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New Hai Ky (CLOSED)

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  • 2191 Irving St, SAN FRANCISCO 94122 37.763441 -122.481289
  • (Btwn 22nd & 23rd Ave)
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  • (415) 731-0105
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Barbecued Food Over Rice

Com Thit Quay (Roast Pork over Rice)     4.20
Com Bit Pha Lau (Five Spice Duck over Rice)     4.20
Com Vit Quay (Roast Duck over Rice)     4.20
Com Xa Xiu B.B.Q. (Pork over Rice)     4.20
Com Suong Quay B.B.Q. (Spareribs over Rice)     4.20
Com Ga Xi Dau (Soy Sauce Chicken over Rice)     4.20
Com Galuoc (Steam Chicken over Rice)     4.20
Comga, Vitquay (Roast Duck & Chicken over Rice)     4.70
Com Xa Xiu, Vit Quay (Roast Duck & B.B.Q. Pork over Rice)     4.70
Com Ga, Xa Xiu (Chicken & B.B.Q Pork over Rice)     4.70
Com Gadai (Brodway Chicken over Rice)     4.70
Com Ga Soimo (Young Chicken Deef)     3.95

Fried Rice, Noodle, & Rice Noodle

Trieu Chau Xao Banh Loc (House Special Fried Rice Needle Noodle)     5.20
Hu Tieu Xao Hai San (Seafood Chow Ho Fun)     5.20
Trieu Chau Mi Xao (Combination Chow Mein)     4.65
Trieu Chau Xao Bungao (Combination Fried Rice Stick Noodle)     4.65
Hu Tieu Xao Thap Cam (Combination Chow Fun)     4.65
Hu Tieu Xao Thit Bo (Beef Chow Fun)     4.65
Mi Xao Thit Bo (Beef Chow Mein)     4.65
Bun Xao Thit bo (Beef Fried Rice Stick Noodle)     4.65
Hu Tieu xao Thit Bo Cailan (Beef with Broccoli Chow Fun)     4.65
Mixaogion Thap Cam (Combination Pan Fried Mien)     4.65
Ve Vang Sao Mi To (Yellow Chives Braised Yee Noodle)     6.95
Scallops Kho Xao Mi To (Dry Scallops with Yee Fu Noodle)     7.95
Bun Xao Singapore (Rice Stick Noodle Singapore Style)     4.65
Hu Tieu Xao Tom (Shrimp Chow Fun)     5.20
Com Xaoga (Chicken Chow Fun)     4.65
Com Thap Cam (Combination Rice with Gravy)     4.65
Com Thit Bo (Beef over Rice)     4.65
Com Bo Kho (Beef Stew over Rice)     4.65
Com Tom (Shrimp over Rice)     5.20
Gravy Egg & Shrimp over Rice     5.20
Gravy Egg & Beef over Rice     4.65
Com Xao Trieu Chau (Beans, Shrimp, Sausage, Pork Fried Rice)     4.65
Com Thit Bo Xaoot Xanh (Bell Pepper Steak over Rice)     4.65
Com Thit Bo Ca (Tomato Beef over Rice)     4.65
Com Hai San (Seafood over Rice)     5.20
Com Thit Bo Cailan (Beef Broccoli over Rice)     4.65
Com Tom Szechuan (Szehuan Shrimp over Rice)     5.20
Com Chien Duong Chau (Combo Fried Rice)     4.65
Com Tom Chien Phuc Kien (Fu Kien Fried Rice)     7.95
Com Tinh Nhan (Ying Yang Fried Rice)     7.95
Com Xao Ga Ca Mang (Salt Fish with Chicken Fried Rice)     5.20


Cafe Den (Black Coffee (Hot or Cold))     1.40
Cafe Sua (Coffee & Milk (Hot or Cold))     1.65
Ovatin Sua (Ovaltine Milk (Hot or Cold))     1.65
Tra Lipton Sua (Tea Milk Lipton (Hot or Cold))     1.65
Tralipton (Lipton Tea (Hot or Cold))     1.40
Cacloai Nuoc Ngoc (All Kinds of Cold Drinks)     1.20
Nuoc Chanh Tuoi (Fresh Lemonade)     1.40
Nuoc xi Muoi (Sour Plum Drink)     1.40
Suon Sao (Liang Fen Jelly)     1.40
Suadau Nanh (Fresh Soy Bean Milk (Hot or Cold))     1.40
Nuoc Dua Tuoi (Young Coconut Juice)     1.65
Soda Sua Hot Ga (Soda with Yolk and Condensed Milk)     1.95
Cam Tuoi (Fresh Orange Juice)     1.80
Sinh To (Smoothies)     2.30

