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Made In China

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House Special

A1. Xiangton Kowloon Fish Head     38.00
A2. Stunning Double Pepper Fish Head     38.00
A3. Mutton Mushroom     12.00
A4. Manna Shredded Lamb Chops     12.00
A5. Majiahe Saute Goat     16.00
A6. Cottage Saute Beef     15.00
A7. Changde Shimen Griddle Broth     12.00
A8. House Trotter     16.00
A9. Western Flavor Duck     19.00
A10. Yueyang Ginger Spicy Chicken Claw     12.00
A11. Large Pan Of Chicken     14.00
A12. Tasty Crawfish     12.00
A13. Boiled Bullfrog     24.00
A14. Huxiang Boiling Fish     15.00
A15. Spicy Pan Fish   
A16. Spicy Beans Steamed Whole Fish   
A17. Spicy Crab   
A18. Spicy Lobster   

Classic Dishes $6.95

B1. Sauced Beef   
B2. Sliced Beef And Ox Tongue In Chili Sauce   
B3. Pork with garlic sauce  
B4. Steamed Chicken with chili sauce  

Garden Vegetable

B5. Garlic Veggie     8.95
B6. Garlic Lettuce     8.95
B7. Fried Bean Sprouts     8.95
B8. Shredded Cabbage     8.95
B9. Chopped Chili Sprouts White     8.95
B10. Hot And Sour Shredded Potatoes     8.95
B11. Stir Dry Beans     8.95
B12. Braised Baby Cabbage In Casserole     8.95
B13. Leek Youxian Xianggan     8.95
B14. Boiling Oil Hot Pepper     8.95
B15. Sauteed Kale     8.95
B16. Fried Bean Sprouts     11.95
B17. Tempeh Lettuce Dace     11.95

Delicious Soup

B18. Tomato Egg Soup     7.95
B19. Laver Egg Soup     7.95
B20. Sauerkraut Tofu Soup     7.95
B21. Pea Soup     11.95
B22. Oil Fire Soup     8.95

Griddle Dishes

G1. Griddle Small Potato Chips     12.95
G2. Shredded Cabbage Griddle     12.95
G3. Griddle Pork Radish     12.95
G4. Griddle Blinds Skin Mei Bacon     12.95
G5. Griddle Tea Tree     12.95
G6. Griddle Chicken     12.95
G7. Shredded Chicken Griddle     12.95
G8. Griddle Bullfrog     12.95
G9. Griddle Smelly Fish     12.95
G10. Griddle Australian Beef     12.95
G11. Griddle Spicy Lamb Belly     18.95
G12. Griddle Haggis     18.95
G13. Cauliflower Tray     13.95
G14. Lotus Tray     13.95
G15. Carob Tray     13.95
C16. Shredded Pork Tray     18.95

Hunan Dishes

D1. Laoganma Steamed Sausage     9.95
D2. Fried Bacon Carrot     12.95
D3. Kale Fry Sausages     9.95
D4. Air-Drying Dried Beef     12.95
D5. Fried Radish Blowing Meat     12.95
D6. Sauced Meat     10.95
D7. Hunan Sauced Meat     9.95
D8. Double Coked Pork     12.95
D9. Hometown Bouilli     12.95
D10. Boiled Spicy Meat     12.95
D11. Pickled Pork     12.95
D12. Hunan Spicy Chicken     9.95


E1. Farmhouse Fry Tripe     9.95
E2. Acid Droples Beans Pork     9.95
E3. Homemade Meat Droplets Vermicelli     8.95
E4. Mapo Tofu spicy.    8.95
E5. Homemade Tofu     8.95
E6. Eggplant Flesh Burning Droplets     9.95
E7. Tomato Scrambled Eggs     8.95
E8. Pepper Scrambled Eggs     8.95
E9. Onions Fried Egg     8.95
E10. Sizzling Squid     15.95
E11. Teppanyaki Sizzling Beef     15.95
E12. Teppanyaki Sizzling Lamb     16.95

Northeast Tasty Dishes

F1. Cucumber with bean sauce    5.95
F2. Shredded Potato     5.95
F3. Shenyang Cauliflower     6.95
F4. Tofu with preserved egg    6.95
F5. Noodle Mushroom with tofu    6.95
F6. Marinated Fountain     8.95

