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Samovar Tea Lounge

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  • Russian, Teahouses
  • 498 Sanchez St, San Francisco 94114 37.76124 -122.430725
  • (At 18th St)
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  • (415) 626-4700
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Tea Service

Moorish Service With Mint Herbal Infusion (V) haloumi cheese & veggie kababs, mixed greens salad, edamame hummus, eggplant dip, greek yogurt, crackers, walnut chevre-stuffed dates. dismount your camel, unroll your rug, start the fire, and chill out beneath the starry desert night.your candle- bearing harem will soon follow. a tea service that evolved from the ancient nomadic berber tribes in africa.    24.00
English Service With Breakfast Blend Black Tea Service 3-tiered platter with seasonal vegetables quiche, cherry oat scone with cream & jam, fresh fruit. respect the queen and spread clotted cream while drinking strong black tea with milk and sugar. in england, back in the day, they attributed mysterious healing properties to tea. actually, it was the boiled water that kept everyone healthy.    24.00
Paleolithic Tea Service With Seasonal Tea (V/G) choice of smoked wild salmon, braised tempeh or smoked duck; squash; kale salad; steamed beets. before there were grains, there were just wild-foraged veggies and animals.    20.00
Japanese Tea Service With Ryokucha Green Tea (V/G) choice of tempeh or smoked salmon, wakame seaweed salad, seasoned brown rice, steamed kale, squash, toasted nor!, seasonal soup. in 1643, after over 100 duels, japan's most famous swordsman miyamoto musashi retired to a cave named reigando. while meditating on his life and impermanence, musashi spent his last years drinking tea, and writing the seminal classic on strategy entitled the book of five rings. we like his philosophy: open yourself to the everyday beauty of life.    23.00
Russian Service With Tolstoy's Sip Black Tea tarragon-marinated beets, smoked salmon & horseradish, pickled egg, crackers, fresh fruit, russian tea cookie. they say that tolstoy fueled his creativity by drinking russian tea from the samovar. see what it does for you. start with our zavarka, dilute it with a tad of hot water and add milk and sugar.    24.00
Ayurvedic Tea Service With Masala Chai (G) kitchari (stewed indian lentils with hearty vegetables), basmati rice. look to ganesha, the elephant-headed indian deity to banish all obstacles in your path and to pave the way for unlimited wealth. consider the potential of ganesha over a cup of our steaming homemade organic chai.    19.00

Rice Bowls $12

Served With Your Choice Of Smoked Salmon, Smoked Duck Or Braised Tempeh.

Tea Soup (V/G) seasonal tea broth over rice, veggies, wakame and shiitake mushrooms.  
Egg Bowl (G) organic poached eggs, steamed brown rice and ginger-soy dipping sauce.  
Jook (V/G) rice, slow cooked to a silken custard and served with tasty toppings: scallions, toasted garlic, peanuts, non, cilantro, sriracha and tamari soy sauce.  


Served With Seasonal Pickled Vegetables And Mixed Greens.

Grilled Duck Or Tempeh (V*) with lettuce, tomato & red onions    13.00
Grilled Duck Or Tempeh (V*) add a poached organic egg    1.50
Turkey with fresh basil, tomato, red onions & cheese    13.00
Grilled Cheese with sun-dried tomatoes & pesto    11.00
Curry Egg Salad & Sliced Fuji Apple     12.00


Wasabi Caesar Salad with wild smoked salmon    13.00
Moorish Greens & Haloumi Cheese Veggie Kebabs (G)     12.00
Baked Tempeh Over Seasonal Greens (V/G)     12.00

More Food

Seasonal Vegetable Quiche savory, buttery and flaky, served with a side salad and fruit.    12.00
Gluten-Free Ginger And Quinoa Waffle (G) (available until 3 p.m.) gluten-free ginger and quinoa waffle (g).    12.00
Squash Dumplings with sesame dipping sauce    7.50
Artisan Cheese Platter wild bees make honey full of vitamins and healthy enzymes.vve combine fresh honeycomb with cheese, crackers and fresh fruit.    16.00
Mini Moorish Platter (V*) a sampler of edamame hummus, roasted eggplant, greek yogurt dip, crackers and walnut chevre stuffed dates.    12.00

Tiny Treats

Mix And Match: $3 Each

Tempeh Satay (V/G)   
Isobeyaki (V)   
Crackers & Dip (V*) edamame hummus or roasted eggplant  
Seasonal Soup Cup (V/G)   
Black Sesame Crunch (V/G)   
Medjool Dates With Mint, Nuts & Chevre (G)   