Soup Style

Hoanh Thanh Haiky (Hai Ky Won Ton Soup)     4.20
Hoanh Thanhmi Haiky (Hai Ky Won Ton Egg Noodle Soup (thick or thin))     4.70
Bun Haiky (Kai Ky Rice Stick Noodle)     4.20
Hoanh Thanh Mi Vit Tim (Won Ton Preserved Orange Skin Duck Egg Noodle Soup (thick or thin))     5.20
Hu Tieu Vittim (Preserved Orange Skin Duck with Ho Fun Soup)     4.20
Mi Vit Tim (Preserved Orange Skin Duck with Egg Noodle Soup (thick or thin))     4.20
Mi Hai Ky (Hai Ky Egg Noodle Soup (thick or thin))     4.20
Hu Tieu Hai Ky (Hai Ky Ho Fun Soup)     4.20
Hu Tieu Thap Camnam Vang (Cambodian Small Ho Fun Soup)     4.20
Mi Ca Vien (Fish Ball Egg Noodle Soup (thick or thin))     4.20
Hu Tieu Ca Vien (Fish Ball Ho Fun Soup)     4.20
Mi Haisan (Seafood Egg Noodle Soup (thick or thin))     4.70
Hu Tieu Hai San (Seafood Ho Fun Soup)     4.70
Banh Loc     4.70
Mibo Vien (Beef Ball Egg Noodle Soup (thick or thin))     4.20
Hu Tieu Bo Vien (Beef Ball Ho Fun)     4.20
Mi Tom (Shrimp Egg Noodle Soup (thick or thin))     4.70
Hu Tieu Tom (Shrimp Ho Fun)     4.70
Mi Bo Kho (Beef Stew Egg Noodle Soup (thick or thin))     4.45
Hu Tieu Bo Kho (Beef Strew Ho Fun Soup)     4.45
Mi Sa Te (Satay Egg Noodle Soup (thick or thin))     4.95
Hu Tieu Sa Te (Satay Ho Fun Soup)     4.95
Bo Vien (Beef Ball Soup)     3.20
Ca Vien (Fish Ball Soup)     3.20
Pho dac Biet (Beef Noodle Soup)     4.20
Hu Tieu Gadai (Sheredded Chicken Ho Fun)     4.70
Hu Tieu Vit Xe Vacai Picke (Pickle with Shredded Duck Ho Fun)     4.75


Cha Gio (Egg Rolls (3))     3.70
Thit Goi Bot Mi (Pot Stickers (8))     4.95
Tom Rang Muoi (Deep Fried Prawns (10))     7.25
Cha Ca Chien (Fried Fish Cake)     3.70
Muc Rang Muoi (Golden Fried Squid)     7.20
Tau Hu Chien Don (Deep Fried Stuffed Tofu)     5.20
Ruot Heo Chien Don     5.95


Canh Chua Ngot (Hot & Sour Soup)     5.00
Canh Bong Trung (Egg Flower Soup)     5.00
Canh Tau Hu Haisan (Seafood with Tofu Soup)     6.50
Canh Bo Bong Trung (West Lake Beef Soup)     5.00
Canh Cai Hot Vit Muoi (Sliced Pork Salt Egg with Mustard Green Soup)     6.50
Canh Hot Bap (Chicken w/Cream Corn Soup)     5.00
Canh Tauhu Rong Bien (Seawee w/ Bean Cake Soup)     5.00
Canh Thit Cua Hot Bap (Crabmeat with Corn Soup)     5.95
Canh Haisan (Dry Scallops with Seafood Soup)     6.95

Barbecued Items

Heo Quay (Roast Pork)     4.70
Vit Quay (Roast Pork)     4.70
Thit Xa Xiu (B.B.Q. Pork)     4.70
Suongquay (B.B.Q. Spareribs)     4.70
Galuoc (Boiled Tender Chicken)     4.70
Ga Hap Muoi (Boiled Chicken with Salt)     4.70
Vit Pha Lau Trieu Chau (Five Spice Duck)     4.70
Vit Quay Peipa (Roast Duck Chinese Guitar)     4.70
Nua Con Gadai (Half Broaway Chicken)     7.25


Bo Xao Mong Co (Mongolian Beef)     5.75
Bo Xao Kung Pao (Kung Pao Beef)     5.75
Bo xao Dau Cai (Beef with Tender Greens)     5.75
Bo Xao Dau Hao (Beef with Oyster Sauce)     5.75
Bo Xao Gung Hanh (Scallion & Ginger Beef)     5.75
Bo Xao Dau Hoa Lan (Beef with Snow Peas)     5.75
Bo Xao Cai Cai Lan (Beef with Chinese Broccoli)     5.75
Bo Xao Ot Xanh (Beef with Green Pepper)     5.75
Long Bo Xao Tau Xi (Beef Tripe w/Black Bean Sauce)     5.75
Bo Xao Kho Hoa (Beef with Bitter Melon)     5.75
Long Bo Luot (Boiled Beef Trip)     5.75
Duoi Bo Nau La Gu (Oxtail Special Sauce)     6.95
Bokho (Dry Bean Cake with Lamb)     6.95


Ga Xao Hot Dieu (Cashewnut Chicken)     5.75
Ga Xao Kung Pao (Kung Pao Chicken)     5.75
Ga Xao Hau Hoa Lan (Snow Pea with Chicken)     5.75
Ga Xao Cary (Curry Chicken)     5.75
Ga Xao Chua Ngot (Sweet & Sour Chicken)     5.75
Ga Xao Tau Hu (Bean Curd with Chicken)     5.75
Ga Xao Cai Ro (Chinese Broccoli Chicken)     5.75
Ga Xao Kieu Ho Nam (Hunan Chicken)     5.75
Ga Xao Ga Tim Chua Ngot (Hot & Sour Chicken with Eggplant)     5.75


