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R & G Lounge

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  • Chinese, Seafood
  • 631 Kearny St, San Francisco 94108 37.794028 -122.404582
  • (At Commercial St)
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  • (415) 982-7877
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101. Vegetable Egg Rolls fried egg rolls filled with shredded vegetables and served with a sweet & sour sauce.   (2 pcs) 5.50
102. Chicken Salad marinated, roasted shredded chicken breast, crispy vermicelli, lettuce, and parsley mixed with salad dressing.    7.00
103. Chicken & Beef Skewers barbecued chicken and beef skewers in satay sauce.   (4 pcs) 8.00
104. Barbecued Pork barbecued lean strips of choice pork marinated in various seasonings.    9.00
111. Vegetarian Goose black mushrooms wrapped in tofu skin.    9.00
106. Deep Fried Oysters deep - fried fresh battered oysters.    15.00
105. Salt & Pepper Calamari deep-fried calamari seasoned with salt and pepper.    15.00
217. Salt & Pepper Scallops tender scallops deep-fried and sprinkled with salt and pepper seasonings.    15.00


171. Double Boiled Soup Of The Day please ask your server about daily ingredients.  
151. Bird's Nest Soup bird's nest with bamboo pith in a hearty supreme broth.    75.00  18.00
162. Braised Seafood Soup With Abalone abalone, fish maw, sea cucumber and shredded chicken in a thick savory broth.    60.00  15.00
844. Fresh Crab Meat Winter Melon Soup thick broth cooked with traditional dried scallops and fresh crab meat.   bowl 22.00
153. Roasted Duck Soup sliced roasted duck, chives, bamboo shoots, chinese mushrooms & imitation crab meat cooked in a thick savory broth.    18.00  8.00
154. Diced Chinese Winter Melon Soup broth cooked with diced winter melon, chinese mushroom, shrimp, scallops, pork, imitation crabmeat, and dried scallops.    14.00  5.00
155. West Lake Minced Beef Soup thick broth cooked with ground beef, parsley, egg whites, and imitation crabmeat.    14.00  5.00
156. Seafood & Bean Curd Soup thick broth cooked with scallops, prawns, bean curd, egg whites, and parsley.    14.00  5.00
159. Hot & Sour Soup * thick broth cooked with shredded pork, black fungus, bamboo shoots, bean curd, scallions, eggs, vinegar and pepper.    14.00  5.00
164. Mashed Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup tiny pieces of chicken, sweet corn and egg cooked in a thick savory broth.    14.00  5.00

Pork, Beef & Lamb

401. Mu Shu Pork combination of stir-fried egg, shredded pork, cabbage, bamboo shoots, black fungus, and scallions served with six (6) crepes.    15.00
402. Szechwan Pork * sauteed sliced pork with red pepper, onion, and chili sauce.    15.00
403. Kiang Ton Spareribs sauteed spareribs with a tangy sweet & sour sauce.    15.00
404. Salt & Pepper Spareribs deep-fried spareribs sprinkled with salt & pepper seasonings.    15.00
405. Mongolian Beef * sauteed sliced beef with onions, green peppers, and chili sauce.    15.00
409. Seasonal Vegetable With Beef beef with vegetable.    15.00
416. Broccoli With Chinese Bacon & Sausage chinese bacon and sausage sautéed with chinese broccoli.    15.00
412. Chinese Style Steak Cubes sauteed steak cubes with onions in our unique chinese bbq sauce.    16.00
017. Steak Cubes In X.O. Sauce * sauteed steak cubes with snow peas in a spicy x.o. sauce.    16.00
407. Steak Cubes With Macadamia Nuts beef steak cubes sautéed with macadamia nuts, bell peppers, onions, and celery in a black pepper sauce.    17.00
833. Sliced Lamb In Spicy Sauce with steamed buns (6).    18.00
839. Crispy Roasted Pork Shoulder served with an assortment of pickled vegetables and plum sauce.    20.00


