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  • 1705 Buchanan St, San Francisco 94115 37.785816 -122.430138
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1. Goon Mandoo Pork deep fried potstickers.    9.95
2. Mool Mandoo House made pork steamed dumplings.    10.95
3. Croquette Breaded mashed potato. Vegetarian.   Small 9.95 Large 13.95
4. Ojingeo Twigim Squid tempura served with our house soy sauce.   Small 11.95 Large 14.95
5. Gyeran Jjim Steamed egg with green onions and chili powder. Vegetarian.    6.95
6. Geem Mari Spicy deep fried seaweed roll stuffed with vermicelli. Vegetarian.    9.95
7. Shrimp Tempura Salad Shrimp tempura on top a bed of spring mix and carrots kiwi dressing or house dressing. 6 pieces of shrimp.    12.95


13. Kimchi Jjigae Soup Spicy cabbage stew and tofu. Vegetarian.    14.95
14. Doenjang Jjigae Soup Bean paste stew with vegetables, tofu and seafood.    12.95
15. Ahl Tang Soup Fish roe and vegetables in a hot spicy broth.    16.95
16. Soon Doo Boo Soup Spicy soft tofu stew with seafood. Vegetarian.    12.95
17. Honghao Tang Soup Mussel soup.    14.95
18. Odeng Tang Soup Fish cakes and vegetable soup.    14.95
19. Dduk Mandoo Guk Soup Rice cakes and house made dumpling soup with vermicelli noodles.    12.95


20. Budae Jjigae Sausage, spam, ham, vegetables and ramen noodles in a hot spicy broth.    30.95
21. Bul Nak Jun Gol Seasoned beef and octopus in a spicy broth.    31.95
22. Seafood Casserole Seafood in a spicy broth.    32.95


37. Dahk Gui Bbq'ed boneless chicken marinated in our special house sauce.    15.95
38. Dahk Galbi Spicy stir fried chicken with vegetables.    15.95
39. Buldak Blazing hot fire chicken.    16.95
40. Cheese Buldak Fire chicken with cheese on top.    17.95
41. Fried Chicken Korean style crispy fried chicken.    15.95
42. Yangnyum Chicken Fried chicken seasoned in our spicy house sauce and peanuts.    16.95
43. Kampong Chicken Deep fried chicken battered in a sweet and spicy garlic sauce.    16.95


23. Kalbi Korean short ribs marinated in a house soy sauce.    21.95
24. Bulgogi Thinly sliced sirloin beef marinated in a sweet house soy sauce.    18.95
25. Kanpoong Sogogi Deep fried beef battered in a sweet and spicy garlic sauce.    16.95


33. Dweji Bulgogi House marinate spicy BBQ pork.    17.95
34. Tang Su Yuk     17.95
35. Tonkatsu Pork cutlet served with tonkatsu sauce.    14.95
36. Jok Bal Steamed and seasoned braised pigs feet. With spicy sauce and vegetables.   Small 18.95 Large 24.95


51. Haemul Pajeon Seafood pancake with onions.    15.95
52. Kampoong Saewoo Deep fried prawns battered in a sweet and spicy garlic sauce.    18.95
53. Nakji/Ojingo Bokkum Spicy squid stir fry sauteed in chili sauce, rice noodles on the side.    18.95


44. Ddukbokki Soft rice cakes with fish cakes in a spicy chili sauce.    12.95
45. La Bokki Soft rice cakes with ramen noodles and fish cakes in a spicy chili sauce.    13.95
46. Dooboo Kimchi Boiled tofu, stir-fried kimchi and pork. Spicy and vegetarian.    15.95
47. Bibim Mandoo Spicy potsticker salad.    14.95
48. Bulgogi Beef and Cheese Fries     19.95
49. Seafood Ddukbokki Spicy rice cakes with mussels, squid, shrimp with mozzarella cheese.    15.95
50. Dahk Ddong Jib Bokkum Stir fry chicken gizzard with roasted garlic, jalapenos and mushrooms.    14.95


8. Jjamppong Noodle Fresh home made noodles in a hot spicy broth seafood and vegetables.    14.95
9. Jjajang Noodle Fresh homemade noodles mixed in black bean sauce with pork and potatoes with cucumber garnish.    12.95
10. Jaengban Jjajang Noodle Fresh homemade noodles stir-fried in black bean sauce with seafood. Spicy.    16.95
11. Japchae Noodle Vermicelli noodles, vegetables and shredded beef sauteed in a sweet soy sauce seasoning. Served hot. Vegetarian.    12.95
12. Bibim Neng Myun Noodle Cold spicy buckwheat noodles garnished with egg and cucumbers, served cold. Spicy.    12.95


26. Jajang Bap Fresh homemade black bean sauce over fried rice with fried egg a on top.    13.95
27. Bibimbap Rice mixed with vegetables, beef and fried egg on top. Vegetarian.    11.95
28. Dolsot Bibimbap Rice mixed with vegetables, beef and egg served in a hot stone pot. Spicy and vegetarian.    12.95
29. Haemul Dolsot Bibimbap Dolsot bibimbap with spicy stir-fried seafood.    14.95
30. Omurice Ketchup fried rice with a fried egg omelette on top.    12.95
31. Kimchi Bokkum Bap Kimchi fried rice with beef and vegetables, fried egg on top. Spicy.    13.95
32. Shrimp Fried Rice Fried rice with shrimp, egg and vegetables.    13.95


54. Geepoh and Ddang Kong Dried seasoned fish and peanuts.    12.95
55. Popcorn Chicken House made popcorn chicken with honey mustard sauce.    12.95
56. Cheese Sticks and French Fries     12.95
57. French Fries     9.95
58. Garlic Fries     11.95
59. Fried Combination Cheese sticks, fries, nuggets, jalapeno poppers, corn poppers and green man.    19.95
60. Sweet Potato Fries Finely cut sweet potato fries coated with cinnamon and powdered sugar.    10.95
61. Sausage Combo Hot links, beef franks and bockwurst served with French fries on the side.    15.95


1705 Buchanan St
At Post St
(415) 918-5710
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