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Wok Shop Cafe

  • $$
  • Chinese
  • 1307 Sutter St, San Francisco 94109 37.787327 -122.422119
  • (At Van Ness Ave)
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  • (415) 918-5741
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A1. Two Egg Roll     3.00
A2. Six Pieces Pot stickers Pork or vegetable.  
A3. Six Crab Puff     6.95
A4. Three BBQ Spareribs     8.25
A5. Ten Fried Prawns     8.95
A6. Combination Plate 2 egg roll, 2 crab puff, 2 pot stickers and 4 fried prawns.    9.95


B1. Hot and Sour Soup    Small 4.00 Large 7.95
B2. Egg Flower Soup    Small 4.00 Large 7.95
B3. chicken Corn Soup    Large 8.50
B4. Combo Wonton Soup Beef, chicken, prawn, bok choi and wonton.   Large 8.50
B5. Seafood Tofu Soup    Large 9.95


I1. Kung Pao Prawns     11.95
I2. Broccoli Prawns     11.95
I3. Prawns with Lobster Sauce     11.95
I4. Scrambled Egg Prawns     11.95
I5. Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet     13.55
I6. Salt and Pepper Fish Fillet     13.55
I7. Ginger Scallion Fish Fillet     13.55
I8. Prawn and Scallops     14.95
I9. Scallopas with Spicy Garlic Sauce     14.95


G1. Broccoli Beef     11.50
G2. Mongolian Beef     11.50
G3. Tofu Beef     11.50
G4. String Bean Beef     11.50
G5. Chinese Broccoli Beef     11.50
G6. Orange Beef     11.50
G7. Ginger and Scallion Beef     11.50


H1. Sweet and Sour Pork     10.95
H2. Shredded Pork Served with spicy garlic sauce.    10.95
H3. Mixed Vegetable Served with BBQ pork.    10.95
H4. Salt and Pepper Pork Chop     10.95


F1. Kung Pao Chicken     10.50
F2. cashew Chicken     10.50
F3. Mixed Vegetable Served with chicken.    10.50
F4. Basil Chicken     10.50
F5. Curry Chicken     10.50
F6. General Tsao Chicken     10.50
F7. Orange Chicken     10.50
F8. Sesame Chicken     10.50
F9. Lemon Chicken     10.50
F10. Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings     10.50

Mu Shu

C1. Mu Shu Vegetable     9.25
C2. Mu Shu Pork     10.95
C3. Mu Shu Chicken     10.95

Vegetable and Tofu

J1. Sauteed Mixed Vegetable     9.25
J2. Double Mushroom Served with baby bok choy.    9.25
J3. Garlic Broccoli     9.25
J4. Dry sauteed String Bean     9.25
J5. Eggplant Served with spicy garlic sauce.    9.25
J6. Garlic Spinach     9.25
J7. Chinese Broccoli Served with oyster sauce    9.25
J8. Fried Tofu Served with mixed vegetable.    9.25
J9. Mapo Tofu     9.25
J10. Basil Tofu     9.25
J11. Salt and Pepper tofu     9.25

Chefs Special

D1. Kung Pao Three Combo     12.95
D2. Basil Eggplant Chicken and Prawns     12.95
D3. Curry Beef Stew     12.95
D4. 1/2 Roasted Duck     12.95
D5. Seafood Combo     14.95
D6. Walunut Prawns     14.95

Steamed Food Specials

Sauce on the side, with a choice of white garlic, brown, black bean, curry or basil.

E1. Steamed Mixed Vegetables     9.25
E3. Steamed Broccoli with Tofu     9.25
E2. Steamed Mixed Vegetable with Tofu     9.25
E4. Steamed Mixed Vegetables Served with chicken.    10.50
E5. Steamed Mixed Vegetables with Prawns     11.95
E6. Steamed Broccoli with Chicken 10    10.50
E7. Steamed Broccoli with Prawns     11.95

Fried Rice Chow Mein and Chow Fun

Served white rice or brown rice.

K1. Chow Mein and Chow Fun    Vegetable, Chicken, Beef and BBQ Pork 8.30 Combination and Prawns 8.95
K2. Hong Kong Style Noodle    Vegetable, Chicken, Beef and BBQ Pork 9.95 Combination and Prawns 10.95
K3. Singapore style Rice Noodle Comes with BBQ pork, chicken and prawns.    8.95
K4. House Spicy Fried Rice Comes with BBQ pork, chicken and prawns.    8.95
K5. Salted Fish and Chicken Fried Rice     8.95
K6. White Rice     1.50
K7. Brown Rice     1.75



Chefs Special Lunch

Come with soup and steamed rice.

L1. Kung PAo 3 Combo     8.95
L4. Seafood Combo     8.95
L2. Basil Eggplant Chicken and Prawns     8.95
L5. Walnut Prawns     8.95
L3. Bitter Melon Beef     8.95
L6. Curry Beef Stew     8.95
L7. Roasted Duck     8.95

Noodle Soup Lunch

Come with soup and steamed rice. Choice of egg noodle or flat rice noodle.

L8. Beef Stew Noodle Soup     9.95
L9. Seafgood Noodle Soup     9.95
L11. Roasted Duck Noodle Soup     9.95
L12. Sliced Beef Noodle Soup     9.95

Seafood Lunch

Come with soup and steamed rice.

L32. Sweet and Sour Prawns     8.95
L33. Kung Pao Prawns     8.95
L34. Prawns with Lobster Sauce     8.95
L35. Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet     8.95
L36. Fish Fillet with Black Bean Sauce     8.95

Pork Lunch

Come with soup and steamed rice.

L28. Shredded Pork with Spicy Garlic Sauce     8.30
L29. Mixed Vegetables with BBQ Pork     8.30
L30. Sweet and Sour Pork     8.30
L31. Salt and Pepper Pork Chops     8.30

Poultry Lunch

Come with soup and steamed rice.

L18. Kung Pao Chicken     8.30
L19. Cashew Chicken     8.30
L20. General Taso Chicken     8.30
L21. Orange Chicken     8.30
L22. Sesame Chicken     8.30
L23. Lemon Chicken     8.30
L24. Curry Chicken     8.30
L25. Chicken with Mixed Vegetables     8.30
L26. String bean Chicken with Black Bean Sauce     8.30
L27. Basil Chicken     8.30

Beef Lunch

Come with soup and steamed rice.

L13. Broccoli Beef     8.30
L14. Mangolian Beef     8.30
L15. String Bean Beef     8.30
L16. Orange Beef     8.30
L17. Tofu Beef     8.30

Vegetable and Tofu Lunch

Come with soup and steamed rice.

L37. Sauteed Mixed Vegetable     8.30
L38. Garlic Broccoli     8.30
L39. Eggplant with Spicy Garlic Sauce     8.30
L40. Fried Tofu with Mixed Vegetables     8.30
L41. Basil Fried Tofu     8.30
L42. Mapo Tofu     8.30



Dinner Combo

For 1 person order any entrees $4 to change to combo.

Dinner Combo Comes with hot and sour soup and egg flower soup, veggie egg roll and crab puff, fried rice and chow mein and steam white rice.  


Wok Shop Cafe
1307 Sutter St
At Van Ness Ave
(415) 918-5741
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