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Our Cakes Can Be Ordered Ahead For Pickup At The Miette Shop Of Your Choice. Miette Started With A Passion For Cakes. Despite The French Name, Our Cakes Have Always Been Traditionally American, Epitomizing The Classic Layer Cake And All Its Ce

Carrot Cake for years we made our carrot cake in a small loaf form- the moist cake, walnuts, currants, & cream cheese frosting proved so popular we couldn't resist making an elegant, full-size version.    26.00
Cheesecake a traditional creamy new york style cheesecake atop a graham crust with a thin layer of crème fraîche.    30.00
Gingerbread our all-time best selling cake. made with a dark stout beer, molasses, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon and cardamom then topped with a sweet cream cheese frosting.    26.00
Lemon Debutante the debutante has three layers of sponge cake infused with tart lemon syrup, filled with lemon curd, and frosted with light lemony buttercream. with perfectly smooth frosting and delicate piping, this cake is our most turned out; thus we call it the debutante. you will enjoy the fresh lemon flavor and the silky smooth buttercream frosting as much as you will appreciate the attention to detail that goes into each cake    40.00
Lemon Tart the lemon tart has a simplicity that belies its sophistication. it is a balance of flavors and textures; the play of sweet citrusy filling in a tender, crisp, buttery crust. the miette version keeps the traditional straight sides and is filled with a curd that was both fresh and rich, made with organic californian lemons.    26.00
Lime Meringue Tart the filling in this tart is a puckeringly-tart lime cream topped with sweet boiled icing. added to our homemade graham crust, the result is far from traditional and, in fact, represents the most innovative flavor combination at miette - bruleed to perfection.    26.00
Old-Fashioned the old-fashioned cake is rich, moist and bittersweet, perfectly offset with the sweetness of the marshmallow-like boiled icing. cherry-on-top perfect for all celebrations.    26.00
Scharffen Berger moist, dense chocolate cake, poured over with a bittersweet chocolate ganache, makes this cake the best thing you've ever eaten. we pair chocolate with chocolate but with such surprising variation in texture and flavor it never becomes overwhelming. the cake gets its name from scharffen berger chocolate makers, whose 62% cacao chocolate and incomparable unprocessed cocoa powder we use. this cake features its bright, intense, fruitful flavor at its finest level.    35.00
The Princess Cake there is something ineffably regal in the lovely dome shape and pale green color of a princess cake. originally made in the 1930s for the three princesses of sweden, miette's version is strictly traditional—almost. we added a modern ingredient and a contemporary aesthetic: white chocolate fondant instead of marzipan (and a tint that is a bare whisper of green). inside, the sponge cake is soaked in eau de vie syrup, layered with homemade raspberry jam, pastry cream and a mound of lightly sweetened straus whipped cream.    40.00
Vanilla Tomboy the tomboy gets its name from the unfinished, but decidedly feminine, way that we decorate this cake. it starts with our double-chocolate cake and is layered with vanilla buttercream. our buttercream is made the european way, starting with italian meringue and adding pure straus butter. the result is luxuriously smooth and not too sweet. the cake and frosting together are perfectly balanced and proportioned.    30.00

Cup Cakes $3.25

Our Cupcakes Can Be Ordered Ahead For Pickup At The Miette Shop Of Your Choice. Our Cupcakes Are Smaller Versions Of Our Larger Cakes, Pairing The Same Cakes And Frostings. Below You Will See The Selection Of Year-Round And Seasonal Choices, I

Carrot a little cupcake chock-full of carrots, walnuts, & currants, topped with a creamy, tangy cream cheese frosting.  
Chocolate Vanilla like a tiny version of our vanilla tomboy cake, this cupcake is a classic. adorned with cheerful, carefully-placed sprinkles.  
Gingerbread our all-time best selling cupcake and voted "best cupcake in america" by the food network! made with a dark stout beer, molasses, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon and cardamom then topped with a sweet cream cheese frosting.  
Old-Fashioned the bittersweet chocolate cake is perfectly offset with the sweetness of the marshmallow-like boiled icing. topped with a candy-coated peanut.  
Yellow Vanilla there is nothing to interfere with the lovely taste of vanilla in this cake and frosting combination. understated and delicious.  