Dongbei Classic Dishes

F7. Pepper Dried Tofu     8.95
F8. Northeast Sauerkraut with vermicelli    8.95
F9. Fried Potato green pepper & eggplant    8.95
F10. Crispy Sweet & Sour Pork Slices     10.95
F11. Leavened Meat Section     10.95
F12. Three pork fillet, pork liver, pork kidneys    10.95
F13. Quick-Fried Liver with grains sauce    10.95
F14. Sauteed Pig's Intestines     10.95
F15. Sauteed Pig's Kidney     10.95
F16. Northeast Stew     14.95

Northeast Tasty Desserts

G1. Candied Sweet Potatoes     8.98
G2. Candied Bananas     8.98
G3. Snow Cotton Hummus     9.98
G4. Hawthom Sugar-Coated Haws     2.58

Fried Rice & Noodles

G5. Northeast Egg Noodles     7.98
G6. Northeast Pork Chow Mein     8.98
G7. Northeast Shrimp Chow Mein     9.98
G8. Northeast House Chow Mein     10.98
G9. Shenyang Cold Noodle     7.98
G10. Braised Beef Noodle Soup     8.98
G11. Egg Fried Rice     6.98
G12. Yangzhou Fried Rice     8.98
G13. Acid Droplets Meat Fried Beans     8.98
G14. Pepper laoganna fried rice    7.98
G15. Korean Kimchi Fried Rice     8.95

Northeast Shenyang Tasty B.B.Q

H1. Kebab     1.48
H2. Yang Nan String     1.48
H3. Mutton Kidney     1.98
H4. Beef Kebabs     1.48
H5. Heart-Shaped String     1.28
H6. Chicken Gizzards String     1.28
H7. Chicken Skin String     1.28
H8. Chicken Gristle     1.48
H9. Chicken Wings     1.48
H10. Squid String     1.48
H11. Fish Ball String     1.28
H12. White Oil Sausage     1.98
H13. Philippine Sweet Intestine     1.98
H14. Prawn String     1.98
H15. Croaker     1.98
H16. Grilled Oyster     2.98
H17. Garlic String   
H18. Leek String   
H19. Veggie String   
H20. Corn Segmnet   
H21. Grilled Eggplant   
H22. Bacon Mushroom Roll     2.58
H23. Yuba Mushroom Roll     1.98
H24. Grilled Fresh Mushrooms     1.98
H25. Baked Bread Pieces     2.58

Northeast Tasty Hot spicy

I1. Vermicelli     1.58
I2. Chrysanthemum     1.50
I3. Lettuce     1.58
I4. Cole     1.58
I5. Chinese Cabbage     1.58
I6. A Dish     1.58
I7. Bean Sprouts     1.58
I8. Parsley     1.58
I9. Yuba     1.78
I10. Tofu     1.75
I11. Frozen Tofu     1.78
I12. Tofu Bubble     1.78
I13. Dry Bean Curd     1.78
I14. Fresh Mushrooms     1.98
I15. Noodle Mushroom   
I16. Luncheon Meat     2.00
I17. Pork Slices   
I18. Mutton     2.98
I19. Beef Slices     2.98
I20. Flounder Fillets     2.58
I21. Oysters     2.98
I22. Fish Ball     2.58

Drink Beer

I23. Qingdao   
I25. Yanjing Sumio   
I27. Taiwan    lg 5.98
I28. Master Ice Tea     2.00
I29. Master Tea     2.00
I30. Master Sydney Candy     2.00
I31. Honey Jasmine Tea   
I32. Master Chen Ping Plum     2.00
I33. Unified Assam Tea     2.00
I34. Coconut Palm Curd     2.00
I35. Wanglaoji Lotus Beans     2.00
I36. Jdb Herbal Tea     2.00
I37. Wang Zi Milk     2.00
I38. Beijing Yogurt     3.00
I39. Freshly Watermelon Juice     3.00
I40. Freshly Orange Juice     3.00


Made In China
1033 Taraval St
Btwn 20th & 21st Ave
(415) 664-9888
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