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Tong Palace

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    RatingAvg. Dinner Entrée
    $$$$$Greater than $25
    $$$$$18.01 - $25
    $$$$12.01 - $18
    $$$7.01 - $12
    $Less than $7
  • Chinese
  • 933 Clement St, San Francisco CA94118 37.782728 -122.469595
  • (Btwn 10th & 11th Ave)
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  • (415) 668-3988
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Dim Sum

Egg Custard Tart    
Steamed Egg Custard Bun    
Baked B.B.Q Bun    
Steamed Shrimp Dumpling    
Deep Fried Sesame Ball    
Snow Pea Sprouts Dumpling    
Pan-Fried Shrimp Dumpling    
Mango Pudding    
D.F Shrimp with mayonnaise   
Fried Egg Roll    
Pork Dumpling    
Deep Fried Turnip Puff    
Steam Chicken Bun    
Deep Fried Taro Meat Puff    
Sticky Rice In Lotus Leaf    

Special Lunch

Lunch Special Rice Plate $5.75

Chicken with cash nuts   
Honey B.B.Q Pork    
Roasted Duck    
Roasted Pork    
Vegetables with beef or chicken   
Roasted Pork with tofu   
Mongolian Beef    
Celery With Chicken    
Bitter Melon Beef Or Chicken    
Minced Beef with egg   
Broccoli Beef    
Mushroom With Chicken    
Spareribs In Black Bean Sauce    
Beef In Satay Sauce    
String Bean with beef   
Tofu with spicy minced pork   
Beef with ginger & green onion   

Rice Plate $6.50

Fillet Beef In Honey B.B.Q Sauce    
Fillet Beef with onion in chinese style   
Fillet Fish In Black Bean Sauce    
Sugar Pea Leaf with chicken   

Special Dish $6

Melon with sliced pork   
B.B.Q Pork with scrambled egg   
Sweet & Sour Pork    
Deep Fried Quails (3)    
Chinese Broccoli with chicken or beef   
Mandarin Spareribs    
Bean Sprouts with sliced pork   
Salt & Pepper Pork Chop    
Mined Beef with spinach   
Tomato Beef with scrambled egg   
Mustard Green with ham   
Beef Stews with lettuce   
Butter Melon with beef or chicken   
Broccoli with chicken or beef   
Minced Pork And Eggplant (Spicy)    
Pork Chop with onions   
Fish Fillet with vegetables   
Braised Tofu with mushroom & vegetables   

Clay Pot Rice

Small (For 2 Person) / Middle (For 4 Or 6 Person) / Big (For 8 Or 10)

Pork with preserved veg clay pot rice 7.95 11.95 14.95
Mushroom with chicken clay pot rice  7.95  11.95  14.95
Chinese Sausage with spareribs clay pot rice  7.95  11.95  14.95
Minced Beef with egg clay pot rice 7.95 11.95 14.95
Pork with salt fish clay pot rice 7.95 11.95 14.95
Beef with preserved vegetable clay pot rice 7.95 11.95 14.95
Chinese Sausage with duck clay pot rice  9.95  14.95  17.95
Mixed Seafood Clay Pot Rice  9.95 14.95 17.95
Chinese Sausage with fish fillet clay pot rice 9.95 14.95 17.95
Mushroom with frog clay pot rice 9.95 14.95 17.95


Fried Rice with dried scallop & egg white   11.00
House Special Pan Fried Noodle    10.00
Yang Chow Fried Rice    9.00
Clam In Xo Sauce Pan Fried Noodle    10.00
Beef with preserved veg pan fried noodle   9.00
Singapore Style Rice Noodle    9.00
Enoki Mushroom E-Fu Noodle    9.50
Assorted Vegetables Pan Fried Noodle Or Chow Mein    9.00
Rice Noodles with shredded meat in soup   8.00
Combination Won Ton Soup    9.00
Roasted Duck Or BBQ Pork Won Ton Soup    7.50


