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  • Japanese, Sushi
  • 4419 California St, San Francisco 94118 37.784813 -122.464852
  • (At 6th Ave)
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  • (415) 752-5740
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Asparagus or Spinach Goma Ae Tender cooked asparagus or spinach with a sweet sesame sauce    6.00
Crab Salad Crab and mixed green with a miso or soy vinaigrette dressing    14.00
Edamame Salted soy beans    5.00
Green Salad Mixed greens with miso dressing   Lg 7.00
Noodle Salad Clear noodle, fish cake and veggie marinated with mayo    4.50
Oshitashi Tender cooked spinach with dashi sauce    6.00
Seafood Salad Sliced fish, seafood assortment and mixed greens with a soy vinaigrette dressing    15.00
Seaweed Salad Marinated seaweed    6.00
Shiitake Mushroom Salad Shiitake mushroom, avocado and mixed greens with a soy vinaigrette    9.00
Sunomono Cucumber in sweet vinagar sauce    5.00
Seafood Sunomono Cucumber, assorted seafood with a sweet vinegar sauce    9.00
White Tuna Tataki Salad Seared white tuna and mixed greens with a soy vinaigrette dressing    14.00


Asari Soup Clam in miso broth    5.50
Miso Soup Our delicate miso broth with tofu and seaweed    2.50
Nameko Soup Tiny mushrooms, tofu in our broth    4.00

Noodles and Donburi

Nabeyaki Udon Fried prawns, veggies and egg w/ thick noodles in broth    13.00
Niku Udon Beef and onions with thick noodles in broth    11.50
Okame Udon Fish cake and veggies with thick noodles in broth    9.00
Seafood Udon Seafood assortment with thick noodles in broth    14.00
Tanin Udon Beef and egg with thick noodles in broth    13.00
Tempura Udon Fried prawns and veggies with thick noodles in broth    12.00
Vegetable Tempura Udon Fried veggies with thick noodles in broth    10.50
Tempura Soba Thin buckwheat noodles, fried prawns and veggie tempura with a dipping sauce    12.00
Tenzaru Soba Thin buckwheat cold noodles, prawns and veggie tempura with a dipping sauce    12.00
Vegetavle Tempura Soba Thin buckwheat noodles with fried veggies in broth    10.50
Katsu Donburi Deep fried pork cutlet cooked w/ egg and veggies over rice    11.00
Oyako Donburi Chicken cooked with egg and veggies over rice    11.00
Teriyaki Donburi Thin sliced beef and veggies with teriyaki sauce over rice    12.00
Tempura Donburi Prawn and veggie tempura with teriyaki sauce over rice    11.50
Vegetable Tempura Donburi Veggie tempura with teriyaki sauce over rice    10.50


Served with salad, rice

Sashimi and beef teriyaki Fresh sliced of tuna and new york steak with terlyaki sauce    22.00
Sashimi and Tempura Fresh slices of tuna and lightly fried prawns and veggie tempura    21.50
Sashimi and Chicken Teriyaki Fresh slices of tuna and fried or grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce    21.50
Sashimi and Sukiyaki Fresh slices of tuna and thinly sliced beef with veggies in a soy broth    23.00
Sashimi and Tonakatsu Fresh slices of tuna and a deep fried pork cutlet    21.50
Tempura and Beef Teriyaki Lightly fried prawns and veggie tempura and new york stake with teriyaki sauce    21.50
Tempura and Sukiyaki Lightly fried prawn and veggie tempura and thinly sliced beef with veggies in a soy broth    23.00
Tempura and Chicken teriyaki Lightly fried prawn and veggie tempura and fried or grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce    21.50
Tempura and Tonkatsu Lightly fried prawn and veggie tempura with deep    21.50

Dinner Menu

Served with salad, rice

Beef Teriyaki New york steak with teriyaki sauce    20.00
Chicken Teriyaki Fried chicken with teriyaki sauce    17.00
Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce    17.00
Hamachi Kama Grilled yellowtail collar    22.00
Saba Shioyaki Broiled salted fresh mackerel    16.00
Salmon Shioyaki Broiled fresh samon with teriyaki sauce    17.00
Sashimi 14pc choice of sliced tuna, white tuna or salmon    26.00
Sea Bass Grilled chicken sea bass    21.00
Seafood Combination Lightly breaded fiied oysters, scallops, prawns, sole    20.00
Sukiyaki Sliced beef with veggies in sukiyaki broth    21.00
Tempura Lightly fried prawns, veggies    18.00
Vegetables Tempura Lightly fried assortment of veggies    20.00
Tonkatsu Deep fried pork cutlet    17.00
Unaju Broiled eel over rice with special house sauce    23.00
Yosenabe Chicken, clams, fish, prawns, veggies and tofu in broth    21.00

