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Red Crawfish

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  • Soul Food
  • 611 Larkin St, San Francisco 94109 37.783558 -122.417711
  • (Btwn Eddy & Willow St)
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  • (415) 231-3184
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Lunch Specials

Daily Lunch Special $5.25. (Dine-In Only From: 11am-2pm)

Monday spicy ground chicken over rice  
Tuesday free range chicken noodle soup  
Wednesday broccoli chicken over rice  
Thursday general chicken over rice  
Friday mixed vegetable w/ tofu over rice  

Noodle Soup

Fresh Crab Meat Minced Shrimp Tomato Soup     7.95
Cajun Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup     7.95
Free Range Chicken Noodle Soup     6.50
House Special Combo Noodle Soup     7.95
Seafood Noodle Soup     7.95
Fish Ball & Fish Cake Noodle Soup     6.95
Spicy Beef Egg Noodle Soup     6.50
Five Spices Chicken Noodle Soup     6.50
BBQ Pork Chop & Egg Roll Noodle Soup     7.50
BBQ Pork Chop Noodle Soup     7.50
Vegetarian Noodle Soup     6.50

Fried Noodles & Fried Rice

Combination Crispy Noodle     7.95
Seafood Crispy Noodle     8.50
Mix Vegetable Chicken beef or shrimp crispy noodle    7.50
Stir-Fry Flat Noodle with beef or chicken    6.50
Stir -Fry Fat Noodle with seafood    7.95
Stir -Fry Fat Noodle with ground basil chicken    6.95
Stir -Fry Fat Noodle with chicken or beef with black bean sauce    6.95
Stir -Fry Egg Noodle with seafood    7.95
Stir -Fry Egg Noodle with string beans and shrimp    7.50
Combination Fried Rice     7.50
Seafood Fried Rice     7.95
Shrimp Fried Rice     7.50
Chicken Or Beef Fried Rice     6.50
Mixed Vegetable Fried Rice     6.50
Ground Chicken Fried Rice     6.95

Rice Plates

BBQ Pork & Egg Rolls w/ vermicelli or over rice    7.95
BBQ Pork & Shrimp w/ vermicelli or over rice    7.95
Five Spice Chicken & Egg Rolls w/vermicelli or over rice    7.50
Five Spice Chicken egg & broccoli over rice    8.50
BBQ Pork five spice chicken, & bbq shrimp over rice    8.95
BBQ Pork bbq shrimp & egg over rice    8.50
BBQ Pork Chop & Egg Over Rice     7.95
BBQ Pork Chop w/ greens over rice    7.50
BBQ Short Ribs w/ greens over rice    7.95
BBQ Short Ribs bbq shrimp & egg over rice    8.95
Cajun, Spicy Sausage w/ greens & eggs over rice    7.50
Braised Ox Tail w/ carrots and potatoes    8.95
Spicy Ground Chicken w/ mint leaves over vermicelli or rice    6.95
Eggplant w/ spicy ground chicken    6.95
String Bean Chicken beef, or ground chicken    7.50
Asparagus Chicken beef, or ground chicken    7.50
Asparagus Shrimp     7.95
Cashew Nut Shrimp     6.95
Seafood w/ tender greens    7.95
Scrambled Egg w/ shrimp    6.95
Catfish with black bean sauce    6.95
Broccoli Beef chicken, or ground chicken    6.50
Mongolian Beef Or Chicken     6.50
Sesame Chicken Or General Chicken     6.50
Kung Pao Spiced Chicken     6.50
Sauteed Squid w/ hot chili pepper & bamboo shoots    6.95
Mixed Vegetables with calamari    7.25
Mixed Vegetables with tofu    5.95
Sauteed eggplant with tofu    5.95
Triple Mushrooms w/tofu    5.95

Cajun Specialites

Please Pick A Spice Level For All The Above: Mild, Medium, Spicy Or X-Spicy. Please Pick A Seasoning: Red Crawfish Special (Original ), Garlic Butter Or Lemon Pepper. (Addition $1 For Sweet Potato Fries)

Cajun Louisiana Crawfish seasonal  
Dungeness Crab seasonal  
Alaskan King Crab Legs seasonal  
Clams Or Mussels    lb 13.99
Shrimp    lb 12.99
Combo Special clams, mussels, shrimp, crawfish   lb 14.99
Seafood Combo catfish, shrimp, calamari & oysters ( deshelled )   lb 13.99
Raw Oysters seasonal   (6) 10.00
BBQ Oysters bbq or garlic butter   (6) 12.99
Salt And Pepper Crab     36.99
Salt And Pepper Crawfish     13.99
Salt And Pepper Shrimp     12.99
Cajun Hot Wings     6.99
Gumbo w/ or w/o rice    12.99
Red Bean with rice    9.99
Fried Oysters & Cajun Fries     10.99
Fried Catfish & Cajun Fries      10.99
Fried Shrimp & Cajun Fries      10.99
Fried Calamari & Cajun Fries     10.99
Fried Seafood Combo W/ Fries oyster, catfish, shrimp and calamari    15.99


Sweet Potato Fries     4.99
Cajun Fries     3.99
Corn On The Cob    ea 0.75
Garlic Bread     2.99
Jasmine Steamed Rice    bowl 1.50
Sausages    (6) 2.50 (12pcs) 3.99
Potatoes    ea 0.75
½ Sweet Potato ½ Cajun Fries     5.99