Menu & Set Dinner


Dim Sum Combination    8.00
Minced Seafood with lettuce  (8pcs) 13.00
Minced Chicken with lettuce  (8pcs) 10.00
Deep Fried Prawn   (10pcs) 8.00
Deep Fried Egg Rolls   (4pcs) 5.00
Pot Sticker   (6pcs) 5.00
Mushu Pork    6.00
Mushu Vegetable    6.00
Vegetarian Goose (Bean Curd)    7.00
Same Chicken Salad    7.00
Barbecue Two Delicacy Combination    12.00
Barbecue Three Delicacy Combination    17.00
Combination Cold Platter    24.00
Suckling Pig Combination Platter    28.00

Beef & Pork

Mongolian Beef    7.50
Spicy Kung Pao Beef    7.50
Beef with tender greens   7.50
Beef & Tofu with oyster sauce   7.50
Beef with ginger & green onion   7.50
with snow peas   8.00
with chinese broccoli   8.00
with broccoli   8.00
Fillet Beef In Chinese Style    11.00
Fillet Beef with black pepper sauce   11.00
Beef with satay sauce   7.50
with xo sauce   8.00
with bitter melon   8.00
with bell pepper & honey sauce   11.00
Spicy Salt Baked Pork Chop    7.50
Mandarin Pork Chop    7.50
Sweet & Sour Spareribs    7.50
Sweet & Sour Pork with pineapple   7.50
Steamed Pork Hash with salty egg   7.50
with salty fish   8.50

Fried Rice

Dry Scallop & Egg White Fried Rice    11.00
Fook Kin Fried Rice    11.00
Fried Rice with two kinds of sauce   11.00
House Special Fried Rice    9.00
Beef Fried Rice    8.00
Yan Chow Fried Rice    9.00
Chicken Fried Rice with salted fish   10.00
Mixed Vegetable Fried Rice    7.50
Sticky Rice with chinese sausage   10.00


Braised Supreme Shark's Fin Soup   (per person) 20.00
Supreme Broth Shakr's Fin Soup   (per person) 20.00
Braised Shakr's Fin Soup with crab meat  (per person) 12.00
with shredded chicken  (per person) 11.00
Crab Meat with fish maw soup   9.00
Bamboo Pith Seafood Soup    8.00
Dried Scallop with chive soup   9.00
Crab Meat with sweet corn soup   8.00
Westlake Minced Beef Soup    7.00
Chicken with sweet com soup   7.00
Seafood Sizzling Rice Soup    7.00
Hot & Sour Soup with pork   7.00
Mixed Vegetable with tofu soup   7.00
Mustard Green with sliced pork & preserved egg soup   7.00
Beef Or Chicken Wonton Soup    7.00
Barbecue Pork Or Roasted Duck Wonton Soup    7.00


Peking Duck served with steamed buns half 12.00whole 20.00
Roasted Duck  half 7.00whole 18.00
Fried Squab    10.00
Squab with superior soy sauce   10.00
Crispy Chicken stuffed with sticky rice order in advance   33.00
Steamed Boneless Chicken with smoked ham & greens half 12.00whole 22.00
Steamed Chicken with mustard greens half 10.00whole 18.00
with ginger & scallion half 8.00whole 18.00
Chicken with superior soy sauce half 8.00whole 15.00
Marinated Chicken  half 8.00whole 15.00
Roasted Chicken with special sauce half 8.00whole 15.00
Crispy Fried Chicken  half 8.00whole 15.00
Cried Quail   (2 pcs) 4.00
Fried Quail with spicy salt  (2 pcs) 4.00
Spicy Kung Pao Chicken    7.50
Mushroom Chicken    8.00
Cashewnut Chicken    7.50
Sweet & Sour Chicken    7.00
Chicken with black bean sauce   7.00
Chicken & Red Ginger with honey sauce   7.00