Special Rolls

Alaska Salmon, avocado, cream cheee    9.00
Bamboo White tuna, cucumber topped with salmon, white tuna, green onion    14.00
Bleu Sea Albacore, shrimp, avocado    8.50
Butterfly Shrimp, unagi topped with avocado, eggplant    13.00
Califomia Crab, avocado    8.50
Dragon Shrimp tempura, avocado    8.50
Dream Eel, salmon, avocado    9.00
Fire Spicy yellowtall, salmon    9.00
Futomaki Crab, konbu, spinach, tomago, shlitake    14.00
Harmony Spicy scallop, cucumber    9.00
Heavenly Spicy tuna, asparagus, green onion    9.00
Kamikaze Spicy tuna, green onion    8.50
Miami Tuna, avocado    8.50
Negi-Hama Yellowtail, green onion    9.00
Negi-Toro Toro, green onion    10.00
Northern Eel, crab, avocado    9.00
Poki Spicy tuna, shiimp, green onion    9.00
Popeye Yellowtail, spinach, garlic    9.00
Rainbow Crab mayo topped with assorted fish    20.00
Rock' N Roll Eel, avocado    9.50
Salmon Skin Grilled salmon skin with gobo, green onion    8.00
Space Eel, tuna, yellowtail    9.50
Spider soft shell crab, veggies    12.50
Tenuki Fried shrimp topped with eel, marinated eggplant, avocado    15.00
Tekka Tuna    7.00
Tokyo Salmon, tuna, avocado    9.50
Tropical White tuna, mango, avocado    9.00
Unakyu Eel, cucumber    9.00

Vegetable Rolls

Asparagus     5.25
Avocado     5.50
Avocado, Cucumber     6.00
Kappa Cucumber    4.50
Natto Fermented soy bean    6.00
Oshinko Pickled radish    5.00
Ume Shiso Matnated plum with shiso leaf    5.00
Vegetable Tempura     6.50
Vibe Sweet potato, yam, string bean avocado, green onion, mountain potato    7.00


Hamachi Sliced yellowtall   7 Slices 17.00 12 Slices 22.00
Maguro Sliced tuna   7 Slices 17.00 12 Slices 22.00
Shake Sliced salmon   7 Slices 16.00 12 Slices 21.00
Shiromaguro Sliced white tuna   7 Slices 16.00 12 Slices 21.00
Sashimi Assortment of sliced fish   14 Slices 26.00 20 Slices 38.00
Combo Any type of fish or seafood is avoailable for sashimi   14 Slices 26.00 20 Slices 38.00

Nigiri Sushi

Aji (Spanish Mackerel)     6.00
Amaebi (Sweet Prawn)   
Anago (Sea Eel)     7.00
Hamachi (Yellowtall)     7.50
Ebi (Cooked Shrimp)     5.00
Hamachi Toro (Fatty Tellowtail)     8.50
Hirame (Hallbut)     6.00
Ika (Squid)     5.50
Ikura (Salmon Roe)     7.00
Kaibashira (Scallop)     8.00
Kaki (Oyster)     7.00
Kani (Crab)     7.00
Katsuo (Bonito)     7.00
Maguro (Tuna)     7.50
Mirugai (Geoduck Clam)   
Saba (Mackerel)     6.00
Shake (Fresh Salmon)     6.50
Shake (Fresh Salmon)     6.50
Shake (Smoked Salmon)     6.50
Shiromaguro (Albacore)     6.50
Tai (Red Snapper)     6.00
Tako (Octopus)     5.50
Tamago (Sweet egg)     5.00
Tobiki (Flying Fish Roe)     6.00
Toro (Tuna Belly)     6.00
Unagi (Freshwater Eel)     7.00
Uni (Sea Urchin)     8.00
Nigiri Combo 10 pc assortment with tekka maki    26.00
Chirashi Assortment of sliced fish over rice    26.00

Vegetarian Nigiri Sushi

Inari Sweet tofu skin    4.50
Kabocha Sweet pumpkin    4.50
Nasu Lightly fried eggplant in a ponzu marinad    4.50
Shiitake Lightly fried black mushroom in a ponzu marinade    5.00
Veggie Combo Asparagus, shiltake, kabocha, zucchini, nasu, inari and an assorted veggie roll    14.00

Side Plates

Agedashi Lightly fried tofus in a light dashi soy broth    6.50
Ankimo Steamed monk fish liver with ponzu sauce    11.00
Asari Sakamushi Steamed clams in a sake broth    10.00
Buta Kakuni Slmmered pork    8.00
Calamari Lightly fried marinated squid    8.00
Chicken Karage Lightly fried marinated chicken    8.00
Ebi Fry Lightly breaded fried shrimp with tartar sauce    8.00
Gyoza Pork and veggie pot stickers    8.00
Gyu-Tan Grilled beef tongue    7.50
Hamachi Kama Grilled yellowtail collar   Sm 12.00 Lg 20.00
Ika Sugata Grilled squid    11.00
Kaki Fry Lightly breaded fried oysters with tartar sauce    8.00
Katsuo Tataki Seared bonlto, cucumber, red onions w/ ponzu sauce    12.00
Sea Bass Grilled sea bass    12.00
Shiromaguro Tataki Seared white tuna, cucumber, red onions with ponzu sauce    12.00
Soft Shell Crab Lightly fried crab with tempura sauce    10.00
Tara Kasuzuke Grilled cod marinated with sake    9.00
Teba-Shio Grilled chicken wings    7.50
Tempura Lightly fried shrimp and veggies    10.00
Vegetable Tempura Lightly fried veggies    8.50
Tuna Potstickers Mixed tuna pot stickers    8.50
Yakltori Skewered chicken and veggies with our house sauce    8.50


4419 California St
At 6th Ave
(415) 752-5740
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