Sweet Treats

Rose-Infused Greek Yogurt (G) with medjool dates, walnuts & fresh mint    8.00
Cherry Oat Scone with cream & jam    5.00
Coconut Rice Pudding (V/G)     6.00
Dandelion Chocolate Trio (G)     3.00
Seasonal Pot De Crème served with a dark chocolate chunk cookie    9.00
Assorted Handmade Cookies     7.00

Black Teas

Californian Persian fully oxidized black tea, cardamom, orange peel and baby wild roses. transportive, the line blurs between california 21st century and persepolis 465 bc.    10.00
Earl Grey frisky with a citrus jolt to ignite your taste buds. dating back to 1792 when charles, the second earl of grey, blended bergamot with black tea for his lover.    9.00
Breakfast Blend kindle clarity, banish stupor. full malty flavor with delicate muscatel finish. the ideal transition from coffee to tea.    9.00
Masala Chai sweet, spicy, creamy and simmered for hours with whole milk and coconut palm nectar. countless indian grannies journey to samovar to savor our chai, insisting it's better than theirs.    5.45
Tolstoy's Sip smokey, caffeine-loaded with a scoop of strawberry jam. ponder tolstoy's wisdom, "happiness does not depend on outward things, but on the way we see them."    14.00

White Teas

Bai Mudan a golden infusion to soothe monkey mind. explore the darkest of the white teas.    9.00

Green Teas

Green Ecstasy a creamy, brothy, caffeinated, chlorophyll hit of matcha-infused first flush asamushi sencha.    14.00
Ryokucha genmaicha, samovar-style. japanese matcha, toasted brown rice, steamed green tea. cereal-like and nutty, with a touch of grassiness.    10.00
Jasmine Pearl so succulent and aromatic and our favorite stress-reducer. hand-blended, two leaves and a bud and baby jasmine flowers.    13.00
Nishi Sencha 1st Flush perfect balance and alpha-state inducing. clean, mildly spinach, ocean and kombu.    11.00
Shibumi Matcha Shot japanese, ceremonial-grade shade-grown, hand-whisked, and destined to inspire "buddha-mind."    5.00

Herbals Tisanes

Chamomile Mélange your grandma's garden chamomile-classic, but on samovar steroids. our soothing brew of organic chamomile flowers, lemon myrtle, lemongrass and spearmint.    10.00
Hibiscus Bliss great for kids. rosemellow, blended with organic rooibos, lemongrass and licorice.    9.00
Moorish Mint peppermint, fennel, black pepper, cloves and a touch of green tea. drift in the footsteps of the industrious numidian berbers of 202 bc.    10.00
Ocean Of Wisdom custom blended here at samovar tea lounge for his holiness the dalai lama. a decaf masala chai with a silken, malty mouth-feel and lingering spicy sweetness.    10.00
Cacao Mint cacao for boosting moods (ancient aztecs). peppermint for soothing tummies (ancient egyptians). and lavender for deeper sleep (ancient rome).    11.00
Turmeric Spice turmeric, i.e. "haridra" invokes lord ganesha (vanquisher of all obstacles). a 24kt-gold blend of ancient herbs: ginger, orange peel, licorice root, lemongrass, and of course holy turmeric.    10.00

Oolong Teas

Monkey Picked Iron Goddess Of Mercy kuan yin's classic elixir offering transcendence via the tea leaf. rolled leaves unfurl, releasing a velvety, woody, full-bodied infusion of earth and sky.    10.00
Four Seasons gardenias, fresh-baked bread, warm milk and dew-drenched clover. smooth, rare, golden-green infusion.    10.00
Golden Phoenix a gauzy body yields to roasted barley and lingering ripe stone fruits. hand-harvested from a single garden of "mi lan" (honey orchid) tea trees.    17.00

Pu-Erh Teas

Velvet Cacao a lucullan elixir of cacao, roasted dandelion, pu-erh, vanilla and yerba maté.    10.00
Blood Orange blood orange rind and pile-fermented pu-erh deliver wet-redwood and stewed-citrus.    9.00
Maiden's Ecstasy wild-crafted from 30-foot trees in the jungles of southwest china, this tea is a traditional wedding gift and evening mood-setter. dark, creamy and silky with notes of bittersweet chocolate and espresso.    9.00

Chilled Teas

Tea Lemonade (V) jasmine tea and freshly squeezed lemon juice.    6.00
Chilled Black Tea (V)     6.00
Masala Chai     5.45
Schizandra Berry (V) 2,000 years ago, shen nong identified this elixir as an "adaptogenic tonic," i.e., it gives you all you need: energy, relaxation and sexual prowess...    8.00
Matcha Shake (V) silken notes of fresh-grass and sweet, farm-churned butter. shaken over ice with almond milk for a milkshake with a jolt of caffeine.    8.00


Samovar Tea Lounge
498 Sanchez St
At 18th St
(415) 626-4700
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