668. Roast Duck specially marinated duck roasted to a golden brown crispy skin.   half 16.00 whole 30.00
666. Crispy Chicken deep-fried chicken with a nice crispy outside finish.   whole 30.00 half 16.00
667. Roasted Chicken oven roasted chicken with a side of special brown dipping sauce.   half 16.00 whole 30.00
603. Ginger & Green Onion Chicken steamed chicken with skin and bones served in a ginger and onion sauce.   half 16.00 whole 30.00
022. Chicken With Broccoli choice of spicy or not spicy. diced chicken breast sautéed with black bean sauce and served with broccoli.    15.00
605. Chicken With Cashew Nuts sautéed diced chicken breast with snow peas, baby corn, bamboo shoots, carrots, onion, ginger and cashew nuts.    15.00
606. Kung Pao Chicken * sautéed diced chicken with bell peppers, onions, carrots, green beans and peanuts in spicy sauce.    15.00
611. Diced Honey Garlic Chicken diced chicken sautéed in our special honey garlic sauce and served with broccoli.    15.00
613. Chicken With X.O. Sauce * diced tender pieces of chicken breast cooked in spicy x.o. sauce.    15.00
621. Dragon Phoenix sauteed diced chicken breast and prawns served with broccoli.    18.00

Noodles & Fried Rice

531. Chow Mein choose one item shrimp beef, chicken, vegetable or combination.    12.00
531. Chow Mein add pan fried hong kong style.    1.00
541. Braised E- Fu Noodles noodles with shredded pork, mushrooms, and chives.    12.00
595. Fresh Wild Mushroom Chow Mein     15.00
596. Combination Seafood Stir Fried Garlic Noodle prawns, clams, & scallops sautéed with tomatoes and garlic noodles.    15.00
511. Seafood Fried Rice     12.00
513. Salted Fish with chicken fried rice.    12.00
570. Diced Pineapple & Shrimp Fried Rice     12.00
515. Dried Scallops & Egg White Fried Rice     15.00
590. Golden Supreme Fried Rice fried rice mixed with slices of eggs yolk in x.o. sauce.    15.00


01. Black Bean Sauce   
02. Fried with garlic & hot peppers.  
03. Ginger And Scallions   
04. Steamed with garlic.  
05. Steamed   
06.Steamed with wine & egg whites.  
07. Salted Egg Yolk   
08. Spicy Garlic Sauce   


01. Supreme Broth   
02. Salt & Pepper   
03. Black Bean Sauce   
04. Ginger And Scallions   

Fresh Fish

Ling Cod please choose one of the following cooking methods:    20.00
Ling Cod 01. bean curd soup  
Ling Cod 02. salt & pepper  
Ling Cod 03. ginger & onion  
Ling Cod 04. sauteed chives with sprouts  
Ling Cod 05. with vegetables  
20406. Steamed Fresh Rock Cod   
20407. Steamed Fresh Sea Bass   

Prawns $17

209. Salt & Pepper Prawns in shell.  
210. Sauteed Prawns & Snow Peas In X.O. Sauce *  
211. Prawns with scrambled eggs.  
589. Prawns with rice noodles steamed in a garlic broth.  

Clams And Oysters $17

228. Oysters With Ginger & Onion   
229. Oysters With Black Bean Sauce   
230. Oysters With Salt & Pepper   
231. Fresh Clams Steamed In A Sake Broth   
232. Clams with black bean sauce.  

Other Seafood

222. Sauteed Scallops * with x.o. sauce.    17.00
218. Sauteed Crystal Scallops     17.00
233. Steamed Bean Curd & Scallops In A Black Bean Sauce     17.00
219. Mixed Seafood Sauteed with greens.    20.00

Low Calorie Recommendations $15

310. Tender Greens In Supreme Broth tender greens boiled in a thick broth and topped with shredded virginia ham.  
311. Eggplant With Garlic Sauce * eggplant, shredded, pork, black fungus, bamboo shoots, and scallions sautéed in a hot garlic sauce.  
312. Ma Po Bean Curd * soft bean curd, shredded pork and scallions sauteed in a spicy sauce.  
313. Steamed Bean Curd With Shrimp steamed soft bean curd topped with shrimp meat and served with a special soy sauce.  
303. Mu Shu Vegetables combination of stir-fried egg, cabbage, bamboo shoots, black fungus, and scallions served with six (6) crepes.  
304. Mixed Vegetables Deluxe sauteed mixed vegetables including snow peas, carrots, bean curd, mushrooms, bok choy, bean sprouts, and baby corn.  
305. Snow Peas & Water Chestnuts snow peas and water chestnuts sautéed with ginger and garlic.  
315. Scrambled Eggs With Tomato & Bean Curd scrambled eggs sautéed with tomatoes and soft bean curd.  
309. Sliced Vegetarian Abalone With Preserved Vegetables sliced vegetarian abalone sautéed with preserved vegetables.  

