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Little Szechuan

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  • Chinese
  • 501 Broadway St, San Francisco CA94133 37.7980089 -122.4055694
  • (At Kearny St)
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  • (415) 986-8832
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Lunch Special

11am-3pm. Serve W/ Soup Of The Day (Soup For Dine In Only) (Brown Rice Add $0.50)

Q1. Mongolian Beef w/ steamed rice   7.98
Q2. Orange Beef w/ steamed rice   7.98
Q3. Broccoli Beef w/ steamed rice   7.98
Q4. Szechuan Beef w/ steamed rice   7.98
Q5. Kung Pao Chicken w/ steamed rice   6.98
Q6. Sweet &. Sour Chicken w/ steamed rice   6.98
Q7. Lemon Chicken w/ steamed rice   6.98
Q8. Sesame Chicken w/ steamed rice   6.98
Q9. Chicken & Mixed Vegetables w/ steamed rice   6.98
Q10. General's Tso Chicken w/ steamed rice   6.98
Q11. Cumin Lamb w/ steamed rice   8.98
Q12. Hot & Sour Potato Strips w/ steamed rice   5.98
Q13. Braised String Bean w/ steamed rice   6.98
Q14. Szechuan Eggplants w/ steamed rice   6.98
Q15. Mixed Vegetables w/ steamed rice   5.98
Q16. Braised Crispy Tofu Jalapeno w/ steamed rice   6.98
Q17. Mapo Tofu w/ steamed rice   5.98
Q18. Shredded Pork w/ garlic sauce. w/ steamed rice   6.98
Q19. Kung Pao Prawns w/ steamed rice   8.98
Q20. Sweet & Sour Prawns w/ steamed rice   8.98
Q21. Braised Crispy Fish Fillet &. Jalapeno w/ steamed rice   8.98
Q22. Salt & Pepper Fisk Fillet w/ steamed rice   8.98
Q23. Sweet & Sour Fisk Fillet w/ steamed rice   8.98
Q24. Spicy Twice Cooked Pork w/ steamed rice   6.98
Q25. Sweet & Sour Chicken Salad    7.98
Q26. Tan Tan Noodle    6.98
Q27. Beef Chow Fun    7.98
Q28. Hot & Sour Bean Jello In Soup    6.98
Q29. Shredded Pork w/ muskroom noodle soup   6.98
Q30. Spicy Beef Noodle Soup    7.98
Q31. Prawns Fried Rice    7.98
Q32. Chicken Fried Rice    7.98
Q33. Beef Fried Rice    7.98
Q34. BBQ Pork Fried Rice    7.98
Q35. House Combo Fried Rice chicken, beef, prawns   8.98
Q36. Prawns Chow    8.98
Q37. Chicken Chow Mein    6.98
Q38. Beef Chow Mein    7.98
Q39. House Combo Chow Mein chicken, beef, prawns   8.98
Q40. BBQ Pork Chow Mein    7.98

Egg Foo Young

L1. Mixed Vegetable Egg Foo Young    8.98
L2. Chicken Egg Foo Young    9.98
L3. Beef Egg Foo Young    9.98
L4. Shrimp Egg Foo Young    13.98


A1. Green Onion Pancakes    5.98
A2. Fried Crab Rangoon   (6) 5.98
A3. Five Spices Beef Roll    7.98
A4. Vegetarian Steamed Dumplings   (6) 5.98
A5. Pot Stickers    5.98
A6. Vegetarian Pot Stickers   (6) 5.89
A7. Shanghai Steamed Dumplings   (6) 5.98
A8. Egg Roll   (3) 3.98
A9. Beijing Chives & Pork Dumplings   (8) 6.98
A10. Triple Delight Dumplings shrimp, chicken, mushroom  (8) 7.98
A11. Vegetarian Dumplings   (8) 6.98
A12. Pork w/ vegetable dumplings  (8) 6.98
A13. Spicy Dumplings   (8) 6.98
A14. Spicy Wontons   (8) 6.98
A15. Salt & Pepper Calamari    6.98
A16. Salt & Pepper Tofu    6.98
A17. Chicken Lettuce Wrap    7.98
A18. Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings   (6) 6.98


C1. Wor Wonton Soup    9.98
C2. Seafood Sizzling Rice Soup    9.98
C3. Vegetarian Hot & Sour Tofu Soup    5.98
C4. Tomato Egg Flower Soup    5.98
C5. Fish Fillet w/ sour pickle soup   8.98
C6. Vegetable Tofu Soup    6.98
C7. Seafood w/ tofu soup   9.98
C8. Chicken w/ cream corn soup   8.98
C9. West Beef Soup    8.98