Chow Fun, Chow Mein & Noodles Soup

Sea Conch Chow Fun with preserved vegetables   10.00
Scrambled Egg & Prawn Chow Fun    11.00
Beef Or Chicken Chow Fun    8.00
Beef with black bean sauce chow fun   8.00
Fried Rice Noodles Singapore Style    8.00
Fried Rice Noodles with shredded pork & snow cabbage   8.50
Seafood Chow Mein    11.00
House Combination Chow Mein    10.00
Beef Chow Mein with tomato   8.00
Shredded Beef & Preserved Vegetable Pan Fried Noodle    8.00
Soy Sauce Show Mein    7.50
Mixed Vegetable Chow Mein    7.50
Braised Noodle with crab meat   9.00
Seafood Noodle Soup    9.00
Mixed Vegetable Noodle Soup    7.00
Roasted Duck Or Barbecued Pork Noodle Soup    7.50

Clay Pot

House Special Seafood Combination Clay Pot    10.00
Oyster & Roasted Pork Cloy Pot    9.00
Fillet Fish & Pork Clay Pot    9.00
Broiled Lamb with fried bean curd clay pot   9.00
Stewed Pork with salty cabbage clay pot   8.00
Chicken with salty fish tofu clay pot   8.00
Beef Siew Clay Pot    7.50
Chicken & Mushroom Clay Pot    7.50
Satay Beef & Rice Noodle Clay Pot    7.50
Mixed Vegetable Deluxe Clay Pot    7.50
Spareribs & Bitter Melon Clay Pot    7.50
Clams with chinese wine clay pot   9.00
Frog & Chinese Sausage Clay Pot    9.50

Egg Foo Young

Shrimp Egg Foo Young    8.50
Chicken Egg Foo Young    7.50
Beef Egg Foo Young    7.50
B.B.Q Pork Egg Foo Young    7.50
Vegetable Egg Foo Young    7.00


Live Lobster (Any Style)    
Crab with ginger & scallion   
with black bean sauce   
with spicy salt   
Sampan Crab    
Seamed Crab with garlic sauce   
Steamed Rock Cod    
Steamed Black Bass    
Steamed with black bean sauce or deep fried catfish   12.00
Baked Sea Bass with honey sauce   30.00
Prawns with honey glazed walnut   13.00
Spicy Salt Baked Prawns    11.00
Prawns with cashewnuts   11.00
Prawns In Lobster Sauce    12.00
Spicy Kung Pak Prawns    12.00
Sweet & Sour Prawns    11.00
Sauteed Sea Conch with scallops   15.00
Sauteed Prawns & Scallops    14.00
Sauteed Scallops with vegetables   11.00
Spice Salt Baked Scallops    11.00
Spicy Salt Baked Fillet Of Flounder    10.00
Sorted Fillet Of Flounder with vegetables   10.00
Deep Fried Flounder   whole 10.00
Spice Salt Baked Squids    8.00
Sauteed Squids with black bean sauce   8.00
Clams with black bean sauce   8.00
with xo sauce   9.00
Supreme Broth Clams    9.00

Clay Pot Rice

Large / Medium / Small

Chinese Sausage & Duck Clay Pot Rice   9.95  14.95  17.95
Chinese Sausage & Frog Clay Pot Rice   9.95  14.95  17.95
Mixed Seafood Clay Pot Rice  9.95 14.95 17.95
Mushroom & Quail Clay Pot Rice  9.95 14.95 17.95
Chinese Sausage & Chicken Clay Pot Rice  7.95 11.95 14.95
Chinese Sausage & Spareribs Clay Pot Rice   7.95  11.95  14.95
Inced Beef & Egg Clay Pot Rice   7.95  11.95  14.95
Mushroom & Chicken Clay Pot Rice  7.95 11.95 14.95
Salty Fish & Sliced Pork Clay Pot Rice   7.95  11.95  14.95

