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  • Italian, Pizza
  • 2300 Chestnut St, San Francisco 94123 37.800202 -122.441197
  • (At Scott St)
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  • (415) 923-6464
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Bruschetta toasted ciabatta bread, tomatoes, garlic, basil pesto, mozzarella di bufala d.o.p.  
Trippa Alla Romana beef tripe, tomatoes, mint, carrots, celery, onions, pecorino romano, calabrian chili  
Vitello Tonnato chilled slow-roasted piemontese veal, tuna sauce, capers, lemon zest  
Tortino softspinach flan, running egg yolk core, grana padano sauce, sautéed spinach, burgundy black truffle  
Polipo slow-cooked spanish octopus, potatoes, garlic, parsley, sundried tomato crackers  
Battuta dry-aged piemontese rib eye tartare,quail egg, crostini di parmigiano, micro arugula,truffle "caviar"  
Burrata In Three Ways lettuce/crostini, tomato confit/basil, pear/walnut/honey  
Tonno sashimi grade #1 ahi tuna tartare, avocado, mache and cilantro salad, lime dressing  

Zuppa E Insalata

Lattuga E Pinoli butter lettuce, roasted pine nuts, parmigiano "vacche rosse," lemon dressing  
Cavolo mixed greens, avocado, smoked pancetta,blue cheese, eggs, aceto balsamico di modena  
Giardino mixed greens, mission figs, candied walnuts, ricotta salata, balsamico di modena i.g.p.  
Pomodoro comanche creek farm heirloom tomatoes, hydroponic mache, mozzarella di bufala d.o.p.  
Minestrone snowpeas, beans,zucchini, fennel, green beans, carrots, peas, cauliflower, potato, asparagus, croutons  

Primi Piatti

Tagliolini thin egg pasta withsan marzano d.o.p tomato sauce, italian burrata, fresh basil  
Pappardelle wide egg pasta, hen of the woods mushrooms, parmigiano "vacche rosse," veal reduction  
Tagliatelle thin egg pasta, wild board sugo, pecorino di fossa from arezzo  
Agnolotti Di Lidia traditional piemontese pasta, veal, pork, escarole, spinach, grana padano, veal reduction  
Casoncelli traditional lombardian filled pasta, veal, prosciutto crudo, pork tenderloin, pancetta, sage butter  
Tortelli pasta filled with buckwheat polenta taragna, rabbit sugo, parmigiano "vacche rosse," thyme  
Paccheri imported gragnano pasta, lobster, chantarelles mushrooms, thyme  
World Series Gnocchi pumpkin gnocchi (john's farm pumpking), parmesan sauce, brown butter, burgundy black truffle  

Secondi Piatti

Anatra maple leaf farm duck breast, smoked cipollini, sautéed treviso, pink peppercorn, honey- balsamic sauce  
Maialino 13hr slow cooked stone valley farm berkshire suckling pig, apple, green onions, grilled white corn, balsamic glace  
Brasato braised piedmontese flat iron, mulino sobrino polenta, demi-glace, hen of the wood mushrooms  
Salmone local salmon, lollipop kale, asparagus, sautéed fennel w/ saffron, extra virgin olive oil  
Seabass chilean seabass, zucchini puree, seasonal vegetables, extra virgin olive oil  


Marinara san marzano d.o.p tomato sauce, garlic, sicilan wild oregano  
Margherita san marzano d.o.p tomato sauce, mozzarella, organic basil  
Prosciutto san marzano d.o.p tomato sauce, mozzarella, prosciutto crudo di parma d.o.p  
Bufalina san marzano d.o.p tomato sauce, mozzarella, wild arugula, mozzarella di bufala d.o.p  
Diavola san marzano d.o.p tomato sauce, mozzarella, salamino calabrese, peperoncino calabrese, gaeta olives  
Salsiccia E Cipolle san marzano d.o.p tomato sauce, mozzarella, sausage, onions  
Formaggi Pere E Noci mozzarella, ricotta, goat cheese, gorgonzola, asiago, walnuts, pear, watercress, black pepper  
Tirolese san marzano d.o.p tomato sauce, ricotta, sausage, speck alto adige, wild arugula, grana padano  
Verdure Grigliate san marzano d.o.p tomato sauce, seasonal grilled vegetables, mozzarella di bufala d.o.p  
Golosa san marzano d.o.p tomato sauce, mozzarella, pancetta, onions, two eggs  
Capricciosa san marzano d.o.p tomato sauce, mozzarella, prosciutto cotto, mushrooms, artichokes, gaeta olives  
Ristopizza cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, wild arugula, prosciutto crudo di parma d.o.p, italian burrata, prawns  
Frutti Di Mare san marzano d.o.p tomato sauce, octopus,calamari, prawns, mussels, clams, cherry tomatoes, garlic  