Noodles & Rice

M1. Minced Pork Noodle    6.98
M2. Tan Tan Noodle    6.98
M3. Hot & Sour Bean Jello In Soup    6.98
M4. Shredded Pork w/ mushrooms noodle soup   6.98
M5. Spicy Beef Noodle Soup    7.98
M6. Beef Chow Fun    7.98
M7. Vegetable Fried Rice    6.98
M8. Vegetable Chow Mein    7.98
M9. Seafood Pan Fried Noodle    9.98
M10. Kimchi w/ beef rice in stone pot   9.98
M11. Seafood Kimchi Fried Rice    12.98
M12. Seafood Kimchi Chow Mein    12.98
M13. Seafood w/ tomatoes fried rice   9.98
M14. Hong Kong Style Fried Rice ham, chicken, pineapple   12.98
M15. Singapore Style Rice Noodle    9.98
M16. Thai's Style Rice Noodle    9.98
M17. House Combo Fried Rice chicken, beef, prawns   9.98
M18. House Combo Chow Mein chicken, beef, prawns   9.98
M19. Prawns Fried Rice    9.98
M20. Prawns Chow Mein    9.98
M21. Chicken Fried Rice    6.98
M22. Chicken Chow Mein    7.98
M23. Beef Fried Rice    7.98
M24. Beef Chow Mein    8.98
M25. Steamed Rice   (per order) 1.28
M26. Brown Rice   (per order) 1.98


J1. Fried Chicken Wings W/ Spicy Chef Sauce    9.98
J2. Braised Crispy Chicken W/ Jalapeno    9.98
J3. Kung Pao Chicken    8.98
J4. Chicken W/ Spicy Chef Sauce    9.98
J5. Cashew Nut Chicken    9.98
J6. Sesame Chicken    8.98
J7. Lemon Chicken    8.98
J8. Orange Chicken    8.98
J9. Sweet & Sour Chicken    8.98
J10. General Tso's Chicken    9.98
J11. Mu Shu Chicken    9.98
J12. Chicken W/ Corn    9.98
J13. Honey Walnut Chicken    11.98
J14. Peking Duck   half 17.98


K1. Eggplant w/ garlic sauce   8.98
K2. Ma Po Tofu    7.98
K3. Braised Crispy Tofu w/ jalapeno   8.98
K4. Braised Tofu w/ mushrooms   7.98
K5. Kung Pao Tofu    8.98
K6. Stir Fried Vegetables Delight    7.98
K7. Potato Strips w/ jalapeno   7.98
K8. Stir Fried Bok Choy w/ garlic   7.98
K9. Braised String Bean    9.98
K10. Stir Fried Napa Cabbage w/ chili pepper   8.98
K11. Chinese Water Cress w/ garlic   9.98
K12. Pea Sprouts w/ garlic   13.98
K13. Moo Shu Mixed Vegetables    9.98
K14. Stir Fried Spinach w/ garlic   8.98

Hot, Clay Pot & Sizzling Platter

H1. Spicy Seafood Combo Casserole    18.98
H2. Pork Intestine In Flaming Pot    14.98
H3. Lamb w/ sour pickle clay pot   14.98
H4. Vegetables Tofu Clay Pot    9.98
H5. Cabbage In Flaming Pot    9.98
H6. Szechuan Tofu In Sizzling Platter    9.98
H7. Seafood w/ pumpkin in sizzling platter   15.98
H8. Seafood & Cabbage w/ chef spicy sauce casserole   15.98
H9. Satay Chicken In Sizzling Platter    12.98
H10. Satay Beef In Sizzling Platter    13.98

Beef & Lamb

R1. Hunan Beef    9.98
R2. Mongolian Beef    9.98
R3. Cumin Beef    9.98
R4. Orange Beef    9.98
R5. Szechuan Beef    9.98
R6. Broccoli Beef    9.98
R7. Beef Boiled W/ Flaming Chili Oil    12.98
R8. Mu Shu Beef    9.98
R9. Hunan Lamb    14.98
R10. Mongolian Lamb    13.98
R11. Cumin Lamb    13.98
R12. Szechuan Lamb    13.98
R13. Lamb Boiled W/ Flaming Chili Oil    13.98
R14. Peking Style Lamb    14.98


F1. Sweet & Sour Pork Spareribs    9.98
F2. Shredded Pork W/ Jalapeno    8.98
F3. Sliced Pork W/ Flaming Chili Oil    11.98
F4. Mu Shu Pork    9.98
F5. Spicy Twice Cooked Pork    9.98
F6. Shredded Pork W/ Dry Bean Curd    8.98
F7. Sweet & Sour Pork    8.98
F8. Spicy Pork Intestine    9.98
F9. Shredded Pork W/ Garlic Sauce    9.98
F10. Dry Spicy Pork Spareribs    9.98
F11. Mandarin Spareribs    9.98
F12. Pork Intestine Boiled W/ Flaming Chili Oil    12.98
F13. Dry Spicy Pork Intestine    12.98


