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Turtle Tower Restaurant

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  • Vietnamese
  • 645 Larkin St, San Francisco 94109 37.783954 -122.417897
  • (Btwn Ellis & Willow St)
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  • (415) 409-3333
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1. Pho Chín well-done flank and brisket beef noodle soup    7.20  6.20
2. Pho Tái rare beef noodle soup    6.20  7.20
3. Pho Tái Nam Hoac Tái Gau rare and well-done beef (flank or brisket) noodle soup    6.80  7.80
4. Pho Bò Ðac Biet combination of rare beef, tripe, well-done flank and brisket noodle soup    7.20  8.20
5. Pho Tái Lan * stir-fried beef with celery, carrot, onion, and leek noodle soup    7.00  8.00
6. Pho Bò Áp Chao Nuoc * stir-fried beef with celery, carrot, onion, and leek pan-fried noodle soup    7.20  8.20
7. Pho Bò Xào (Khô) * stir-fried beef with celery, carrot, onion, and leek pan-fried noodle   lg 8.70
8. Pho Sot Vang beef stewed in wine sauce noodle soup    7.20  6.20
9. Pho Gà chicken noodle soup    7.20  6.20
10. Pho Gà Lòng chicken noodle soup with chicken giblets    8.20  7.20


11. Bún Thang chicken, finely sliced egg, ground pork, & shrimp paste vermicelli noodle soup   sm 7.20 lg 8.20
12. Bún Cha Hà Noi grilled pork patty & sliced pork with vermicelli noodle, lettuce, mint and cilantro   lg 8.20
13. Nem Cua (Cha Giò) - Bún - Rau imperial rolls with vermicelli noodle, lettuce, mint and cilantro   lg 8.20
14. Cha Cá Tháp Rùa grilled catfish filet with green onion, dill and vermicelli noodle   lg 14.95

15. Mì Gà chicken egg noodle soup    6.50  7.50
16. Mì Gà Lòng chicken with chicken giblets egg noodle soup    7.50  8.50

Com Ðia $7.20

17. Com Sot Vang beef stewed in wine sauce with steamed rice  
18. Com Thit Gà Luoc steamed chicken w/ bone over steamed rice  
19. Com Thit Nuong grilled pork with steamed rice  
20. Com Bò Xào Cà Chua, Hành Tây, Toi Tây Và Cà Rot * stir-fried beef with celery, carrot, onion, leek, & tomato with steamed rice  


21. Cháo Gà chicken porridge    6.20  7.20


Sticky Rice * These Dishes Can Be Served Without Meat, Or Substitute With Chicken. Other Dishes May Also Be Customized At Additional Charges.

22. Xôi Gà sticky rice with chicken    6.80
23. Xôi Lap Xuong sticky rice with chinese sausage    6.80
24. Xôi Gà Lap Xuong sticky rice with chicken and chinese sausage    8.40

Các Món Thêm

Gà Luoc steamed chicken (with bone)   sm 8.20 lg 14.00
Lòng Gà chicken giblets   lg 5.00 sm 3.00
Mini Gà mini chicken (without bone)    3.00
Bát Súp (Bò Hoac Gà) bowl of broth (beef or chicken)    1.80
Trung Rán (Chiên) Hoac Trung Tuoi fried egg or egg yolk with soup    1.80
Goi Cuon spring rolls    5.15
Cha Muc deep fried cuttle fish patty    2.50
Ðia Thit Nuong plate of grilled pork    5.00
Ðia Tái plate of rare beef    3.80
Chiec Nem (Cha Giò) imperial roll (each)    2.15
Bát Pho Không bowl of rice noodle    1.80
Bát Com Trung bowl of steamed rice    1.80
Ðia Bún plate of vermicelli noodle    1.80

Com Rang (Chiên)

Com Rang (Chiên) Thit Gà chicken fried rice    7.20
Com Rang (Chiên) Thit Bò beef fried rice    7.20
Com Rang (Chiên) Thit Heo pork fried rice    7.20
Com Rang (Chiên) Tôm shrimp fried rice    7.20
Com Rang (Chiên) Ðac Biet (Gôm Gà, Bò, Heo, Và Tôm) combination fried rice - chicken, beef, pork, and shrimp    7.80
Com Rang (Chiên) Lap Xuong chinese sausage fried rice    7.80

Special Entrées

Bún Bò Xào lemongrass stir-fried beef with vermicelli noodle (cold dish)    8.95
Bò Lúc Lac braised tender beef cubes with rice    8.95
Gà Roti fried chicken leg with rice    8.20
Bánh Cuôn steamed rice sheet stuffed with ground pork    8.70

Bread Your Way

Banh-Mi Special choose any 3 items: pate, jambon (ham), sausage, fried eggs, grilled pork, grilled chicken    4.50
Banh-Mi Special additional includes: house seasoning, butter, mayonnaise, cucumbers, carrots, cilantro & jalapeños.   ea 1.55
Beef Stew With Bread     6.50

Giai Khát

Café Ðen Nóng/Ðá vietnamese filtered coffee hot/iced    3.20
Café Sua Nóng/Ðá vietnamese filtered coffee w/ condensed milk hot/iced    3.20
Chè Ba Mau three color bean dessert    2.95
Sâm Bo Luong sweet logan with seaweed & herbal seeds dessert    2.95
Sua Ðau Nành Tuoi Nóng/Ðá fresh soy bean hot/iced    2.50
Nuoc Dua Tuoi fresh coconut juice    2.95
Cam Tuoi Vat, Chanh Tuoi Vat fresh orange juice, lemonade    2.95
Soda Trung, Soda Xí Muoi, Soda Chanh soda egg yolk, soda plum, soda lemon    2.95
Trà Thái thai iced tea    2.95
Nuoc Táo apple juice    1.95
Nuoc Rau Má pennywort drink    1.85
Nuoc Oi, Dua, Mãng Cau fruit juice (guava, coconut, soursop)    1.85
Nuoc Hoa Cúc, Nuoc Xinh Xáo sweet chrysanthemum tea, grass jelly drink    1.85
Suya Ðau Nành soy bean (canned)    1.85
Nuoc Ngot Có Ga coke, diet coke, pepsi, sprite/7-up, sunkist    1.85
Nuoc Loc Chai bottled water    1.95
Trà Ðá iced tea    1.00
Thêm Trà Nóng additional hot tea    1.00


Budweiser     3.15
Corona     3.15
Heineken     3.15
Samuel Adams     3.15
Tsing Tao, Beer 33     3.45

Wine By The Glass $4.75

House White Wine   
House Red Wine   


Turtle Tower Restaurant
645 Larkin St
Btwn Ellis & Willow St
(415) 409-3333
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