Clay Pot

351. Seafood Combination In Clay Pot combination of scallops, prawns, calamari, black mushrooms and vegetables simmered in a clay pot.    16.00
352. Fresh Oysters & Black Mushroom In Clay Pot oysters, black mushrooms, bean curd, ginger and scallions bubbling in a clay pot.    15.00
354. Eggplant & Salted Fish In Clay Pot eggplant and salted fish simmered with ginger and scallions in a clay pot.    15.00
355. Salted Fish Chicken & Bean Curd In Clay Pot diced chicken breasts and bean curd cooked with salted fish in a clay pot.    15.00
360. Ox Tail Stew In Clay Pot hearty pieces of ox tail stewed in a clay pot.    16.00
358. Chinese Melons & Bean Vermicelli In Clay Pot cooked in a light chicken broth with dried shrimp.    15.00

Drunken Squab Combination (Cold Plates) $9

602. Drunken Squab     17.00
111. Vegetarian Goose   
308. Spicy Sesame Pickle   
669. Cured Ham Hock   
670. Soya Sauce Beef Briskets   
672. Soya Sauce Bean Curd   
673. Jellyfish Cold Plate   
674. Japanese Seaweed   
675. Soya Sauce Duck Wings   
676. Soya Sauce Duck Tongue   
677. Spicy North Pole Conch   

Drunken Squab Combination (Cold Plates) $9

Special Combination Gold Platter   
Barbecued Combination Platter   

House Specialties

002. Geoduck Sashimi served on a platter with seaweed, wasabi mustard and soy sauce.  
009. Double Boiled Chicken Soup double boiled with chicken, mushrooms, and virginia ham.    6.00
005. Whole Abalone With Mustard Greens whole abalone with light gravy served over mustard green vegetables.  
003. Double Boiled Supreme Bird's Nest Soup bird's nest braised in a supreme broth.    50.00
115. Salmon Avocado Egg Roll fried egg rolls filled with smoked salmon, avocado and served with a sweet sour sauce.   (2 pcs) 6.50
006. Live Crab With Salt And Pepper signature dish. live battered crab deep fried and sprinkled with salt and pepper seasonings.  
008. Steamed Clams With Egg steamed live clams with beaten eggs.    18.00
208. Prawns With Honey Walnuts deep-fried prawns lightly coated with mayonnaise and served with honey walnuts.    18.00
199. Garlic Steamed Maine Lobster half or whole. maine lobster steamed with minced garlic & onions  
001. Minced Seafood In Lettuce Cups stir-fried minced scallops, prawns, chinese sausage, mushrooms and bamboo shoots served with six (6) lettuce cups.    18.00
200. Baked Black Cod large fillet of black cod marinated & baked in our special glaze.    38.00
015. Fried Stuffed Bean Curd deep fried bean curd stuffed with shrimp meat and topped with gravy and scallions.    14.00
302. Mixed Vegetables With Mushrooms three kinds of mushrooms, celery, sea vegetables and lily roots prepared and sauteed with chef's special method.    18.00
013. Black Mushrooms With Mustard Greens fresh black mushrooms with mustard greens in light oyster sauce.    18.00
012. Dried Scallops With Chinese Melons steamed chinese melons, black fungus and seasonal greens topped with dried scallop gravy.    18.00
014. Three Treasures With Black Bean Sauce bean curd, eggplant and hot peppers stuffed with shrimp meat in black bean sauce.    15.00
011. Vegetarian Abalone With Greens slices of vegetarian abalone with light gravy served over green vegetables.    18.00
016. R & G Special Beef secret recipe. stir - fried top choice sliced beef marinated with chef's special sauce.    18.00
020. Beef Brisket And Turnip In A Clay Pot tender pieces of beef brisket and turnip simmered in a hearty broth and served in a clay pot.    18.00
030. Scallops And Steak Cubes With Macadamia Nuts scallops and tender beef steak cubes tossed with mixed vegetables and macadamia nuts in a black pepper sauce.    20.00
406. Sliced Lamb In X.O. Sauce * tender slices of lamb sauteed with vegetable in xo sauce.    18.00
018. Pan Fried Minced Pork And Salted Fish Patties traditional chinese dish.    16.00
019. Honey Spareribs hearty spareribs glazed with honey and seasonings.    15.00
601. Roasted Squab whole squab roasted to a golden brown crispy skin, served with seasoning on the side.    16.00
665. Princess Chicken specially marinated whole chicken with a ginger and onion sauce.    15.00  28.00
025. Peking Duck specially marinated whole duck, roasted to a golden brown crispy skin, served with steamed buns and house special sauce.    20.00  34.00
024. Soy Sauce Chicken steamed chicken with skin and bones served in special soy sauce.    15.00  28.00
023. Fried Chicken With Lemon Sauce chicken breast filed deep fried with a crispy batter and served with lemon sauce.    15.00
671. Soya Sauce Duck tender pieces of duck marinated in chef's special soy sauce.    30.00  16.00