Noodle Soup

Cajun Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup spicy noodle soup with seafood, onion, celery, green and red bell pepper    10.99
Bun Rieu fresh crab meat minced shrimp, ground pork, fried tofu and tomato with vermicelli    7.95
Free Range Chicken Noodle Soup rice noodle soup with slices of chicken    6.95
House Special Combo Noodle Soup rice noodle soup with chicken, shrimp, fish, calamari, fish balls and fish cake    8.50
Vegetarian Noodle Soup rice noodle soup with mixed vegetable and tofu    6.50
Five Spices Chicken Noodle Soup rice noodle soup with slice of fried chicken    7.50

Stir-Fry Noodles & Fried Rice

Garlic Noodles     7.00
Garlic Noodles with shrimp    9.95
Cajun & Asian Garlic Noodles     12.95
Stir-Fry Flat Noodle with beef or chicken    8.50
Stir -Fry Flat Noodle with mint leaves and ground chicken    8.95
Stir -Fry Egg Noodle with seafood    10.50
Stir -Fry Egg Noodle with string beans and shrimp    9.50
Garlic Fried Rice     6.50
Combination Fried Rice     9.50
Shrimp Fried Rice     8.95
Mixed Vegetable Fried Rice     8.50
Spicy Ground Chicken Fried Rice     8.50


Clam Chowder     9.00
Imperial Rolls vietnamese crispy rolls with shrimp, ground pork, taro, carrots and glass noodles dip in fish sauce.   (4) 6.50
Fresh Shrimp & BBQ Pork Rolls rice paper wrapped with fresh shrimp, grilled pork, lettuce, mint and vermicelli   (6) 6.50
Salt And Pepper Calamari light salt & pepper batter, seasoned with scallions & chili pepper.    6.50
Salt And Pepper Catfish light salt & pepper batter, seasoned with scallions & chili pepper.    7.50
Fried Combo Platter pop corn chicken, and calamari    10.95
Garlic Chicken Wings fried chicken wings seasoned with scallions and garlic   (6) 6.50
Papaya BBQ Pork Or Beef Salad shredded green papaya, carrots, mint, ground peanuts, pork or beef served with our special dressing    6.95
Papaya Shrimp Salad     7.95


Ground Chicken with mint leave    9.50
Braised Ox Tail with carrot and potatoes    13.99
Five Spices Chicken     9.50
BBQ Pork Or Pork Chop     10.50
BBQ Short Ribs     12.95
Mongolian Beef Or Chicken     9.50
Asparagus Chicken Or Beef     10.50
Asparagus Shrimp     11.95
Catfish with black bean sauce    10.50
Sesame Chicken Or General Chicken     9.50
Mixed Vegetables with tofu    8.95
Sauteed Eggplant with tofu    8.95
Garlic Broccoli     8.95
Chinese Broccoli garlic or oyster sauce    9.95


Beignets    (10pcs) 8.99 (4pcs) 4.99


Lemon Ice Tea     2.00
Thai Ice Tea     2.50
Vietnamese Ice Coffee     3.50
Lemonade     2.50
Arnold Palmer     2.95
Fresh Watermelon Juice     4.00
Orange Juice     2.50
Plum Soda     3.50
Honeydew Smoothie     4.00
Mango Smoothie     4.00
Papaya Smoothie     4.00
Strawberry Smoothie     4.00
Peach Smoothie     4.00
Raspberry Smoothie     4.00
Root Beer Float     3.50
Coconut Juice     2.95

Soft Drinks $1.75

Diet Coke   
Diet 7up   
Root Beer   


Budweiser     3.50
Bud Light     3.50
Tsing Tao     4.50
Sapporo     4.50
Heineken     4.50
Corona     4.50
Sierra Nevada     4.50
Anchor Steam     4.50

House Wines

White Or Red     6.50
Mimosa orange juice    5.95
Mimosa watermelon juice    6.95

Red Wines $7

Pinot Noir   
Cabernet Sauvignon   

White Wines $7

Sauvignon Blanc    

Set Dinner Special

Special No. 1 sweet potato fries, 3 pounds of crawfish, garlic noodles, garlic bread, beignets   (2pcs) 49.99
Special No.2 papaya salad, garlic butter crab, 1 pound of crawfish, garlic noodles, beignets   (2pcs) 69.99
Special No.3 cajun fries, salt and pepper squids, 4 pounds of crawfish, 2 pounds of shrimp, gumbo with rice, beignets   (3pcs) 89.99
Special No.4 cajun hot wings (12), 5 pounds of crawfish, 3 pounds of shrimp, fried catfish basket, mixed vegetables & tofu, shrimp fried rice, beignets   (5pcs) 119.99
Special No.5 2 sweet potato fries, cajun hot wings (12), 2 garlic bread, 8 pounds of crawfish, 4 pounds of shrimp, fried shrimp & cajun fries, garlic mixed vegetables, garlic noodle, shrimp fried rice, beignets   (8pcs) 179.99
Special No. 6 cajun fries, sweet potato fries, 2 salt & pepper squid, 12 pounds of crawfish, 6 pounds of shrimp, 2 garlic broccoli, 2 garlic noodles, 2 garlic bread, beignets   (10pcs) 229.99


Red Crawfish
611 Larkin St
Btwn Eddy & Willow St
(415) 231-3184
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