Brussel Sprouts roasted brussel sprouts, olive oil, sea salt  
Lollipop Kale sautéed organic lollipop kale, butter, grana padano  
Polenta Ghiotta I imported italian bramata polenta from mulino sobrino, bolognese ragu', asiago cheese  
Broccolini Alla Calabrese sautéed broccolini, garlic,extra virgin olive oil, calabrian peperoncini  
Cavolfiori sautéed rainbow cauliflowers, smoked pancetta, ricotta salata  


Finocchiona: Artisan Columbus seasoned with wild fennel seeds which gives it an alluring cool, sweet flavor - an intriguing balance to the mellow texture and aroma of 90-day aged coarse ground fresh pork.  
Prosciutto Di Parma: Emilia Romagna this amazing product takes its name from the town of parma where these prized hams are salt-cured and air-dried over 16 months in the heart of emilia romagna. these world-famous hams are prized for their meaty and salty flavor.  
Coppa: Creminelli the name refers to the prized whole cut of pork that is used: a perfectly marbled, perfectly clean shoulder cut that is dry-rubbed, massaged, marinated and then air-dried.  
Calabrese Salami: Alle-Pia an italian dry sausage that is traditionally made with only pork meat. seasonings are added in addition to hot peppers, which assist to add a very spicy flavor to this type of salami.  
Soppressata: Fra Mani air-dried cured italian salami. made with coarsely ground pork meat and seasoned with black pepper and garlic. very coarsely cut and scented with clove. moist and full-flavored.  
Barolo Salami: Alle-Pia this robust salami, bursting with flavor, features barolo wine from italy along with the finest fresh spices. this traditional artisan salami is known in italy as salame al barolo, a meat delicacy that comes from piemonte in northern italy, the birthplace of barolo wine.  


Brunet: Piemonte taking its name from a local breed of goat, brunet is alta langa's answer to an all goat milk robiola. under its thin bloomy rind, the interior is dense, thick and lusciously creamy. the flavor is tangy and distinctly goaty with hints of fresh grasses, mushrooms and heavy cream.  
Fiore Di Bufala: Lombardia unusually produced in the area of bergamo this small, fresh an delicious fiore di bufala is a great alternative to fresh chevre or fromage blanc. because buffalo milk is so rich in butterfat, the texture is smooth and creamy. fresh and simply made, flavors are straightforward and comforting: rich, buttery, and with a hint of hay or grass  
Pecorino Crosta Nera Di Pienza: Toscana this cheese is produced in the orcia valley from sheep's milk cooked at 30-32° centigrade. it is a very simple and young kind of cheese. its paste is white and flaky, and its taste is dry and unique.  
Gorgonzola Dolce D.O.P: Piemonte creamy, melting and spreadable, it is the best known version of gorgonzola on the market. guffanti's gorgonzola is distinguished for the great care with which it is produced, sorted and aged.  
Parmigiano Reggiano "Vacche Rosse": Emilia Romagna the milk of the red cow has higher butterfat content and contains more protein allowing a longer period of aging, requiring a minimum of 30 months, compared to the 24 month. its unique nutty, fruity, grassy flavor is richer than most reggianos and its texture is somehow creamier, although aged longer.  
Taleggio Latte Crudo D.O.P: Lombardia due to the different production methods and ingredients used, this particular taleggio differs from the classic version and more closely reflects the thousand-year-old tradition of the valley where this cheese comes from. produced with raw milk from other small farms situated in valtaleggio, it is processed in the local farmers cooperative. this is where the milk of two milkings is left to cool and then heated to the working temperature (but not pasteurized) and processed with the addition of lactic cultures. this taleggio has a very rough pinkish rind, while the interior is very creamy near the sides and more crumbly in the middle. it has a pronounced, slightly sour but very mild taste, and the raw milk processing conserves all the fragrances of the grassy mountain pastures  
Epoisses De Bourgogne is a soft cow's milk cheese produced by jacques hennart in the village époisses, france. commonly called as epoisses, the cheese has creamy, chewy and firm texture. with a distinctive soft red-orange color, it is categorized as a smear-ripened cheese washed in marc de bourgogne.  