Traditional Chinese Dishes

Double Boiled Chicken With Ham Soup   
Double Boiled Chinese Herbal Turtle Soup   
Double Boiled Fish Maw With Chicken Soup   
Winter Melon Soup   
Dry Scallops With Chinese Melon   
Bamboo Piths Rolls   
Stuffed Chicken With Sweet Rice   
B.B.Q. Squab Country Style   

Banquet A $368

Assorted Cold Appetizer   
Crystal Prawns With Pine Nuts   
Steak Cubes With Macadamia Nuts   
Crab Meat & Fish Maw Soup   
Princess Chicken   
Crab With Ginger And Scallions   
Dried Scallops With Seasonal Vegetables   
Steamed Live Fish   
Yang Chow Fried Rice   

Banquet B $428

Salt And Pepper Crab   
Deep Fried Prawns With Honey Glazed Walnuts   
Scallops And Steak Cubes With Black Pepper Sauce   
Braised Seafood Combination Soup   
Peking Duck With Steamed Buns   
Soy Sauce Chicken   
Bamboo Piths With Greens   
Baked Black Cod   
Golden Supreme Fried Rice   

Banquet C $518

Special Combination Appetizer   
Braised Bird's Nest Soup With Fish Maw And Minced Chicken   
Salt And Pepper Crab   
Sautéed Steak Cubes And Scallops With X.O. Sauce   
Roasted Chicken In Special Sauce   
Baked Maine Lobster In Supreme Broth   
Black Mushrooms With Mustard Greens   
Steamed Live Fish Or Baked Black Cod   
Longevity Noodle With Abalone Sauce   

Banquet D $738

Drunken Squab Combination   
Sautéed Geoduck Clam And Shellfish With Chives   
Bamboo Piths Rolls   
Braised Bird's Nest Soup With Lobster Meat   
Salt And Pepper Crab   
Stuffed Chicken With Sweet Sticky Rice   
Sea Cucumber And Mushrooms With Tender Greens   
Steamed Live Fish Or Baked Black Cod   
Braised E-Fu Noodles With Abalone Sauce And Mushrooms   

Banquet E $838

Chef's Special Appetizer   
Dry Scallops And Egg White In Lettuce Cups   
Sautéed Geoduck Clam With Chives   
Braised Bird's Nest Soup With Crab Meat   
Braised Abalone With Mustard Green   
B.B.Q. Squab Country Style   
Baked Maine Lobster In Supreme Broth   
Steamed Live Fish Or Baked Black Cod   
Braised E-Fu Noodle With Geoduck And Mushrooms   
Double Boiled Ginseng With Lotus Seed   

Banquet Lunch G $228

Salmon Avocado Egg Rolls   
Seafood And Bean Curd Soup   
Barbecued Pork   
Honey Spareribs   
Mixed Vegetables Deluxe   
Deep Fried Prawns With Honey Glazed Walnuts   
Steak Cubes With Macadamia Nuts   
Chicken Chow Mein   
Vegetable Fried Rice   

Banquet Lunch H $298

Live Crab With Salt And Pepper   
Braised Dry Scallop Soup With Shredded Chicken   
Soy Sauce Chicken   
Beef Steak Cubes With X.O. Sauce   
Deep Fried Prawns With Honey Glazed Walnuts   
Three Treasures With Black Bean Sauce   
Honey Spareribs   
Mixed Vegetables Deluxe   
Beef Chow Fun With Black Bean Sauce   
Seasonal Fruit Plate   


R & G Lounge
631 Kearny St
At Commercial St
(415) 982-7877
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