Sizzling Platter

Prawns with chili sauce   12.00
Sauteed Prawns & Chicken    12.00
Scallops with garlic sauce   11.00
Beef with black pepper sauce   11.00
Chicken with black bean   9.00
Oysters with ginger & scallion   9.50

Vegetables & Tofu

Bean Thread Rolled with vegetable   8.00
Steamed Or Deep Fried Stuffed Tofu    7.50
Steamed Tofu with smoked ham 7 mushroom   8.50
Deep Fried Minced Tofu "Pei-Par" Style    8.50
Spicy Tofu with minced pork   7.50
Braised Tofu & Mushroom with tender green   8.50
Dry Braised String Beans with minced pork   8.00
Sauteed Preserved Duck Egg & Salted Egg with spinach in broth   9.00
Chinese Broccoli with ginger & wince sauce   8.00
with oyster sauce   8.00
Bamboo Pith with mustard green   8.50
Black Mushroom with mustard green   8.50
Sauteed Dried Scallops with show pea sprouts   12.50
Sauteed Preserved Duck Egg & Salted Egg with snow pea sprouts in broth   12.50
Snow Pea Sprouts with garlic sauce   11.00
Mixed Vegetables Deluxe    8.00
Seasonal Vegetables with crab meat sauce   9.00
Bamboo Pith with black mushroom and vegetables   9.50
Eggplant with garlic sauce   7.50
Bamboo Pith with asparagus   8.50

Family Set Dinner

Family Ser Dinner A $38

For Four Persons

B.B.Q Two Delicacy Combination    
Westlake Mined Beef Soup    
Clams In Black Bean Sauce    
Chinese Broccoli In Oyster Sauce    
Sauteed Fillet Of Flounder with broccoli   

Appetizers. B $98

For 6 Persons

Dim Sum Combination    8.00
Minced Seafood with lettuce  (8pcs) 13.00
Minced Chicken with lettuce  (8pcs) 10.00
Deep Fried Prawn   (10pcs) 8.00
Deep Fried Egg Rolls   (4pcs) 5.00
Pot Sticker   (6pcs) 5.00
Mushu Pork    6.00
Mushu Vegetable    6.00
Vegetarian Goose (Bean Curd)    7.00
Sesame Chicken Salad    7.00
Barbecue Delicacy Combination  (2) 12.00(3) 17.00
Combination Cold Platter    24.00
Suckling Pig Combination Platter    28.00

Family Ser Dinner. C $168

For 8 Persons

B.B.Q Assorted Platter    
Prawns with honey glazed walnut   
Sauteed Scallop And Fillet Beef with special sauce   
Crab Meat & Fish Maw Soup    
Crabs with ginger & scallion (2)   
Marinated Chicken whole   
Bamboo Pith with mustard greens   
Steamed Catfish with black bean sauce   
Fook Kin Fried Rice    

Family Ser Dinner. D $228

For 10 Persons

Assorted Appetizer Platter    
Sauteed Scallop & Prawn with broccoli   
Fillet Beef with special sauce   
Golden Chives Dried Scallop Soup    
Pea Leaf with ham in superior soup sauce   
Crab And Lobster In Ginger And Scallion    
Crispy Fried Squabs (2)    
Steamed Black Bass In Ginger & Scallion    
Braised Noodle with mushroom   

Family Ser Dinner. E $228

For 10-12 Persons

Assorted Appetizer Platter    
Sliced Conch & Scallop with greens   
Fried Prawns with honey walnut   
Shredded Sea Cucumber, Abalone & Fish Shark In Chicken Broth    
Mushroom & Pea Tips In Oyster Sauce (2)    
Chicken with ham & mushroom in superior sauce   
Baked Sea Bass In Honey Sauce    
Chicken & Prawns Over-Rice    


Tong Palace
933 Clement St
Btwn 10th & 11th Ave
(415) 668-3988
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