs) 9.99
Hurricane Roll sake, white tuna, tuna, hamachi, asparagus and tobiko.   (8pcs) 10.99
Spicy Crunchy Hamachi Roll negi, hamachi tempura, unagi sauce, spicy sauce and tobiko.   (8pcs) 10.99
Spicy Samurai Roll shrimp tempura, kani, tuna, unagi sauce and spicy sauce.   (8pcs) 13.99


Katsu Udon noodle in broth with pork or chicken cutlet.    10.99
Vegetable Udon noodle in broth with vegetables.    8.99
Tempura Udon noodle in broth with tempura.    10.99
Niku Udon noodle in broth with beef and vegetables.    10.99
Chicken Udon noodle in broth with chicken and vegetables.    9.99
Nabeyaki Udon noodle in broth with seafood and vegetables.    11.99
Unagi Udon noodle in broth with eel and vegetables.    14.99
Plain Udon noodles in chicken broth.    5.99


Beef Donburi beef cooked with egg and onions over rice.     10.99
Chicken Donburi chicken cooked with egg and onion over rice.     9.99
Tonkatsu Donburi deep-fried pork cutlet cooked with egg and onions over rice.     10.99
Chicken Katsu Donburi deep-fried chicken cutlet cooked with egg and onions over rice.     10.99
Unagi Donburi broiled eel with sauce over rice.     14.99

Deluxe Sushi

Kufu-Ya Deluxe six california rolls, eight nigiri, six maguro sashimi and one spicy tuna hand roll.   (21pcs) 25.99
Sushi Combination six california rolls and eight nigiri.   (14pcs) 15.99
Nigiri Combo assorted nigiri.   (8pcs) 12.99
Chirashi assorted raw fish over sushi rice.     14.99
Maguro Sashimi Deluxe    (8pcs) 14.99
Hamachi Sashimi Deluxe    (8pcs) 14.99
Sake Sashimi Deluxe    (8pcs) 14.99
Snow White Tuna Deluxe    (8pcs) 16.99
Assorted Sashimi    (12pcs) 17.99
Kufu-Ya Sashimi chef's recommendation of 20 pieces.    30.00
Sashimi Boat chef's choice.   (22pcs) 59.00


Chicken Kara-Age Entrée deep-fried chicken.    10.99
Beef Teriyaki Entrée broiled beef with teriyaki sauce.     10.99
Chicken Teriyaki Entrée broiled chicken with teriyaki sauce.     9.99
Salmon Teriyaki Entrée broiled salmon with teriyaki sauce.     10.99
Salmon Shio Yaki Entrée broiled salmon lightly salted.    10.99
Saba Shio Yaki Entrée broiled mackerel lightly salted.     10.99
Ika Yaki Entrée broiled squid with teriyaki sauce.     10.99
Tempura Entrée two pieces of deep-fried prawns and seasonal vegetables.     10.99
Vegetable Tempura Entrée assorted deep-fried vegetables.     8.99
Shrimp Tempura Entrée six pieces of deep-fried prawns.    10.99
Tonkatsu Katsu Entrée breaded and deep-fried cutlet.    10.99
Chicken Katsu Entree breaded and deep fried cutlet.    10.99


Kufu-Ya Dinner Box beef teriyaki, chicken teriyaki, salmon teriyaki, salmon shio yaki, saba shio yaki (mackerel), ika yaki (broiled squid), tonkatsu (breaded and deep-fried pork), chicken katsu (breaded and deep-fried), chicken kara-age (deep fried), tempura, tuna sashimi (4 pcs), sake sashimi (4 pcs), california roll, spicy tuna roll, avocado maki, kappa maki (cucumber), tekka maki (tuna), gyoza (4 dumplings)    15.99

Kufu-Ya Lunch Box

Chicken Teriyaki Lunch Box     7.99
Beef Teriyaki Lunch Box     7.99
Salmon Teriyaki Lunch Box     7.99
Salmon Shio Yaki Lunch Box     7.99
Saba Shio Yaki Lunch Box     7.99
Ika Yaki Lunch Box     7.99
Tempura Lunch Box     7.99
Zaru Soba Lunch Box     8.99
Unagi Lunch Box     9.99
California Roll Lunch Box with sashimi. does not come with a choice of side.    9.99

Ramen Lunch Special

1. Chasumen: Roast Pork Ramen Lunch Special house made bbq pork with egg, bamboo shoot, scallions, dried seaweed, and bean sprouts.    8.99
2. Tanmen: Vegetable Ramen Lunch Special bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, scallions, mushrooms, spinach, chinese cabbage, and tofu.    7.99
3. Seafood Ramen Lunch Special squid, scallop, shrimp, mussel and fish cake.    10.99
4. Kimchi Ramen Lunch Special spicy pickle cabbage, bbq pork, bamboo shoot, scallions, bean sprouts and dried seaweed.     8.99
5. Unagi Ramen Lunch Special bbq eel, bamboo shoot, scallions, bean sprouts, and dried seaweed.     10.99
6. Tempura Ramen Lunch Special deep-fried shrimp with seasonal vegetables.     9.99
7. Tonkatsu / Chicken Katsu Ramen Lunch Special deep-fried pork or chicken cutlet.    9.99
8. Beef Ramen Lunch Special beef with half egg, bamboo shoot, scallions, dried seaweed, and bean sprouts.    8.99
Kufu-Ya Exclusive Beef Pot Lunch Special noodle hot pot with chicken broth with a side of minced beef.     10.99

Chef's Special Roll

Colorful Spider Roll soft shell crab and avocado topped with assorted sashimi.    13.99
Union Roll crab meat, avocado and kappa topped with bonito and special sauce.    9.99
Beauty Tip Roll cucumber wrapped with assorted sashimi and special sauce.    9.99
Spicy Rainbow Roll spicy tuna and kappa topped with assorted sashimi.    11.99
Tiger Roll crab meat and avocado topped with tiger shrimp.    9.99
Ocean Queen Roll spicy tuna topped with seaweed salad and tobiko.    10.99
Lobster Crunchy Roll lobster with mami nori and tobiko.    13.99
Spicy Lady Roll spicy. crab meat and avocado topped with spicy hamachi, tobiko and green onion.    10.99
Crunchy Unagi Roll crab meat topped with unagi, tempura flakes and tobiko.    11.99
Red Bulls Roll asparagus tempura topped with beef tobiko and green onion.    11.99


Ice Cream     2.50
Mochi Ice Cream mango, strawberry, coffee, chocolate, vanilla, red bean   (2 scoops) 3.50
Tempura Ice Cream     4.50
Banana Tempura Ice Cream     5.99


Soda coke, diet coke, 7 up, diet 7 up, root beer, dr. pepper    1.50
Juice     2.75
Iced Tea     1.99


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