Angela's Tiramisù house made savoiardi soaked in espresso, creamy mascarpone, cocoa  
Babà rum and passion fruit-soaked baba (cake), housemade marscapone with organic caramelized peaches and cinnamon streusel  
Biscotteria house made cookies, warm moscato zabaione  
Budino Al Cioccolato warm chocolate cream, whipped cream, venezuelan cocoa nib crumble  
Specchio pistachio, marscapone cremosa, amarena, chocolate mousse, almond sponge  
Pannacotta honey, vanilla beans, organic fresh berries, crunchy sbrisolona  
Semifreddo blackberry and mascarpone with whipped cream and fresh fruit  
Amarena vanilla gelato served with fabbri wild cherries  
Sorbet And Gelato chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, coconut  


Apple Juice   
Coke diet coke, sprite  
San Pellegrino aranciata/limonata  
Italian Sodas   

Classic Cocktails

Vieux Carre rye, vya vermouth, brandy, benedictine, two bitters. the ‘forgotten' cocktail from new orleans that relies on traditional rye, the french-influenced brandy, and a heavy dose of two classic bitters.  
Boulevardier bourbon, vya dry vermouth, campari, house orange bitters. often referred to in the 1920's as the bourbon negroni, this classic cocktail is a perfect example of the balance between sweet and bitter.  
Pisco Punch pisco, pineapple, lime, gum syrup, house lime bitters. created in san francisco in the late 19th century at the bank exchange and billiard saloon - this cocktail has been enjoyed by the likes of mark twain and rudyard kipling.  
Bourbon Smash bulleit bourbon, lemon, mint, ginger ale. once called ‘a julep with a small plan', this classic is smooth sipping and fresh on the palate thanks to the fresh lemon and mint.  
Corpse Reviver #2 gin, lillet blanc, triple sec, lemon, absinthe rinse. considered by many to be the best tasting of the corpse reviver cocktails, this mixture will have you back in no time.  
French 75 ‘The Original' brandy, lemon, sparkling wine. created in 1915 at harry's new york bar in paris, it was said to have the kick of a french 75mm field gun.  

Signature Cocktails

Ristobar Negroni junipero gin, campari, gran classico, carpano vermouth, house orange bitters, hibiscus  
Crooner del maguey vida mezcal, brachetto, jasmine, house orange bitters  
Aperol Spritzer aperol, lemon, prosecco, crushed ice  
Sugarcane Mule organic spiced rum, lemon, pineapple gum, ginger mint, sugarcane  
Basil Ricky hendricks gin, lillet, house basil syrup, lime, basil, seltzer  
Limoncello Drop vodka, limoncello, lemon, triple sec, dry vermouth  
Dark Cuban goslings dark rum, mint, lime, prosecco, house lime bitters  
Frizzante Lombardo gin, lemon, house grapefruit bitters, egg white, prosecco, aperol  
Barrel Aged Old Fashioned templeton rye, maple syrup, house aromatic bitters  

Draft Beers

Anchor Steam Beer san francisco  
Birra Moretti Pale Lager udine, italy  
Drake's Hefeweizen san leandro, ca  
Trumer Braueri Pilsner berkeley, ca  
Lagunitas IPA petaluma, ca  
Anderson Valley "Boont Amber Ale" boonville, ca  

Bottled Beers

Three Philosophers, Quadrupel Ale cooperstown, n.y. 330ml  
Peroni Nastro Azzuro rome, italy 355ml  
Firestone Pale Ale paso robles, ca 355ml  
Deschutes Black Butte Porter bend, oregon 355ml  
Erdinger Weissbrau germany 335 ml  
Baladin Nora piedmont, italy 750 ml  
Birrificio Baladin Super piedmont, italy 750 ml  


N.V. Jeio Brut prosecco, veneto  


N.V. Filippo Galliano le due rose  


2010 La Botina pinot grigio,fruili-venezia guilia  
2010 Statti mantonico, calabria  
2010 Strasserhof kerner, alto adige  
2011 Cantine Barbera inzolia, sicilia  
2011 Donnafugata "Lighea" zibibbo, sicilia  
2011 Luisa friulano, friuli  
2011 Rocca Del Principe fiano di avellino, campania  
2012 L'Oliveto chardonnay, russian river  
2012 Pio Cesare arneis, piemonte  
2013 Alois Lageder pinot bianco,dolomiti  


2007 Vero "Augustus" pinot noir, los carneros  
2008 Donnafugata "Tancredi" sicilia  
2008 Terre Di San Leonardo bordeaux blend  
2009 Teira zinfandel, sonoma  
2009 Rocca Di Frassinell "poggio alla gurdia" super tuscan  
2010 Cantine Barbera nero d'avola, sicilia  
2010 Ca'Viola barbera d'alba brichet, piemonte  
2010 Michele Chiarlo barberesco, piemonte  
2010 Molino Di Grace chianti classico, toscana  
2011 Bench cabernet, alexander valley  
2011 Monti Garbi valpolicella, veneto  
2011 Scarpone montepulciano d'abruzzo  
2011 Unti segromigno, dry creek valley  
2012 Argiano non confunditur, toscana  
2012 Casamatta sangiovese, toscana  


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