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Sushi Hunter

  • $$$
  • Japanese, Sushi
  • 1701 Powell St, San Francisco 94133 37.800242 -122.410854
  • (At Union St)
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  • (415) 291-9268
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Edamame boiled soybeans    3.50
Egg Roll vegetable egg roll   (3pcs) 5.00
Agedashi Tofu fried tofu served in soy broth    5.00
Gyoza pan-fried pork & vegetable dumplings   (6pcs) 5.00
Mozzarella Stick tempura mozzarella cheese    5.00
Vegetable Korokke fried potato cake    5.00
Vegetable Tempura fried vegetables    5.00
Shrimp Siu Mai steamed shrimp dumplings   (4pcs) 6.00
Chicken Karaage fried chicken nuggets    6.00
Honey Wings fried chicken wings with special honey sauce   (5pcs) 6.00
Assorted Tempura fried prawns and vegetables    7.00
Kakifurai fried breaded oysters   (6pcs) 7.00
Teriyaki Short Ribs grilled sweet soy sauce marinated beef ribs   (2pcs) 7.00
Scallop Skewer grilled sea scallops wrapped in bacon   (2pcs) 7.00
Jumbo Soft Shell Crab fried soft shell crab    8.00
Calamari fried calamari steak with salt & pepper    8.00
Hamachi Kama grilled yellow tail collar with salt & pepper and ponzu sauce    12.00

Starters & Salads

Miso soy bean paste soup    1.50
Rice / Sushi Rice steamed rice / seasoned vinegar rice    2.00
Green Salad seasonal greens with ginger vinaigrette dressing    3.00
Horenzo Oshitashi cold spinach with sesame dressing    4.00
Wakame seaweed salad    4.00
Sunomono octopus, shrimp and cucumber in rice vinaigrette dressing    7.00
Hunter Salad * tuna cubes marinated in sweet chili with seaweed salad    9.00
Hawaii Poke * tuna, salmon & yellow tail cubes with sesame sauce    9.00
Sashimi Passion Plate choice of tuna, salmon or hamachi in sweet sesame, ponzu & ranch sauce    9.00
Albacore Tataki seared white tuna, grilled onion & cucumber intataki sauce    9.00
Half And Half * fried spicy tuna roll, with tuna sashimi and ponzu sauce    9.00
Spicy Tuna Cracker * spicy tuna on rice cracker    9.00

Udon & Soba

Vegetable Udon Soup vegetable noodle soup    8.00
Inari Seaweed Udon Soup sweet tofu skin & seaweed noodle soup    8.00
Garlic Butter Yaki Udon stir-fried noodle with garlic & butter    9.00
Beef Udon Soup beef noodle soup    9.00
Chicken Udon Soup chicken noodle soup    9.00
Tempura Udon Soup fried prawn & vegetable noodle soup    10.00
Seafood Udon Soup seafood noodle soup    10.00
Beef Yaki Udon stir-fried beef noodle    12.00
Chicken Yaki Udon stir-fried chicken noodle?    12.00

Basic Rolls

Negi Hama yellow tail & green onion    5.00
Sake Maki fresh salmon    5.00
Salmon Skin Roll grilled salmon skin & cucumber    5.00
Tekka Maki tuna    5.00
California Roll imitation crab meat, avocado & cucumber    5.00
Rock'n Roll bbq eel & avocado    6.00
Alaska Roll salmon & avocado    6.00
Crunch Roll slightly fried california roll    6.00
San Francisco Roll tuna & avocado    6.00
Spicy Tuna Roll * spicy tuna and cucumber    6.00
Teriyaki Chicken Roll teriyaki chicken breast & avocado    6.00
Ebi Tempura Roll tempura prawn, imitation crab meat, avocado & cucumber    7.50
Philadelphia Roll fresh salmon, avocado & cream cheese    7.50
Spicy Scallop Roll * scallop, cucumber with spicy sauce and green onion    7.50
Devil Roll slightly fried spicy tuna roll with 3 sauces    9.00
Spider Roll soft shell crab, avocado & cucumber    9.00
Dragon Roll with tempura prawn, bbq eel, avocado & flying fish roe   (8pcs) 11.00
Rainbow Roll california roll topped with assorted raw fish ?   (8pcs) 11.00

