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Wok Shop Cafe

  • $$
  • Chinese
  • 1307 Sutter St, San Francisco 94109 37.787559 -122.422062
  • (At Van Ness Ave)
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  • (415) 771-2142
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Fried Won Ton meatless   (6) 1.95
Egg Roll vegetarian   (2) 2.25
Pot Sticker    (6) 4.75
Vegetarian Pot Sticker    (6) 4.75
Paper Wrapped Chicken     5.25
Satay Beef Or Chicken     2.50
Mu Shu Vegetable 4 crepes    6.95
Crab Rangoon     5.25
Deep Fried Prawns    (10) 6.75
Chicken Wings    (8) 5.50
Barbecued Spareribs     5.95
Chicken Salad     6.75
Pupu Tray mixed hors d'oeuvres for two    6.95


Egg Flower    sm 2.75 lg 5.45
Hot And Sour    sm 2.75 lg 5.45
Mixed Vegetables     5.75
Wonton Soup     5.95
Wok Wonton    (for two) 5.95
Three Kinds Of Seafood     6.25
Crab Meat Creamy     5.95
Sizzling Rice w/ chicken    5.95
Seafood w/ bean cake soup    6.75


1. Five Taste Chicken* shanghai. big chunks of boneless chicken, fried brown in egg batter, sauteed with ginger, scallions in special hot sauce    8.95
2. Moo Goo Gai Pan cantonese. sliced chicken breast with mushroom and snow peas in a light sauce    8.95
3. Sesame Chicken* big chunks of chicken dipped in egg batter and lightly fried, sauteed with sesame seeds    8.95
4. Governor's Chicken Kew* hunan. big chunks of boneless chicken, sauteed with fresh broccoli, mushroom and carrots in a brown hot sauce    8.95
5. Cashew Chicken cantonese    8.95
6. Kung Pao Chicken* szechuan. hot and spicy diced chicken and vegetables in a rich flavored brown szechuan sauce    8.95
7. String Bean Chicken*     8.95
8. Sweet And Sour Chicken cantonese    8.95
9. Lemon Chicken golden fried chicken filet covered with our chef's special lemon sauce    8.95
10. Chicken And Shrimp mandarin. shrimp and diced chicken sauteed with vegetables in mandarin sauce    9.25
11. Hot Braised Chicken* mandarin. chicken pieces dipped in egg batter and lightly fried, then braised in a sweet sauce with dash of hot oil    8.95
12. Sizzling Sliced Chicken house. sliced chicken breast with assorted vegetables in a light sauce, served on a sizzling hot plate    8.95
13. Roast Duck    half 9.50 whole 19.00
14. Chicken W/ Asparagus sliced chicken breast with asparagus sauteed with black bean sauce  
15. Triple Delight jumbo shrimp, chicken & beef with a variety of vegetable in a delicate brown sauce    9.25
16. Chicken W/ Hot Garlic Sauce* szechuan. sliced chicken breast sauteed with mixed vegetables in a spicy garlic sauce    8.95
17. Curry Chicken     8.95
18. Salt And Pepper Chicken Wings*     8.95
19. Chicken w/ black mushroom & tofu    8.95


1. Orange Beef* szechuan. tenderloin beef fried w/ orange peel to retain its natural flavor    9.25
2. Sesame Beef* szechuan. tenderloin beef blended with special ingredients and garnished with sesame seeds    9.25
3. Hot Special Shredded Beef* szechuan. exotic hot beef dish, sauteed w/ shredded celery, & carrots    8.95
4. Lake Tung Ting Beef* hunan. tenderloin beef seared to retain its natural flavor, sauteed with spinach    9.25
5. Mongolian Beef* peking. tender sliced of sirloin sauteed and simmered with scallions in a special brown sauce    9.25
6. Beef W/ Snow Peas cantonese. tender sliced of sirloin in a rich broth with snow peas    8.95
7. Beef W/ Broccoli cantonese. tenderloin sauteed with fresh broccoli    8.95
8. Shredded Pork With Hot Garlic Sauce* szechuan. shredded pork with water chestnuts, celery and tiger lily sauteed in hot spicy garlic sauce    8.95
9. Beef And Scallops cantonese. fresh scallops and tenderloin beef, sauteed scallops, snow peas, mushrooms with oyster sauce on hot plate    11.95
10. Moo Shi Pork peking. shredded pork, cabbage, served with four pan cakes.    8.95
10. Moo Shi Pork extra pan cakes   ea 0.25
11. Sweet & Sour Pork cantonese    8.95
12. B.B.Q. Pork Delight cantonese. sliced barbecued pork sauteed with assorted vegetables in tasty sauce    8.95
13. Spicy Salty Ribs* cantonese. chopped rib cooked w/ house special recipe in a dry wok    8.95
14. Beef W/ Hot Garlic Sauce* szechuan. tender slices of sirloin w/ mixed vegetables in spicy garlic sauce    8.95
15. Beef W/ Asparagus tenderloin beef sauteed with fresh asparagus in black bean sauce  
16. Beef W/ Chinese Tender Green tender beef sauteed with black bean sauce mushroom and onion in a special sauce    8.95
17. Bitter Melon w/ beef    8.95
18. Ginger Beef W/ Green Onion tenderloin beef sauteed w/ fresh ginger & green onion    8.95
19. String Beans* w/ beef    8.95