G1. Kung Pao Prawns    14.98
G2. Crispy Garlic Flavor Prawns W/ Shell    16.98
G3. Hot Braised Whole Fish    
G4. Honey Walnut Prawns    15.98
G5. Prawns W/ Lobster Sauce    15.98
G6. Prawns W/ Pumpkin    16.98
G7. Mu Shu Prawns    15.98
G8. Dry Spicy Prawns W/ Shell    16.98
G9. Dry Spicy Calamari    14.98
G10. Fish Fillet W/ Sillky Tofu    13.98
G11. Fish Fillet Boiled W/ Sour Pickle    13.98
G12. Salt & Pepper Fish Filet    14.98
G13. Kung Pao Fish Filet    13.98
G14. Fish Filet W/ Spicy Chef Sauce    14.98
G15. Sweet & Sour Fish Filet    14.98
G16. Spicy Triple Delights Chicken, Beef, Prawns    14.98
G17. Fish Filet W/ Mixed Vegetables    13.98
G18. Fish Filet W/ Corn    13.98
G19. Live Crab W/ Hot Chili Pepper    
G20. Live Lobster W/ Salty Egg Yolk    

Cold Plates

B1. Spicy Chili Combination Of Beef & Intestine    6.98
B2. Szechuan Style Dried Bean Curd    5.98
B3. Spicy Beef Tender    6.98
B4. Spicy Pickled Cabbage    4.98
B5. Sliced Pork w/ spicy garlic sauce   7.98
B6. Pork Intestine In Red Chili Oil    6.98
B7. Bean Jello In Red Chili Sauce    4.98
B8. Szechuan Style Chicken    6.98
B9. Jelly Fish    9.98
B10. Cucumber Salad    4.98
B11. Sweet & Sour Chicken Salad    8.98
B12. Szechuan Style Beef    7.98
B13. Szechuan Style Cold Noodle    6.98

Signature Dish

E1. Chef's Special Hot Chili Fish Head    14.98
E2. Dong Po Marinated Pork    13.98
E3. Fish Filet Boiled W/ Flaming Chili Oil    14.98
E4. Hot & Spicy Assorted Intestine Combo    15.98
E5. Pork Intestine W/ Flaming Chili Oil    12.98
E6. Calamari In Flaming Pot    12.98
E7. Chef Special Coffee Spareribs    14.98
E8. House Special Spicy Whole Fish In Sizzling Platter    
E9. Braised Crispy, Chicken Wing W/ Jalapeno    12.98
E10. Shrimp Kebab With Hot Pepper W/ Shell    16.98
E11. Thai's Style Egg Plants Sizzling Platter    9.98
E12. House Special Beef Cube W/ Potatoes    12.98
E13. Beef Cube W/ Egg Tofu In Honey Sauce    14.98

Fresh Juice $3.98


Fresh Juice & Vegetables Juice $4.98

A .Orange apple, lemon   
B. Orange carrot, honeydew   
C. Tomato apple, lemon   
D. Carrot apple, orange   

Fresh Flavored Ice Tea $1.98

Jasmine Green Tea    
Honey Lemon Black Tea    
Honey Lemon Green Tea    
Lychee Green Tea    
Passion Fruit Green Tea    
Strawberry Green Tea    
Peach Black Tea    
Grapefruit Black Tea    
Mango Black Tea    

Flavored Smoothies $3.98

Taro Smoothies    
Strawberry Smoothies    
Mango Smoothies    
Passion Fruit Smoothies    
Lychee Smoothies    
Peach Smoothies    
Honeydew Smoothies    
Pineapple Smoothes    

Hot & Ice Milk Tea $3.98

Extra $0.50 For Each Topping: Tapioca, Grass Jelly, Lychee Jelly, Aloe Vera.

Hongkong Style Milk Tea    
Coffee Milk Tea    
Jasmine Milk Tea    
Thai Milk Tea    
Coconut Milk Tea    
Honeydew Milk Tea    
Peach Milk Tea    
Caramel Milk Tea    
Strawberry Milk Tea    
Lychee Milk Tea    


Soft Drink coke, sprit , diet coke   1.58
Soybean Milk    1.98
Herbal Tea    2.98
Beijing Yogurt    2.98
Fresh Coconut Water    


House Special Honey Toast    6.98
Sugar Egg Puff    3.98
Sesame Rice Dumpling    3.98
Pumpkin Rice Cake    3.98
Ice Cram vanilla, chocolate, strawberry   2.98
Little Szechuan
501 Broadway St
At Kearny St
(415) 986-8832
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