Chocolate Chip there are so many great versions of this all-american favorite, and here's ours: petite chocolate chips, crushed walnuts, & oatmeal incorporated into tiny crispy-yet-chewy cookies.    5.00
Peanut Butter unlike most peanut butter cookies, which tend to be soft, these cookies are crisp and melt in your mouth with a shortbread-like texture. they are made with freshly ground organic peanut butter and a hint of salt. each cookie is scooped by hand and baked with the traditional cross-hatch on top. this will become your favorite peanut butter cookie!    5.00
Lavender Shortbread bite-sized and delicate, this buttery shortbread cookie has a restrained floral taste that will remind you of summer. the lavender is picked from the fields at eatwell farms in dixon, california.    5.00
Lemon Shortbread this cookie takes the tart, fresh flavor of lemons and contrasts it beautifully with the richness of butter. the zest for these cookies comes from the year-round supply of organic lemons we have in california. each cookie is cut by hand into a perfect square and baked until golden brown.    5.00
Walnut Shortbread in these cookies, we toast the walnut and then grind them into a course flour. toasting the nuts heightens their wonderful earthy taste, which is accentuate with flakes of maldon sea salt. each cookie is a bite-size and buttery.    5.00
Chocolate Sable the inspiration for this cookie comes from the sable made by pierre herme in paris. the miette version replicates the same experience of biting into a crisp lattice supporting bits of pure, soft chocolate. like our chocolate cake, this recipe calls for both cocoa and chocolate. when you bring these two ingredients together, you get a resounding chocolate taste, much more complex than if you were to use just one or the other. each bite-sized cookie is cut by hand and carefully packaged into a polka-dot bag.    5.00
Graham Cracker our graham cracker is a snappy reinvention of the classic, made irresistible with lots of butter and honey. opened around the campfire, it makes an excellent s'more!    7.00
Gingersnaps three forms of ginger and plenty of straus butter give this cookie spiciness, earthiness, and a little heat. the cookie is crisp and gloriously snappy, as it should be. we package these in clear canisters to show off their pretty scalloped edges.    7.00
Chocolate Wafer this cookie is based on the chocolate wafer cookie that is used to make the famous icebox cake. the miette version is crisp and buttery, with an intense cocoa flavor that is highlighted with both sweet and salty accents. we use brut cocoa powder, a type that is especially dark ,and it makes the cookie almost black. each cookie is cut by hand, sprinkled with sugar, and baked to crispy perfection.    7.00


Box Of 6 Macarons each macaron is made of two coarsely ground-almond meringue cookies and filled with either buttercream or ganache. we always have 7 flavors: 4 year-round classics, and 3 seasonal varieties. our macarons do not contain any food coloring or other artificial ingredients; a northern california interpretation of the parisian classic.    14.00


Chocolate Fleur De Sel Caramels this variation of our buttery caramels features 70% dark chocolate and flakes of maldon sea salt. they are made daily with fresh butter and cream from straus family creamery and organic cane sugar. each is hand-cut and wrapped in waxed paper. six caramels per bag.    9.00
Fleur De Sel Caramels although many people feel they have to choose between a hard and soft caramel, miette's are right in the middle. our caramels are made fresh daily with butter and cream from straus family creamery and organic cane sugar. once cooled, the caramels receive a sprinkling of maldon sea salt and are hand-wrapped in waxed paper.    9.00
Rosettes meringues are meltingly crisp and light. ours are a delicate shade of pink and hand-piped into bite-size rosette shapes. they are flavored with a hint of organic rose geranium essential oil from eatwell farms.    5.00
Vanilla Marshmallows a fresh marshmallow is a world apart from the campfire variety. the miette marshmallow is moist, creamy, and speckled with bits of vanilla bean. this marshmallow is outstanding when floating in a cup of dark european-style hot chocolate. 6 marshmallows per bag.    4.00


1 Ferry Building
At The Embarcadero
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