Specialty Rolls

Big Easy yellow tail, salmon, tuna, imitation crab, avocado & cucumber    10.00
Princess sweet potato, imitation crab, bbq eel, avocado & cucumber in soy paper    10.00
Crazy Horse * (f). salmon, tuna, yellow tail, imitation crab, cucumber & avocado with mayo    11.00
Tiger Eye * tempura salmon,cream cheese, avocado, cucumber & jalapeno in soy paper    11.00
Oyishi * spicy tuna, cucumber, salmon & avocado with spicy mayo    12.00
Fantastic * fried spicy tuna roll, topped with fresh salmon    12.00
Caterpillar bbq eel, imitation crab, avocado & flying fish roe    12.00
Caveman tempura bbq eel with tuna & salmon    12.00
Alaska King salmon, avocado, flying fish roe & salmon roe    12.00
Hot Tuna tuna, avocado, topped with seared tuna    12.00
Volcano *, (f). tempura spicy hamachi roll, spicy tuna & chili sauce    13.00
Dark Rainbow * spicy tuna,cucumber, bbq eel, tuna, red snapper and flying fish roe    13.00
Red Dragon tempura prawn,tuna & avocado    13.00
Salmon Moonlight bbq eel, avocado, with fresh salmon    13.00
Spicy Tataki * spicy tuna,cucumber, with seared white tuna & garlic    13.00
Envy tempura unagi, asparagus, tempura crunch & sweet chili sauce    13.00
Kate's bbq eel, avocado, cucumber & tuna    13.00
Black Pearl *, (f). bbq eel, scallop, imitation crab, scallion, flying fish roe & spicy mayo    13.00
1701 Powell imitation crab, avocado, cucumber with salmon & sesame sauce    14.00
The KL * tempura prawn, salmon, hamachi & avocado in spicy eel sauce    14.00
Deep Sea Swimmer * spicy tuna,cucumber, butterfish & tempura crunches    14.00
Lion King (b). imitation crab, avocado, cucumber, salmon & spicy mayo    14.00
Super Crunchy imitation crab,tempura prawn and eel sauce    14.00
White Tuxedo white tuna, avocado, cream cheese, butterfish & imitation crab    14.00
Off The Wall tempura prawn, cucumber, spicy tuna, avocado & wasabi tobiko    14.00
Titanic * tempura prawn, salmon, tuna, spicy imitation crab & fish roe    14.00
Meltwater Shaker tempura prawn, salmon and imitation crab, salmon,tuna, in sesame and sweet chili sauce    18.00

Sashimi & Nigiri

Tamago sweet egg omelet    6.00  3.00
Inari sweet tofu skin   (2pcs nigiri) 3.00
Maguro tuna    5.00  10.00
Albacore white tuna    10.00  5.00
Hokkigai surf clam    10.00  5.00
Sake fresh salmon    10.00  5.00
Hamachi yellow tail    10.00  5.00
Hotate scallop    10.00  5.00
Unagi bbq eel    10.00  5.00
Saba mackerel    5.00  10.00
Tai red snapper    10.00  5.00
Tako octopus    10.00  5.00
Ebi cooked shrimp    10.00  5.00
Ika squid    10.00  5.00
Tobiko flying fish roe    10.00  5.00
Masago smelt roe    10.00  5.00
Seared Albacore seared white tuna    11.00  6.00
Seared Maguro seared tuna    11.00  6.00
Sake Hara salmon belly    11.00  6.00
Hamachi Hara yellow tail belly    11.00  6.00
Escolar butterfish    11.00  6.00
Ikura salmon roe   (2pcs nigiri) 6.00
Ama Ebi fried sweet shrimp - with head   (2pcs) 7.00 (5pcs) 15.00
Toro tuna belly  
Uni sea urchin  
Quail Egg added to tobiko, ikura or uni nigiri   (2pcs) 1.00
Sashimi Plate raw fish - chef's choice   (sm 15pcs) 20.00 (lg 25pcs) 33.00