Xuong Heo Bac Kinh (Peking Spareribs)     5.95
Xuong Heo Rang Muoi (Spiced Sat Baked Spareribs)     5.95
Thit Heo Xao Chua Ngot (Sweet & Sour Pork)     5.95
Thitheo Xao Hot Dieu (Pork with Cashewnut)     5.70
Thit Heo Xao He Vang (Yellow Chives Shredded Pork)     5.50
Cat Heo Xao Gunghanh (Ginger Onion Fried with Kindey)     5.70
Thitheo Xao Ca Tim (Shredded Pork with Eggplant)     5.50

Vegetable and Bean Cake

Tao Hu (Spicy Bean Cake with Minced Pork)     5.75
Tao Hu (Braised Bean Cake with Vegetable)     5.75
Cai Thap Cam (Mixed Vegetable Deluxe)     5.75
Dau Dua Xao (Dry Braised String Beans with Minced Pork)     5.25
Rao Muongxao Toi (Sauteed Spinach with Garlic Sauce)     5.25
Tao Meu Xao Toi (Snow Pea Sprouts w/Garlic Sauce)     8.50
Cai Ro Dau (Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce)     4.70
Cai Trang Xao Toi (Chinese Tender Green with Garlic Sauce)     4.70
Caibe Xanh Xao Toi (Mustard Green w/Garlic Sauce)     4.70


Tom Hot Walnut (Honey Walnut Prawns)     8.95
Tom Rang Muoi (Spiced Salt Baked Prawns)     7.25
Tom Xao Cac Loai Cai (Prawns w/Chinese Greens)     7.25
Tom Xao Ca (Prawns in Tomato Sauce)     7.25
Tom Xao Dau Hao (Prawns in Lobster Sauce)     7.25
Tom Xao Hot Dieu (Prawns with Cashewnuts)     7.25
Tom Xao Tau Xi (Prawns in Black Bean Sauce)     7.25
Tom Xao Kung Pao (Kung Pao Prawns)     7.25
Scallop & Tom Xao Cai (Sauteed Prawns & Scallops)     8.95
Scallops Xao Tau Xi (Scallops w/Black Bean Sauce)     8.95
Muc Rang Muoi (Squids with Spiced Sat)     7.20
Muc Xao Cac Loai Cai (Sauteed Scallops with Chinese Greens)     7.20
Ca Xao Cac Loai Cai (Fillet Rock Cod w/Vegetable)     5.75
Ca Xao Chula Ngot (Sweet & Sour Rock Cod Fillet)     5.75
Ca Xao Hot Bap (Fillet Rock Cod with Corn)     5.75
Ca Xao Cary (Fillet Rock Cod with Curry Sauce)     5.75
Ca Xaoca Tim Chua Ngot (Hot & Sour Rock Cod with Eggplant)     5.75
Cai Xao Hai San (Sauteed Mixed Seafood)     8.95
Ca Luoi Chau Chien (Dry Fried Flounder)     7.75
Ca Chiem Chien (Fried Pomfret Fish in Garlic & Soy Sauce)     9.99

New Hai Ky BBQ Noodle House

minimum 5 lb. price is per pound

Rice Stick Noodle Singapore Style     2.70
Plain Soy Sauce Chow Mein     2.25
Combination Chow Mein     2.50
Seafood Chow Mein     2.75
Three Kinds of Shredded Meat Chow Mein     2.75
Beef or Chicken or BBQ Pork Chow Mein     2.50
House Special Fried Rice Needle Noodle     3.75
Bitter Melon Chow Fun     2.50
Beef Chow Fun     2.50
Beef or Chicken or BBQ Pork Chow Fun     2.50
Combination Fried Rice     2.50
Salted Fish & Diced Chicken Fried Rice     2.75
Beef Stir Fry with Broccoli or Bak Choy     3.25
Ginger Beef or Oyster Sauce Beef     3.25
Stir Fry Chinese or American Broccoli     2.75
Beef Stir Fry with Mixed Vegetables     3.25
Seafood Stir Fry with Mixed Vegetables     3.75
Fried Tofu with Mixed Vegetables     3.25
Braised Bean Curd     3.25
Eggplant in Hot Garlic Sauce     3.25
Fried Chicken Drumstick (Order One Day in Advance)     3.20
Sweet and Sour Pork     3.50
Peking Pork Chop     3.50
Baked Spareribs with Spicy Salt     3.50
String Bean with Garlic Sauce     3.25
String Bean with Beef     3.25
Spring Roll (minimum 20 rolls) ea     80.00
Baked Chicken Wing with Spicy Salt     3.20
Piglet (15-19 lbs)     135.00
Large Pig (40-50 lbs)     175.00
Baby Piglet (7-8 lbs)     135.00
Medium Pig (20-23 lbs)     145.00
Half Large Pig     88.00


New Hai Ky
2191 Irving St
Btwn 22nd & 23rd Ave
(415) 731-0105
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