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Yummy Yummy

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  • Vietnamese
  • 1015 Irving St, San Francisco CA94122 37.76383 -122.468353
  • (Btwn 11th Ave & 12th Ave)
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  • (415) 566-4722
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Beef Noodle Soup, Served With Bean Sprout, Lemon, Pepper's And Basil Leaves

1. Pho Xelua (Extra Large) house special combo beef noodle soup with rare steak, well done track, tenden, stripe & beef balls.   8.50
2. Pho Dac Biet special cambo beef noodle soup   7.95
3. Pho Tai beef noodle soup with rare steak   7.75
4. Pho Hai San beef broth noodle soup with seafood, shrimp, squid fish balls & fish cake   7.75
5. Pho Bo Vien beef noodle soup with beef balls   7.25
6. Pho Cai Dau Hu beef broth noodle soup with vegetable & tofu   7.25
7. Hu Tiu Hoac Mi Bo Kho beef stew with nice noodle or egg noodle soup   8.25
8. Hu Tiu Hoac Mi Bo Sate* sate beef with rice noodle or egg noodle soup   8.25
9. Bun Bo Hue* spicy beef & pork noodle soup   8.25
10. Bun Rieu shrimp paste & tomato paste noodle soup   8.25

Hu Tieu, Mi

Noodle Soup

11. Hu Tieu Ga chicken noodle soup   7.25
12. Mi Vit Tiem egg noodle souup with black mushroom & duck thigh   7.75
13. Bun Cari Ga* curry chicken noodle soup   8.25
14. Hu Tiu Hoac Mi Hai San seafood with rice noodle or egg noodle soup   7.75
15. Hu Tiu Hoac Mi Thap Cam assorted meats & seafood with rice noodle or egg noodle soup   7.75
16. Hu Tieu Hoac Mi Hoanh Thanh wonton with egg noodle or rice noodle soup   6.95
17. Mi Hai San Hoanh Thanh seafood with wonton egg noodle soup   8.25
18. Mi Thap Cam Hoanh Thanh assorted meats & seafood with wonton egg noodle soup   8.25
19. Pho Ga Quay Chao five spice chicken with rice beef noodle soup   8.50
20. Pho Suon Nuong bbq pork chops with rice noodle soup   8.50
21. Bun Than assorted meat with rice noodle soup   7.75
22. Phuc Kien rice noodle and egg noodle with shrimp, ground pork fish cake, deep fried shrimp cake   7.95


Dry & Cold Vermicelli, All Vermicelli served with Peanuts & Onions

23. Bun Thit Nuong charbreiled pork with vermicelli   7.95
24. Bun Bo Nuong charbroiled beef with vermicelli   8.25
25. Bun Ga Quay Chao five spice chicken with vermicelli   7.95
26. Bun Cha Gio Thit Nuong imperial roll & charbroiled pork with vermicelli   8.25
27. Bun Tom Nuong charbroiled shrimp with vermicelli   8.25
28. Bun Cha Tom Nuong imperial roll & charbroiled shrimp with vermicelli   8.75
29. Bun Cha Gio Bi Thit Nuong imperial roll, shredded pork & charbroiled pork with vermicelli   8.50
30. Bun Cha Ha Noi ha noi style charbroiled pork & meat ballwith vermicelli   9.50

Com Dia

Rice Plate

31. Com Ga Quay Chao five spice chicken over rice   7.95
32. Com Thit Nuong charbroiled pork over rice   7.95
33. Com Suon Nuong bbq pork chops over rice   7.95
34. Com Suon Bi, Trung, Cha Gio, Tom Nuong. shrimp, egg roll, shredded pork, charbroiled pork chops & fried egg over rice   9.75
35. Com Bo Nuong charbroiled beef over rice   8.25
36. Com Tom Nuong charbroiled shrimp over rice   8.50
37. Com Bo Hoac Ga Cari* curry chicken or beef over rice   7.95
38. Com De Nuong charbroiled lamb over rice   8.50

Special Rice Plates

39. Com Tam Tom Cang tiger prawns cooked in vietnamese style over rice   9.95
40. Com Bo Xa Ot* lemon grass beef over rice   7.95
41. Com Ga Xa Ot* lemon grass chicken over rice   7.95

Pan Fried Rice Cake

42. Banh Xeo pan fried crepe wih shrimp and pork   9.25
43. Banh Khot shrimp rice cakes with yellow beans coconut milk & fish sauce   9.95
44. Banh Bot Chien pan fried rice cake with egg   7.75
45. Banh Cong deep fried shrimp cake with green bean and taro   6.95
46. Banh Cuon steamed rice rolls with rancy pork   7.75
47. Banh Uot steam rice noodles with fancy pork and shrimp cake   7.75

Khai Vi


49. Cha Gio Tom imperial roll shrimp  (6) 6.75
50. Goi Cuon shrimp roll cold  (6pcs) 6.25
51. Bi Cuon bbq pork roll cold  (6pcs) 7.25
52. Bo Nuong Xa grilled sate beef  (4) 7.95
53. Nep Chien deep fried vitnamese pot & sticker  (5pcs) 7.50
54. Banh Xep Chien deep fried  (6) 6.95
55. Muc Chien Don deep fried squid   6.95
56. Cha Ca Chien deep fried fish cake   6.95
57. Canh Ga Chien Don deep fried chicken wings   6.50
58. Canh Ga Nuong Mam deep fried chicken wing with  (8) 7.75
59. Muc Rang Muoi* deep fried chicken   7.75
60. Canh Ga Rang Muoi* chicken wing with salt & pepper   7.75
61. Canh Ga Chien Bo chicken wing fried with butter   7.75