Pork $7.95

Moo Shi Pork peking  
Sweet And Sour Pork cantonese  
B.B.Q. Pork Delight cantonese  
Spicy Salty Ribs cantonese  
Peking Spareribs   
Shredded Pork w/ hot garlic sauce, szechuan  


1. Shrimps In Lobster Sauce cantonese    8.95
2. Shrimps cantonese. w/ cashew nuts    8.95
3. Shrimps W/ Broccoli cantonese. jumbo shrimp sauteed with fresh broccoli in a light sauce    8.95
4. Kung Pao Shrimp* szechuan. a favorite recipe combining jumbo shrimp, diced vegetables in a spicy rich brown sauce    8.95
5. Sauteed Sliced Shrimp cantonese. jumbo shrimp sauteed with mushroom and snow peas in a light sauce    8.95
6. Shrimps W/ Hot Garlic Sauce* szechuan. jumbo shrimp sauteed with water chestnuts, tiger lily, in a spicy garlic sauce    8.95
7. Sweet And Sour Shrimps cantonese    8.95
8. Hunan Sliced Shrimps* hunan. jumbo shrimp sauteed with mixed vegetables in a spicy brown sauce    8.95
9. Walnut Shrimps cantonese. jumbo shrimp, fried crispy in a chef's special flavor, topped with sweet walnuts    11.55
10. Sizzling Jumbo Shrimp house. jumbo shrimp sauteed with garden fresh mixed vegetables, served on a sizzling hot plate    9.25
11. Scallops In Tangy Sauce* szechuan. fresh scallop sauteed with water chestnuts, celery in a tangy szechuan sauce    12.95
12. Jade Scallops shanghai. fresh scallops sauteed with fresh mixed vegetables in a light sauce    12.95
13. Seafood Delight shanghai. jumbo shrimp, crab meat and scallops with seasonal fresh vegetables    12.95
14. Shrimps And Scallops In Black Bean Sauce     12.95
15. Spicy Crispy & Salty Shrimps*     11.55
16. Fish W/ Chinese Green & Ginger (Rock Cod) sliced fish sauteed with chinese green and ginger in a special sauce    11.55
17. Sweet And Sour Fish     11.55
18. Spicy Crispy & Salty Fish*     11.55
19. Clam W/ Black Bean Sauce     10.95

Fried Rice

1. Vegetable Fried Rice     6.55
2. B.B.Q Pork Fried Rice     6.75
3. Chicken Fried Rice     6.75
4. Beef Or Shrimp Fried Rice     6.95
5. Wok Shop Fried Rice combination    6.95
6. Yang Chow Fried Rice shrimps and barbecued pork    6.95
7. Seafood Fried Rice     8.25
8. Steamed Rice    bowl 1.00


1. Sauteed Broccoli cantonese. broccoli sauteed in a light sauce    7.55
2. Szechuan Sauteed Broccoli* szechuan. broccoli sauteed in a hot tangy sauce    7.55
3. Mixed Vegetables Delight shanghai. a collection of different fresh kinds.    7.55
4. Egg Plant In Tangy Sauce* szechuan. eggplant sauteed in a special rich brown sauce    7.55
5. Dry Sauteed String Beans* szechuan. sauteed with string beans in a brown sauce    7.55
6. Ma Po Bean Sauce* szechuan. hot bean curd, chopped and scallions    7.55
7. Bean Curd W/ Baby Shrimp baby shrimps and bean curd in a light sauce    8.25
8. Family Style Bean Cake* szechuan    7.55
9. Wok Shop Garden Special* house. a splendiferous array of mixed fresh vegetables in a spicy sauce    7.55
10. Chinese Broccoli w/ oyster sauce    7.55
11. Mu Shu Vegetables w/ 4 crepes    7.55
12. Spinach w/ garlic    7.55
13. Sweet & Sour Bean Curd     7.55
14. Black Mushroom w/ boy choy    7.95


1. Wok Shop Lo Mein combination    6.95
2. Lo Mein w/ chicken, beef, shrimps or roast pork    6.95
3. Tomato Beef Or Chicken Lo Mein     6.95
4. Vegetable Lo Mein     6.25
5. Chow Fun w/ shrimps, chicken, beef or roast pork    6.95
6. Wok Shop Chow Fun     6.95
7. Mongolian Beef Chow Fun*     6.95
8. Beef Or Chicken w/ black bean sauce chow fun    6.95
9. Wok Shop Rice Noodles combination    6.95
10. Chicken Rice Noodles     6.75
11. Singapore Style Rice Noodles w/ curry sauce    6.95
12. Shanghai Flavor Rice Cake w/ pork or beef or chicken    7.25
13. Hong Kong Style Pan Fried Noodles     8.50

Egg Foo Young

* Hot & Spicy

1. B.B.Q. Pork Foo Young     8.95
2. Shrimps Foo Young     8.95
3. Chicken Foo Young (Or Beef)     8.95
4. Vegetarian Foo Young     7.55


Wok Shop Cafe
1307 Sutter St
At Van Ness Ave
(415) 771-2142
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