Bento Box - Lunch Or Dinner Combination $16

Steak Teriyaki   
Chicken Breast Teriyaki   
Salmon Teriyaki   
Tempura fried prawn & vegetables  
Egg Roll fried vegetable roll  
Kakifurai fried breaded oyster  
Gyoza pan fried pork and vegetable dumpling  
Saba Shiyoyaki grilled mackerel w/ salt & pepper  
Salmon Shiyoyaki grilled salmon w/ salt & pepper  
Tonkatsu pork cutlet  
Chicken Katsu chicken breast cutlet  
Curry Tonkatsu pork cutlet w/ curry sauce  
Curry Chicken Katsu chicken cutlet w/ curry sauce  
California Roll   
Kappa Maki cucumber roll  
Negi Hama yellow tail and green onion  
Nigiri Sushi 3 pcs chef's choice sushi nigiri  
Sashimi 3 pcs chef's choice raw fish  
Salmon Maki salmon roll  
Tekka Maki tuna roll  
Horenzo cold spinach with sesame dressing  
Korokke fried potato cake  
Vegetable Tempura fried vegetables  
Wakame seaweed salad  


Hamachi Don yellow tail over sushi rice bowl    14.00
Salmon Don salmon over sushi rice bowl    14.00
Tekka Don tuna over sushi rice bowl    14.00
Ikura Don salmon roe over sushi rice bowl    16.00
Chirashi assorted raw fish over sushi rice bowl    17.00
Negi Toro Don fatty tuna & green onion over sushi rice bowl    23.00
Uni Don sea urchin over sushi rice bowl    23.00

Dinner Entrees

Vegetable Tempura fried vegetables    12.00
Chicken Teriyaki grilled chicken breast with teriyaki sauce    12.50
Unaju bbq eel with sweet eel sauce over rice    13.00
Tonkatsu pork cutlet    13.00
Chicken Katsu chicken breast cutlet    13.00
Curry Katsu pork or chicken cutlet with curry sauce    13.00
Salmon Shioyaki / Teriyaki grilled salmon with salt & pepper or teriyaki sauce    14.00
Saba Shioyaki / Teriyaki grilled mackerel with salt & pepper or teriyaki sauce    14.00
New York Steak Teriyaki grilled new york steak with teriyaki sauce    15.00
Assorted Tempura fried prawns and vegetables   (3) 15.00


Green Salad   
Horenzo Oshitashi   
Miso Or Rice Or Udon   

Entrees And Tempura

Agedashi Tofu   
Chicken Teriyaki   
Vegetable Tempura   
Vegetable Karokke   
Egg Roll   
Beef Teriyaki   
Zucchini Tempura   
Chicken Katsu   
Curry Tonkatsu   
Chicken Karaage   
Saba Shioyaki   
Broccoli Tempura   
Assorted Tempura   
Cold Tofu   

Sushi Nigiri

Maguro tuna  
Albacore white tuna  
Sake salmon  
Hamachi yellow tail  
Ebi cooked shrimp  
Ika squid  
Tako octopus  
Tai red snapper  
Saba mackerel  
Hokkigai surf clam  
Kani imitation crab  
Masago smelt eggs  
Tamago sweet egg omelet  
Inari marinated tofu skin  
Seared Maguro seared tuna  
Unagi bbq eel  

Sushi Rolls

Tekka Maki   
Unagi-Q Roll   
Albacore Maki   
California Roll   
Crunch Roll   
White 'N Red Roll   
Philadelphia Roll   
Devil Roll   
Teriyaki Chicken Roll   
Spider Roll   
Hard Rock Roll   
Hot Angel   
Hamachi Maki   
Sake-Q Roll   
Alaska Roll   
Salmon Maki   
Tuna-Q Roll   
Rock'n Roll   
Ebi Tempura Roll   
Spicy Tuna Roll   
San Francisco Roll   
Salmon Skin Roll   
Spicy Hotate Roll   
Kentucky Roll   
Wild Fire Roll   
NB Roll   

Vegetarian Rolls

Avocado Maki   
Broccoli Roll   
Inari Maki   
Kappa Maki   
Shiitake Maki   
Sweet Potato Roll   


Sushi Hunter
1701 Powell St
At Union St
(415) 291-9268
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