Chao $6.95


62. Chao Bo beef porridge   
63. Chao Bac Thao pork & preserved egg porridge   
64. Chao Ga chicken porridge   


Salad, All Salad served with Fish Souce

65. Goi Bo sliced beef mixed with mint leaves, cabbage, onion & peanuts   7.25
66. Goi Ga steamed chicken mixedd with mint leaves cabbage, onion & peanuts   7.85
67. Goi Muc squid mixed with mint leaves, cabbage & peanuts   8.95
68. Goi Tom shrimp mixed with mint leaves, cabbage & peanuts   8.95
69. Goi Thap Cam combination salad (chicken beef, shrimp & squid)   8.25

Mon An Banh Hoi

House Special Grill. Served with Rice Paper, Rice Noodle, Peanuts & Mint Leaves

70. Ga Nuong Xa charbroiled chicken   14.54
71. Bo Nuong Xa charbroiled beef   15.35
72. Thit Nuong Xa charbroiled pork   14.35
73. Nem Nuong charbroiled meat ball   14.95
74. Tom Nuong Xa charbroiled shrimp   16.25
75. Chao Tom charbroiled sugared king shrimp   17.95
76. Banh Hoi Thit Nuong Thap Cam combo grilled (chicken, pork, beef & sugared king shrimp)   32.95



77. Canh Chua A Hai San seafood hot & sour soup (shrimp, squid a fish ball)   15.95
78. Canh Chua Ca Bong Lau Hoac Tom hot & sour soup catfish or shrimp   15.95
79. Soup Cua Bong Bong CA crab meat with fish belly soup  (2) 8.25
80. Soup Ga Bong Bong Ca (2) shredded chicken with fish baby soup  (2) 8.25



81. Bo Nhung Dam sliced tender beef with vineger (hot pot) served with rice pepper, lettuce a mint leaves   15.25
82. Bo Tai Chanh raw beef with lemon juice, fish sauce, mint leaves, onion & peanuts   10.25
83. Bo Xao Xa Ot* stir fried beef in samon grass & onion   13.50
84. Bo Nuong Xa grill beef with lemon grass   13.50
85. Bo Kho to beef stew with tomato tofu in clay pot   11.25
86. Bo Luc Lac vietramese style beef cubes with green pepper & onions  (7) 15.95

Heo & Ga

Pork & Chicken

87. Ga Quay Chao five spice chicken   12.95
88. Ga Xao Xa Ot* stir fried chicken with lemon grass & chili   12.95
89. Ga Xao La Que* stir fried chicken with basil and chili   12.95
90. Ga Xao Lan* curry chicken & vegetable with coconut sauce.   13.95
92. Thit Nuong charbroiled pork   13.50
93. Suon Nuong bbq pork chops   13.50

Hai San


94. Hai San Xao* sauteed clams, shrimps, fish ball fish cake & squid with fresh chili garlic, basil leaves & onion served on hot plate   14.95
96. Tom Xao Lan sauteed prawns with coconut & curry sauce   14.95
97. Tom Cang Kho To* vietnamese style clay pot with tiger prawns   17.95
98. Tom Cang Nuong grilled prawns with lemon grass  (5) 15.50
99. Ca Nuong Xa grilled lemon grass fish with rice paper, lettuce and fish sauce.   
100. Ca Kho to catfish in clay pot   12.95
101. Cua Rang Me* tamarind sauleed crab   
102. Cua Rang Muoi* sauteed crab with salt and pepper   
103. Cua Xao La* sauteed crab with curry sauce   
104. Cua Xao La Que* vietnamese style crab with black bean sauce   
105. Cua Hap Beer crab with beer in clay pot   
106. Cua Xao Bo Toi crab with garlic & butter   
107. Ngheu Nuong grilled calms with special sauce on the side   11.50
108. Canh Sup Ngheu* vietnamese style soup with clams   12.95
109. Ngheu Xao La Que* stir fried clams with basil   11.50

Xao Hu Tieu


110. Hu Tieu Xao Tom, Bo, Ga Hoac Heo prawn, beef, chicken or pork & vegetables chew fun   8.50
111. Yumm Bun Gao Hoac Mi Xao Yummy yummy yummy, fried rice noodle rice noodle or egg noodle, shredded chicken eggs & taney pork   7.95

Com Xao

Fried Rice

112. Yummy Yummy Com Chien yummy yummy fried rice with sunnyside egg on top, fancy pork & shrimp   8.95
113. Com Chien Tom prawn fried rice   7.95
114. Com Chien Hai San seafood fried rice, shrimp, squid, fish balls & fish cake   7.95


Frog & Eel

115. Ech Chien Bo fried frog with butter   13.50
116. Ech Xao Lan* curry frog   12.95
117. Luon Xao Lan* curry eel   
118. Luon Chien Don deep fried eel   
119. Luon Xao Tau Xl* eel with black bean sauce   
120. Luon Chien Bo fried eel with butter   

Seasonal Vegetable

Rau Mua fresh seasonal vegetable cooked to your liking   
chinese broccoli, tong choy, american broccoli or baby bok chey   

Side Order

Com steamed rice   1.30
Bun vermicelli   1.80


121. Cha Gio Chay deep fried vegetable imperial roll   6.75
122. Goi Cuon Chay fresh vegetable spring roll (cold)   6.25
123. Bun Chay vegetable with cold vermiceli noodle   6.75
124. Com Chay sauteed fresh vegetable over rice   7.50
125. Hu Tiu Mi Xao Chay fresh vegetable chow fun   8.25
126. Hu Tieu Hoac Chay vegetable & tofu with rice noodle or egg noodle vegetable broth   7.25
*Hot & Spicy
Yummy Yummy
1015 Irving St
Btwn 11th Ave & 12th Ave
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